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  1. Just got my cancellation notice of these from BBTS. I also got a cancellation notice of the Godfather minimates. I suppose we all new it was coming, but I still was hoping we would get to see these.
  2. I actually did this with a grey plate. I cut it into pieces to fit on the dashboard of my car. Now my Minimates can ride with me anywhere I go. It is't very hard to cut these boards, although don't expect a perfect edge. Everything from about (?) had Lego compatible feet..which equates to Mega & c3 itself. Wave 8 of the Marvel mates were the first to feature 'C3' feet. I would vote for individual displays. This would allow one to adjust characters' separations more easily. I like the multi-level idea, but I would think this could be achieved by placing single stands on random spacers found round the house. I prefer styrofoam and/or cardboard. Just my two cents.
  3. he didnt happen to say when they might be coming out,did he? they can't tell that from looking in the computer. the first series is showing on order at the warehouse, but not pending yet. But there sometimes isn't a lot of lead time between the 2. when I used to work there, some items will go to pending to the warehouse, to on the very next truck a few days later. You wouldn't happen to have gotten the six digit code for these by any chance, would you?
  4. Scored these on a family road trip yesterday in Appleton, WI. They had an entire case out. So happy with these, as I was/am just rereading the entire WWH graphic novels from my library.
  5. If they ever figure out how to do a six armed Spider-Man, then I suspect you'll see Spiral at some point after that, if for no other reason than to justify the expense of sculpting a new part. True, but I hope that they come up with something other than a chest block with extra arm pegs. I don't feel as though Six-arm Spidey (or man-spider) should be sharing a chest block with Spiral
  6. I say we make it a four pack with Mojo and Spiral. Either or both of them would make some cool minimates!
  7. I am still thinking that the best way to solve the Hulk's size issue is to give him the Iron Monger treatment. Make him a transforming Hulk, with Banner underneath. Monger is a solid, substantial mate; about a good Hulk's size and seems to pass the size restrictions of the DST contract. With Hulk, instead of armor bulking him up, the pieces could be muscles. I may try it with one of the zillions of BD-Mongers I have laying around... Back on topic: Thanks everyone for the pics. I cannot wait to find these!
  8. Are these still under the 113214 sku number, or are they different now? Thanks!
  9. No minimates at all this week according to the email I got from my LCS.
  10. I asked on Friday when they might hit and was told that they may be on the Tuesday night truck. The regular IM2 stuff, not the minimates.
  11. Don't forget about Tony! We got three with the first movie, I would be surprised if we do not see a 'race car' Tony and at least one other version. We also have to remember Toys R Us; they should be getting four unique characters too. Abd maybe I am wrong, but I seem to remember the original press release saying 2 box sets; one for AFX and for DST. Maybe this is just wishful thinking.
  12. Very cool! I am so happy I ordered a case from my LCS (sorry, Luke) when I picked up waves 31 and 32. March cannot come fast enough!!
  13. My LCS had the same problem with their case. Fortunately it was not that big of a deal as they have two people who pre-order complete sets (I'm one of them) and they usually buy two cases (maybe 3) and let the rest sit. Although, they didn't get their complete order of the Kree wave, so I am without my Goliath. Man, I cannot wait to get of work and open these. I am sorry for everyone that is having troubles getting their FA Angel, but I am sure that everything will be alright in the end. Patience young Padawans, patience.
  14. My LCS (Madison, WI) is getting both waves in on Wednesday.
  15. While I am very excited about all of these, I cannot help but feel a little bumed about the PX Delorian. This seems like a missed oportunity, IMHO. A Marty for the regular Delorian would be a good match for TRU and the frozen Delorian should have come with its pilot from the movie, Einstein. This would have been a perfect fit for the PX version; a different character that will probably not have a chance otherwise. As is, I am afraid we will see yet ANOTHER Marty for the TRU version. I sure hope I'm wrong. Maybe we'll see a new box set with the 4 essentials (Claira, Jennifer, Einstein and Strictlin) in 2010 to compliment these 2 Delorians.
  16. Maybe you could call first? Go if they say they have more on hand than you remember them having the last time you were in.
  17. A new movie poster was appeared here with Whiplash on it. In the same gallery you can also see back-to-back Iron Man and War Machine. Seeing these images, I cannot wait for the movie or the minimates!
  18. He was the one that got my vote. I cannot wait to see who else makes the cut. And in what pairings and/or ratios.
  19. I think this was to be expected. I'm pretty sure Chuck said the ratios were fixed untill wave 6 comes out . . . so there was always gonna be a 1-per-case variant for Wave 5. . . . it's just a shame it's SS&SM rather than Logan & HE Well they can't go and make Wolverine a short pack at TRU now, can they?
  20. I'm thinking that Widow will be in the AFX 4-pack. They got her as an exclusive already, they'll probably get her again. Hammer will probably be in Diamond's 4-pack, with both 4-packs sporting two Tonys, one as Iron Man. Just my thoughts.
  21. I've gotten my Stay-Puft man to glow both green and blue; I found it just depends on what type of light you use to 'charge' him. Using regular lightbulbs he came out green and he faded really fast. When I used a daylight bulb (it's for my turtle), the glow was blue and it lasted for many hours. I have not tried any other types of light, but I am interested to see the results.
  22. A few new details are up on Diamond's site. It looks like we will see the regular wave, as well as 2 exclusive box sets and some appearances at TRU! Bring on April 2010!
  23. At least you have found them in store! Where and do you have the 6 digit code for it? Thanks!
  24. So... What happened to this thread? It no longer seems to exist. Was it pulled bescause of BBTS's reveal about the army builder?
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