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  1. It’s solid. Mainly made for a prop for the costume
  2. Oh, and on topic - Your prints are amazballs @cylonchaney!
  3. Like this? Made from foam core and poster board, from the dollar tree. And hot glue
  4. Wonder if we’ll see a Beast Wars tie-in for sdcc to capitalize on the new movie….
  5. Those look great. Haven't read the series yet, but I like the looks. Interesting pieces for customs too.
  6. Ordered! So amazing! That hair looks great on him. Who's the original wearer?
  7. I was thinking this too, but it would need to be a 5-pack or leave someone out. Mantis/Nebula Bulk Drax/Starlord Bulky Groot Rocket Adam Oh! And Cosmo! Guess we need a 6-pack!
  8. I'm in! I bought a few of the LEGO Doc Ocks with those tentacles to try that, but a Luke Original is better than any QC I could make!
  9. I would love DC stickers. Too hard to share images anymore here, but there’s a lot of great images out there: HBO Harley Quinn show: Harley Quinn (white blank, stickers for socks, top, hips, face) - might need paint for white on hands and colored hair (not sure a good hair piece) Poison Ivy (green parts to match ninja turtles black torso and arms, stickers for head, chest blazer/neck, leg ivy) Psycho (tux Kermit body, sticker for face - needs Alice queen hair in black) Two-Face (black and white body parts, blue hand, stickers for face, head, torso and back, hips) General DC: Two-Face Poison Ivy Firestorm Reverse Flash Captain Cold Yellow Lantern Corp Sinestro Red Lantern Atrocitus Arrowverse: Sara Lance White Canary Captain Cold Green Arrow Flash Supergirl Firestorm Deathstroke Black Lightning Reverse Flash Martian Manhunter Atom Malcolm Merlin Frost Dreamer Iris West-Allen Felicity Smoak XS Laurel Lance Black Canary Titanverse: Beast Boy Nightwing Starfire Cyborg Robin Raven Dona Troy Robotman Cliff Crazy Jane
  10. That art is amazing! I have no place to give it its due though, so I hope someone else does!
  11. Has Hasbro acknowledged Minimates on their social media? It would be great if they could have given shout outs to the lines when their properties were getting released/promoted. will these sets be on the retro cards at $10 a mate? Or will they at least be in the more palatable/affordable box format?
  12. Don't know if you *need* the official ones @Nessex, but here are high-quality scans that you can print on your own. Grey Hulk Juggernaut Just need to create a free account. I printed mine on cardstock. On a side note, I got the Amazon starter bundle from my Aunt and Uncle for my birthday and scored the Deadpool exclusive set for $50 on Amazon. Very excited about digging in to this game. Gonna try painting a couple pieces too - or just use the Minimates I already have!
  13. I'm in! Repaint the recent F4 box set. Replace Johnny with the blue striped torch.
  14. For those who are not Retailers: @luke314pi Will you be re-offering these? And/or changing the price for those who have already put in an order the first time?
  15. Nice job @dj87! Recipe, please? I can see some of the pieces, but not all.
  16. I would imagine changing packaging for a portion of the run wouldn't help with costs at all. That being said, maybe the army builder sets or modified selling option could include all 4 individual blisters attached to a single card? A sort of combination of the non-Marvel traditional 4-packs and the individual blisters. Keeping the way the figures are packed, just changing what they are packed on, my reduce some cost
  17. Those are pretty cool @Nessex Do you have some of the original ones? Is it a cool game? Do they look neat next to Minimates?
  18. I follow some of the daily t-shirt sites and this one showed up today. Thought I would share with all the classic tmnt love:
  19. Sadly not! 😂 I have been sewing lately.
  20. I would be down with packing similar to the new tmnt offerings for future packs. Do zord packaging featuring the corresponding ranger, two putty or other grunt, a villain, and an alternate look: t-Rex zord - Red Ranger, 2 putty, Rita, movie ninja robe red ranger triceratops zord - Blue Ranger, Goldar, 2 super putty, ninja robe blue ranger sabertooth zord - yellow ranger, Scorpina, 2 putty, robe yellow ranger pterodactyl zord - pink ranger, Ivan Ooze, 2 tanga warriors, robe pink ranger mastodon zord - black ranger, zedd, 2 super putty, robe black ranger falcon zord - white ranger, pudgy pig, bulk and Skull, white robe ranger
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