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  1. I love the look of Riri's armors. If we got the old-school variant wave offerings, I would love: Riri mk1/Dora Milaje Riri mk2/Dora Milaje BP Shuri/Namora Namor/Attuma
  2. @luke314pi Did I miss the order window? Or did you get busy?
  3. Those are some great shots. I didn't really think mine had a chance. Will all the entries be posted eventually?
  4. If it's random, I would like a promo, please. Thank you for your generosity!
  5. Free shipping you say? Are you a radical @Padrino? Or is it a promotion that I missed?
  6. We already have Cap from a TRU wave, so finish the team: OR
  7. I have a couple ideas for some cool shots. Now, I just need to figure out how to shoot them....
  8. I would be all over this. But, make Bronx an unarticulated pack-in and give me Demona
  9. I assume the shape of the package dictated the DVD box as opposed to the VHS format. DVD cases are narrower relative to the size of the front and with 6 figures instead of 4, the size of the front needs to be larger relative to the depth.
  10. Do the rangers have any weapons other than Tommy’s sword? Both sets look amazing! Power Rangers really pop I am so excited for these!
  11. And the weird looking nipple clamps…. Make more sense as blades on her back
  12. Can I just cut a check take out a mortgage for all of them now?
  13. Very cool. Excited for these.
  14. That SM3 2-pack is amazing. I love both of those Spider-Men. The introduction of the *thwip* hands with the Maximum Carnage Wave puts that one higher on my list than it probably otherwise would have been Zombie Spidey and Web-Armor Spidey are also some really cool designs. Where is the love the Riot Attack Spider-man?
  15. That bat needed the Robin intended to be it's 2-pack pal. Ward? Partner?
  16. Looks amazing so far! Your skills are tremendous @TheMinimateKing30!
  17. These are amazing! Definitely need one to keep in the box. Agreed that we need another couple sets for the villains, the foot, and the friends.
  18. I have the 3D printer, but I have no design skills. My attempts at recreating something at Minimate scale was a disaster. Aside from an 8 inch MInimate just for kicks, I would love to have the design for some of the larger Minimate pieces (hulk hands, hulkbuster armor pieces, etc.) to be able to print them at a slightly larger scale to fit on 2.5 inch and 3 inch Minimate bodies. Hulkbuster should be close to 13 feet tall, which should be closer to 4 inches, or the bulked up pieces on a 3 inch body. Same for Hulk on 2.5 inch body. But, yes, sadly there are not a lot of folks out there creating accessories for Minimates in the 3D realm
  19. Curious for details on the outcome of this. I have been tempted to buy that file for a while, but I recognized it was stolen photos, so I wasn't sure.
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