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  1. nice, the rare "we're keeping them all for ourselves" style of customer service... you'd think a store wouldn't want its employees hoarding exclusives, presumably to resell. unless that was a board member working there and snapping them up for us, in which case I'm all for it! I would think we would have a better chance of DST saying that everyone who has thus far posted in this thread gets one free set of these guys.
  2. I just drove over an hour both ways, in a snow storm to get to the nearest FYE store. I asked them if they carried minimates and they tried to sell me some Halo miniatures; like they are even close! Grrrr. They wouldn't even look to see if they could order them. I hate that this exclusive is available at a store conglomerate that has closed, at least within 100 miles of me, 70 percent of their stores. So, yeah. If anyone is willing to buy up a bunch, I would appreciate one too.
  3. That's just a couple of dollars cheaper than what you would pay to get them separately through the "gift shop". . .if you did that, and got two shipments, you would be getting two Spideys (and if they ship them together, as they probably would, you could get back nearly half of your "shipping" costs). If they were to give it some thought and knew about the 25 dollar deal, I don't see why anyone would buy that lot as is. . .now if they added 2 Spideys, the total and shipping prices would be a little less, so that would be more reasonable. . . Just remember that for each individual item that you order AFX tacks on an additional charge of like 50 cents to a dollar. That is per item over one (the first has that standard charge of like $5). This is wrapped up in that 'handling' charge. The extra, however, might be worth it to get that second Iron Spidy, IMHO.
  4. I, too, have never seen an Episode of BSG (okay, I did see about three minutes of an episode, but that snippet had no cylons. I have a complete case of the moderns plus the two that came in waves one and two. I just wanted an alien force for all my heroes to fight. And the pilot/ warriors make a good militant group to go after my X-men too.
  5. I also ordered some Star Wars stuff. I have received the notice to expect shipment soon, but I have not yet received the notice that the items have shipped. I did also order some holiday stuff for my free Spidy in a different order and am in the same boat with email notices. I cannot wait any longer! Ship 'em already AFX!
  6. Not to pick on you Dino - just using your statement as an example. So, if they said the cost of the products you're choosing from was, say $5 higher - and the shipping was $5 less, that would make the sale for you? You do realize pricing is just a game - whether the retailer chooses to show actual shipping or roll it into the price of the product makes no difference - just how the customer sees the charges. (I have an online retail background and have found customers will pay a higher price for a product to get 'free shipping' - all I did to get to the 'free shipping' was calculate the cost of shipping into the price the customer pays for the item. I'm just curious what others here say about this.) I'd have to agree.... often the incentives like free items or free shipping are typically structured so that higher prices or a certain volume makes the transaction nominally profitable - or at least not a loss. The best way to look at it is as a total net cost (Merchandise + Tax + S & H - discounts/incentives) and choose the best deal. The question: "would you pay $50 for an item with free shipping or $25 for the same item with $15.00 shipping?" makes the point perfectly. Choosing the higher shipping cost is till more economical than opting for the free offer. One problem with AFX, however, is that neither their shipping, nor their merchandise is cheap. Things in their holiday sale that are readily available elsewhere are on sale for $10 more than anywhere else (listed at normal price $25 more than anywhere else). I could justify the high shipping if prices where reasonable (or for exclusives) and I frequently do. It really does all come down to factoring all costs in. Oh, and making sure you remember to hit that combine all items into one shipment box in order to avoid the $5 per separate shipment;) Needless to say I managed to find some things in which I was remotely interested in order to get me that Spidy that I so desperately need! Hopefully they have not run out...
  7. Were these a West Coast only thing? I don't recall from the other 5 waves if we East-coasters (Mid-westerners) get the DC mates later. I normally have a call from my LCS, but was wondering if they didn't call because they already called about something else over the weekend. Anyone know? Thanks!
  8. At what TRU did you find them? I keep looking where I thought they used to be, but they seem to have been missing for a while. What aisle, I guess, to be more specific (in with what stuff)? Thanks for the update!
  9. So, two questions. One, were these west coast only? Like, that would suck. And two, why does still/ now have the BTTF mates listed as November? I would think they would have gotten them so they could have them shipping on the release date. I am just anxious, I guess I didn't know if my LCS would (want) to carry the BTTF mates, so I ordered them from, along with their awesome exclusive!
  10. I have been thinking about this. I was thinking that we could use a 'Friends and Enemies' themed wave. It would include: Red Skull and Falcon War Machine and Mandarin Black Widow (red hair) and (I hadn't thought of a good Daredevil pair) Variant: Black Widow (blond) I was thinking here that the wings for Falcon would be attached similar to Captain America's shield loop. That way they could be 'complete,' covering the entire arm and could also be removable. Using this format, they could also easily double as wings for Vulture. That said, we need a box set surrounding the Vulture: Young Vulture Old Vulture Scorpion Old Peter Parker Aunt May *This idea is based on me recollections of the Spiderman TV series where Vulture takes Spiderman's youth and May finds Peter very handsome. And then when Scorpion has Vulture imprisoned in a later season. A Robbie Robertson and Tombstone two-pack would also be cool. If not the box set: Robbie & Tombstone Scorpion & Aunt May Young Vulture & Old Peter variant: Old Vulture One can always dream, right
  11. I was inquiring about shipping practices from BTTF (which are very reasonable IMO) and got an interesting piece of news: "Thanks, and we hope you'll be ordering the Minimates from The first wave arrives in about 3½ weeks!" Let the countdown begin!!! :biggrin:
  12. I bought some of the DC C3 sets from them (obviously a while back), but the transaction went smoothly for me. I would buy from them again. Cheers!
