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  1. You left out the X3 Jean with variant X3 Phoenix, Matt. Or was that on purpose?
  2. STILL no luck at my local TRU. I keep checking back on the days they get new stuff, but still no mates. Iron Man, Cap, and Wolverine (from the last TWO waves) are all peg warming.
  3. I don't know if it is the license or not, but having seen the entire series and re-watching again, there seems to be a LOT of love/hate throughout the entire show. I think it is the nature of BSG in general.
  4. The SHIELD agents could be in two different waves. There could always be both male and female agents. You know something like: New Nick Fury/ Female SHIELD agent Variant: Dum Dum Dugan Next wave: Maria Hill/ Male SHIELD agent Variant: Sharon Carter Hand could be done a few times too, in different colors. Not to mention that ANY of the army builders would be welcome, IMHO, in more than one wave, even if they did not have any different paint aps. It is hard to want a ton of the main character that is now packed with the army man. Box sets, please!
  5. It says back-ordered on the website now too. Guess it is time to go hunting in stores!
  6. Looking at their Ghostbusters & Marvel lineups, it would appear packaging good guys with bad guys IS TRU's philosophy about selling Minimates. I've always believed it, and I hope Diamond picks up on it for their regular Minimate lines too. So Say We All!
  7. I did not have to go in to work at my usual time today so I had a chance to swing by my nearest TRU. They had a complete case of wave 2 out. They also had a full set of the Ghostbuster wave 2 on the peg just below it. I was soo excited. I am sure they would not still be there on Thursday (the next chance I would have to get out there). They are awesome mates. I am glad to get the final Cylons, although it is bitter sweet to see the end of these, especially without my Natalie or my Racetrack.
  8. And it will cost $1.95, if you can even find a Suncaost anymore I would just settle for a Mark II and a Raptor. Or maybe a Basestar or Galactica playset...
  9. So, I was at my local Super Target today and guess what I happened to find in the miscellaneous toy aisle, the one that has bobble heads and random card packs. I found minimates! Unfortunately for Target, the minimates that they had were a complete (comic shop) case of the Hulk movie wave. I think I saw these at another local Target too. The Super Target also had what appeared to be a complete case of Star Trek wave 3 minimated also. Both minimate sets were listed at $7.99 per pack. Has anyone else come accross these at Target? I had not seen this posted anywhere, so I thought it post-worthy. I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. We were all clamoring for minimates to return to Target, so it is good to see them back. The bad part is, they are minimates that are at least a year old and that did not sell too well on there first run.
  10. I would agree. Most likely production costs went up and they did not want to raise the cost of a set too much from what they were charging. Cut a character = maintain a profit = DST continues making the characters we love sooooo much.
  11. My LCS is getting these in tomorrow. And, being in the Midwest, I have typically been a week behind in getting my mates in the past. They are always nice to hold a full set for me, no matter when they come in.
  12. No worries 'mate, but all lines end in tears (to degrees). I'm content with what we're getting, I just wish more people would revel in this minor-miracle rather than piss-on the parade; it gives an impression that no-one cares or are supporting this (remember, we have DST spies in our midst!). *I must also apologize that I tend to overlook the fact that the majority of our family do not have easy access to the products. Just ask, folks...many are willing to help. My local TRU did not stock these until after I had bought them from the TRU near my Grandmother (almost two weeks later). They sold through a box and they have at least three more cases on the shelf. If anyone wants a set, anywhere, let me know (PM me).
  13. Well, STILL no new Marvel at my one and only. Have not seen anything but the 4 packs left from W2 and 3 cases of the movie wave. I need my BE/MS pack! :sad: On a lighter note, I found a case of Ghostbusters (missing one Stay Puft set and one Washinton Square set) on a peg next to the BSG minis.
  14. Having found complete waves of both one and two on the shelves when I picked them up it was: Wave one: 2x Iron Man movie exclusive 2x Hulk movie exclusive 2x Spidey and Kraven 3x Spidey and Shocker 3x Spidey and Venom Wave two: 1x Punisher movie exclusive 2x WM and UJ 3x Hulk and Doom 3x Spidey and Gobby 3x Wolvie and Maggy With the Wolverine movie wave in the format of wave one 2x Agent Zero exclusive 2x Silver Fox exclusive 2x 3x 3x I don't remember which was which with the movie wave. Now off to check and see if my TRU has gotten in the latest Marvel wave (or Ghostbusters
  15. Wow, Cowblaster! That is an awesome display. Which Stay Puft is that?
  16. Actually, two per case is not always correct. As for the last wave (not WO), there were three each of the box set couples, two Wonderman/Union Jack packs and only one Punisher/Jigsaw pack per case. Why in this case they decided to do the only exclusive characters as the single pack is beyond me; although it could be that they figure the 'main' characters are going to sell better than the Thunderbolts. Good hunting everyone!
  17. If you opt for there free shipping, it depends on stock level. Their website says that the free shipping option can take a few days to process and a few days to ship. I recently placed two different orders to them (both were on in stock items over $75), but each order ended up being the last item of one of the items I ordered. My purchase sent those items from in stock to 2-5 days. They were going to hold both orders, but I told them about placing two orders and the just rearranged them. I got all in stock items on Wednesday (orders placed Saturday and Monday morning). The first order I ever placed with them, took a little over a week before I got my items. I guess it just depends. If you are concerned, email them; they are really great at responding and are very friendly.
  18. From what little I can see of the pilot in Kara's viper, it looks like she has bare arms. Maybe we will be getting the new Caprica box set version of her. That would be cool. IMO.
  19. Art Asylum has packaged shots of the TRU Dark Avengers set and if you look closely, it appears that Venom/Spiderman/Scorpion will come with a jagged tail. Very cool.
  20. I agree. Before realizing this new thread existed, I proposed a new title: BSG minimates downloaded to TRU! So get on the name change, groundhog7s. Please :biggrin:
  21. I have been showing my support with all of the TRU waves as such. I knew that I would be getting a complete set elsewhere (LCS, online) but I still bought a complete set just to show support for minimates in general (yes, even including the Spiderman wave). I did not want to be one of those people that just buys the exclusive and lets the rest sit. I have been on the eBay side of that scenario too many times with other lines (Hasbro ). It sucks. A side note: My TRU has restocked numerous times the WO wave, including variants. I would be happy to get anyone what they need of the TRU wave at cost. Just send me a PM.
  22. It might almost be time for a 'BSG Downloaded to Toys R Us' thread.
  23. So, I called one pack spot on. And I had three characters, just not together, in my assumption for the first wave... Sorry, I just had to toot my own horn there. Now, no matter what characters we fet, I am so ecstatic! This continuation is exactly what will work for the line, especially with the 7 inch characters continuing to sell. I do not think that any of these will be left on the self at my TRU when they hit.
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