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  1. Has anyone here stopped to think that maybe the "HUGE surprise" may not be a new liscense at all? What if the huge surprise is that Target is going to start carrying minimates again? Or that international TRU stores will start carrying exclusive Marvel Minimates, that are of cousre NOT the same as the ones offered in the states Just saying, maybe it's not a new liscense.
  2. I picked up the Pelican on clearance at Walmart ($40) and it works okay w/ minimates. Minimates will fit in the Mega Bloks seats, so long as the do not have their leg armor on. Which isn't a huge deal, since you wouldn't normally be seeing the legs anyway.
  3. So AA has packaging pics of the Thor display up on the blog and is it just me, or are there two Selvigs in the front row? Error or change in assortment?
  4. Looks great! QUOTE (Donny B @ Jan 28 2011, 10:57 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> BS, I absolutely love how you tweaked this Spidey mate Me too. But, how exactly did you tweak him? Did you glue the pegs on to his sides? If so, what type of glue did you use? I bought an extra and want to try making him look... right.
  5. Checked my TRU today, again, and had them rub the numbers. Nothing on the manifest for tomorrow and they are down to one truck a week What am I supposed to spend my rewards on now....
  6. No. Sadly we have yet to get Clara, Jennifer and Einstein. They are the three remaining essential characters to get. More four packs and/or two packs would be very welcome.
  7. Maybe because GB is an 80's property? Edit: stupid auto-spell check.
  8. I concur. Although I do not think I have seen JJ in anything, Rose is great in every aspect. And a big reason I am so looking forward to this movie. She better get a mate out of this! And why don't we throw in Zoe Kravitz to round out the hair colors
  9. I like this idea. Sadly, I think they would end up pulling the whole thing off with tampos; and spidey's web design would show through. Personally, I would rather see Marvel 1602. Or Noir. Both would give us actual versions of characters and we could buy extras for your outlined purpose.
  10. That at least makes a little more sense. I was wondering if there was a whole Banshee storyline I had missed where he flew too close to the sun or something. And my thoughts on female Angel: Angel = Wurthigton Angel Emma = Jean Havoc = Cyclops Beast = Beast Darwin?* = Bobby The first class. In the X-movie universe. *I think I remember that Darwin was supposed to be in this movie too.
  11. Anyone else think that Banshee looks more like what Sinestro should look like in Green Lantern?
  12. I still want to see my civilians box set: Aunt May Uncle Ben Jarvis Ben Urich Rick Jones And the one and only Stan the Man Lee
  13. I would rather see them in the MAX line with their motorcycles. Maybe a two pack since they are smaller than the cars we have gotten. Or better yet, one of these with one of these:
  14. I think it has already been confied that Cap will be fighting Hydra-Nazis. They look exactly like Nazis but with Hydra sybols where the swastikas should be.
  15. I checked my TRU today and had no luck. I asked for someone to look them up and he said none were pending. It did show 420 in the DIstribution Center though. Hopefully next week.
  16. Am I the only one who would rather them replace the direct LCS pack with a different mix from the LCS wave? I would have preferred seeing Iron Fist with DD or the Hand Ninja. Or Spidey with the Hand Ninja or even Elektra for that matter. At least mixing them up would give buyers an incentive to support their LCSs. Of course the best option would have been to see Iron Fist with an updated Luke Cage.
  17. I checked my TRU yesterday and while they had appeared to have moved 4 of the 20 Fantastic Four packs, there was no sign of wave 9. I am hoping that these show up soon; either in store or online. Online would work for me since I broke down and signed up for the shoprunner deal when I noticed that they had gotten back in a few of the SDCC Halo Noble 7 figures. That and $4 for the Ghostbuster Ghosts set. **crosses fingers that they show up before Jan 29**
  18. Me? I use a combination of bins and bags. I have smaller properties (DC, Batman, Terminator, Ghostbusters, etc.) in quart sized Ziploc bags. I have BSG and now the MAX line in bins. I also keep all my duplicates in a few customizing bins. Marvel is a different matter. They take up multiple bags and bins. In fact, I just spent a week going through all my Marvel mates and organizing them; with the help of the Minimate Database, of course. I keep all my Spiderman and X-men mates in two separate bins. The rest of my Marvel mates go into a third bin. I keep the Marvel Movie Mates in Ziplocs, organized by movie, generally by year (X3 with Spiderman 3, Wolverine with Punisher, etc.). I recently realized I needed to further separate the bulk Marvel mates. As such, all Iron Man related mates are now in there own bag. I have also decided to start a new bin for my Fantastic Four (including Inhumans, Skrulls and Atlantians) minimates. All accessories get put in with the characters' bins. In the case of minimates like Louis Tully and Movie IM mk1 who have two VERY different looks, I have both versions of the character stored as if they were two different characters. New mates get displayed for a while, then put into their respective bins/bags to make room for newer mates.
  19. You will have to settle for the inevitable Rose Byrne minimate from the X-movie. The only way we seem to get civilians.
  20. I had th same thing happen to me. When I asked about the possibility of new mates, the woman told me that she had heard they would not be getting any trucks in all week. Combine that with 20 FF packs on the pegs and I am thinking that this will be the hardest TRU wave ever for me to track down.
  21. I read on another board that Thanos wont be showing up until the refresher cases hit sometime after the Holidays. I scored a WW Hulk the other day and was shocked at how awesome he is. I found Thanos twice at two different Targets in my area. I only kept one though, and Target does not restock stuff very well. I have found the WW Hulk wave two different times at my TRU, once when they had buy 2 for $9.99 on Hasbro figures. They are both great figures. Back on topic, I made a run to my TRU this morning and found no new mates. I did use a coupon to pick up one of the new Star Wars Lego sets though. They had all of those out.
  22. Thanks much. I too am looking forward to this and all the other offerings from this line. Overall I have been pleasantly surprised by the Halo minimates. My only gripe so far is with Noble 6. I don't think that having his chest piece covering his pelvis was the best idea. It either makes him too tall or makes him look like he has no upper leg. That and the lack of weapons.
  23. When or where did they announce an Arctic version of the Warthog? How did I miss this?
  24. So how does this work exactly, Luke? Does each retailer get one? Does this mean my LCS will get one too? Or do they need to be ordered? I am just wondering if I need to start buttering up my LCS owner. I know there are not that many die-hard minimate collectors that they serve, but that still did not help me get a FCBD minimate from them this last time.
  25. Checked my TRU in Madison and no luck. I asked the guy to look up the item number and he said that the warehouse had a little over 700 on order. This should be good in that they will hopefully not arrive until after the Chaos that is Christmas. And he also told me that there was no order even for the warehouse on the Heroic Age set
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