  13. I received a call last night at around 8pm local time from my LCS. They told me that they would have in Today (Wednesday) both the complete set of Avengers wave and the Zombie pack. I can't wait until they open...
  14. I was hoping for them. I thought they looked cool. I, too, was thinking they would be good for civilians. I really wanted the accessories though too. I hope they come out soon. Ever.
  15. I would have to agree with the 616 Beast and Sabertooth (I voted for the later). If these are the only choices. I personally think that a classic storm could also be used. I also agree that MJ would be nice, but at least we are getting a new version with the SM3 characters.
  16. Check out the "My Prayers answered" thread toward the bottom of the Marvel Page. There are images in there from WWC, where the Scarlet Spider was shown, with Hobgoblin. Finally! Guess TBT! beat me to it. Well, you can still enjoy the pics!
  17. Well, I started with getting my mates in the "Toys R Us" five packs, so I snagged Rhino and Grey Hulk early. Since, I have managed to collect all the Marvel Mates. Except wave 2 Black Spidy. He is the only one I have not gotten. Granted, I avoided the two-packs initially, but that doesn't really count, right? I think that I have all of the Target variants too. For other mates, I am missing: C3: The elusive Flash and Superman mini-flyers DC: Nothing, I even have the John Stewart Green Lantern LOTR: Nothing Indy: See above :biggrin: Street Fighter: Same answer. Although, remind me again why I need three versions of EVERY SF character. BSG: I don't watch the show, so I am not going into this one whole heartedly. I got the modern cylon case and I picked up the red six and cylon 2-pack from wave 1. I was thinking about getting the sets with the green fatigue characters, so I could make an anti-mutant military unit. But finances have not exactly allowed for that as of yet. Maximates: I started collecting Marvel Legends so that I could have a scaled Sentinel and Galactus. I also have a large Giant Man now to round out MY Avengers :biggrin: I cannot wait to get more mates. I have ordered all six of the BTTF mates from I really want these!
  18. I got mine from my LCS and I paid $19.99 plus tax, so twenty is a correct price point. It is worth it, IMO. The updated versions of the characters are awesome!!!
  19. Agreed. Somehow I can justify 21 dollars per set, getting two. But I would be having to be missing my EYE to pay $27 for one! Do I NEED two? Well, it IS an exclusive...
  20. I wish there shipping charges ANYWHERE were still reasonable. I ordered my Zombie 2-pack (2 of them) from them (I missed the thread from the generous guys here) and had to pay more in shipping for four mini-mates than I had to pay for ANYTHING else I ordered from anyone else (and I have received much bigger and much, much heavier items. Oh well, they have the market cornered for their exclusives. Grrrrrrr Now to get over there and order my 2 packs of these before they are gone. :bye1:
  21. WHAT! A Scarlet Spider? Any info as to when we will get to own him? As long as Cloneme has already asked to see him No matter what I cannot wait!
  22. I agree with everything that everyone has said here. In terms of giving up the variant, I have a standing order for a complete set w/ variant at my LCS, so I get 4 packs anyway. I would be much happier with eight different characters rather than getting two copies of a character that wasn't that great to begin with (astonishing colossus, I am looking at you ). I like the idea of a variant, but I open all my mates, so the variant is just there to look different. I am still not sure what to do with my DOFP Wolvie... I could go either way on the large scale mates. Sure it would be cool to have a scaled Hulk or a scaled Juggernaught, but DC's Bane and Killer Croc are lacking in the bulkiness, IMO. Bane especially is to trim in the chest and shoulders. At least with the Marvel's more powerful characters we are getting "powerhouse" versions with big chests. I think that the next waves look so much better than the last waves. I am hoping that this is a sing of things to come. I was impressed at how many fan favorites are coming in the beggining of 2008. Lets just keep those release dates! Please :biggrin:
  23. WOW! I cannot believe the luck! These are awesome. I was hoping that the next 4 waves would come out soon, I am interested in a FEW of the characters, but now I want them out so we can get to waves 19 and 20. OMG! These look sooooooo cool. I cannot wait! This is great!
  24. The Wolverine wave: James Howlett (from origins) & "Dog" Logan Wolverine (Evolution cartoon) & Wolverine clone (pick any version - X-23 would be nice...) Weapon X (nude) & Weapon X (Team X) Variant: Weapon X (Age of Apocalypse) As you can see, there are many untapped Wolverine outfits to make. Oops, I probably should not have given DST this list. Although an Age of Apocalypse wave would be awesome.
  25. I am sure, no matter what theme they come up with, we will see a Wolverine in at least one, if not both, of these waves. Waves 15-18 are devoid of him and that is waaaaaay too long without a Wolvie. At least for DST I think that we will at least get one baddie though. Each of 14-18 has one (at least) so hopefully that trend will continue *crosses fingers*
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