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  1. These are amazing! Definitely need one to keep in the box. Agreed that we need another couple sets for the villains, the foot, and the friends.
  2. I have the 3D printer, but I have no design skills. My attempts at recreating something at Minimate scale was a disaster. Aside from an 8 inch MInimate just for kicks, I would love to have the design for some of the larger Minimate pieces (hulk hands, hulkbuster armor pieces, etc.) to be able to print them at a slightly larger scale to fit on 2.5 inch and 3 inch Minimate bodies. Hulkbuster should be close to 13 feet tall, which should be closer to 4 inches, or the bulked up pieces on a 3 inch body. Same for Hulk on 2.5 inch body. But, yes, sadly there are not a lot of folks out there creating accessories for Minimates in the 3D realm
  3. Curious for details on the outcome of this. I have been tempted to buy that file for a while, but I recognized it was stolen photos, so I wasn't sure.
  4. So, the one thing that caught my eye on the packaging for these is the different looking Minimates Logo. Curious if this was an intentional change, or if the font package got lost on the way to the printer. I'm also assuming that the second set will match up the front cover with this one to make a large scene. These are great. I'm hoping I can find my Zords from the 90s to go along with them.
  5. Still available. If you want them, pm me.
  6. Will there be an opportunity for single minimates or 2-packs with this single carded aspect?
  7. Did you still need the the Logan and Deadpool sets? I have an extra set available. $42 ($21 each) plus shipping
  8. Maybe it was the other way around? Maybe they wanted Sgt Slaughter INCLUDED with the recent announcement?
  9. I would give up donuts (maybe even pizza) for all the MInimates that could have been.
  10. I would not be disappointed in a 6-pack of putty patrolers for MMPR. We need villains! Or, better yet, Rita, Zedd, Goldar, Evil Green Ranger, Kat Pink Ranger and a Putty. That would allow Luke to offer Putty as an exclusive! Can't wait to sign over a couple paychecks! I have missed the days of monthly Minimate purchases.
  11. Gargoyles would be amazing. Built in variants too as each could be done again in stone grey. I was actually thinking the delay in announcement might mean baseball Minimates. With the lockout in progress it wouldn't have made sense to announce mates not knowing when the games would be back.
  12. I ended up getting more than I โ€˜neededโ€™ and am happy to help anyone that wants one pack. My delivered cost is $20 per pack, so your cost would be $20 per pack plus US shipping.
  13. $150 set for SDCC isn't *that* far out there.... :D
  14. So, will you be being them all and distributing them to the rest of us, @buttheadsmate? (Please and thank you!) ๐Ÿ˜œ
  15. I will need to steal a few of these DC customs. Amazing! My plan is to use Kermit for Psycho.
  16. With the new format, is a 6-figure wave required? Could a 5- or 7-pack be a possibility with lighter accessories and/or more alternate looks? Right now I'm thinking a 7-pack with the 6 Runaways and an Old-Lace as an articulated 7th figure
  17. Did I miss the email for loyal subscribers @luke314pi? Or am I just not loyal enough?
  18. Will this be the beginning of a new subscription year, @luke314pi? Or will that start after this?
  19. American Horror Story would be cool. Finally getting the Arrowverse would be epic - Starting with The Flash The NCIS shows would truly be a WTF line.
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