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  1. I would imagine changing packaging for a portion of the run wouldn't help with costs at all. That being said, maybe the army builder sets or modified selling option could include all 4 individual blisters attached to a single card? A sort of combination of the non-Marvel traditional 4-packs and the individual blisters. Keeping the way the figures are packed, just changing what they are packed on, my reduce some cost

  2. I would be down with packing similar to the new tmnt offerings for future packs. Do zord packaging featuring the corresponding ranger, two putty or other grunt, a villain, and an alternate look:

    • t-Rex zord - Red Ranger, 2 putty, Rita, movie ninja robe red ranger 
    • triceratops zord - Blue Ranger, Goldar, 2 super putty, ninja robe blue ranger 
    • sabertooth zord - yellow ranger, Scorpina, 2 putty, robe yellow ranger 
    • pterodactyl zord - pink ranger, Ivan Ooze, 2 tanga warriors, robe pink ranger 
    • mastodon zord - black ranger, zedd, 2 super putty, robe black ranger 
    • falcon zord - white ranger, pudgy pig, bulk and Skull, white robe ranger
  3. 18 hours ago, dj87 said:

    This is what the Imaginext Rita headdress looks like on a Minimate body; the only modification required was sticking the headdress in boiling water to soften the plastic, and it will slip on with ease.

    The magic wand is from the Loyal Subjects figure.PXL_20230125_225034918_copy_907x1074.thumb.jpg.6df81e5d3123aacee94ec8e4319618ba.jpg

    Nice. That looks really good

  4. On 12/31/2022 at 1:53 PM, cylonchaney said:

    I think my Raider design is done. It can be a bit fiddly to properly close the canopy but good enough for me.



    Engineering Pro Tip: If you are designing a vehicle for a Cylon, don't use a blank or Kor as your test fit. Can you hear the "Doh!" echoing across the world right now? LOL



    Yes. Because of his helmet, he's taller than others and the canopy will not close!

    Luckily, it's trivial to scale up 10%

    20221231_112544 20221231_112647

    And now we can close the canopy.


    But Cylonchaney, you detail-oriented 70s scifi fanboy nerd, I hear you say, "Isn't the Cylon Raider a 3-man ship? And shouldn't an in-scale Cylon Raider be larger than a Viper and actually hold 3 Cylons?"






    Well, since we are upscaling anyway ...





    For scale, this is the 3-man version with the too small version, a factory Viper, and the thingiverse Viper I posted in the 3d files thread. 



    Please bear in mind that close up photography of FDM 3d prints is never flattering. These things look way cooler in person. Also, photography is not one of my strong suits.


    That is amazing! What size printer bed to you have? Or are the parts printed individually and assembled? I would love to print the 3-man ship, if you were so kind to share the design

  5. On 12/11/2022 at 1:55 PM, TM2 Dinobot said:

    Saw this at Burlington today. Kind of a weird, in the wild find, and not nearly marked down as other products at discount stores tend to be. It was the only one there. Maybe when Christmas is done they'll put it on clearance.



    what? I can’t see pictures… 😢 



  6. 19 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:

    Early question'll take some while before I get these....  which 'stock ' clamshells or acrylic cases fit these please?

    They are obviously smaller in size, but the protective cases for the 3.75 inch Star Wars characters *should* work. If that is what you are asking about.

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