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  1. So, will you be being them all and distributing them to the rest of us, @buttheadsmate? (Please and thank you!) 😜
  2. I will need to steal a few of these DC customs. Amazing! My plan is to use Kermit for Psycho.
  3. With the new format, is a 6-figure wave required? Could a 5- or 7-pack be a possibility with lighter accessories and/or more alternate looks? Right now I'm thinking a 7-pack with the 6 Runaways and an Old-Lace as an articulated 7th figure
  4. Did I miss the email for loyal subscribers @luke314pi? Or am I just not loyal enough?
  5. Will this be the beginning of a new subscription year, @luke314pi? Or will that start after this?
  6. American Horror Story would be cool. Finally getting the Arrowverse would be epic - Starting with The Flash The NCIS shows would truly be a WTF line.
  7. American Horror Story would be pretty epic. Lots of diverse concepts and some very interesting looks!
  8. Sunny got picked up for another 3 seasons, so definitely fits the "not going anywhere" comment.
  9. I think the biggest thing with the price point is how quickly it happened. Yes, it is to be expected, and if you collect other lines (Hasbro, for instance), you will also notice that costs are going up - their 6 inch line was $21 a year ago and are now $23-$31 per figure. With Minimates however, we don't get as many offerings, so when the price jumps, and this high, it really is a big shock. People were surprised at the $7.50 per mate price when the Hasbro license first dropped. But, at least $30 isn't that big of a leap from the $25 that 4-packs had been. But there were complaints before this about the 4-packs being so much when the 2-packs were still under $10. Most of us have not paid $10 for a (new) 2-pack since the DC mates were available. Going from under $5 for a single mate to $7.50 was a shock. But, it could be written off as the new cost of the Hasbro License. But with the second offering taking that $7.50 to $10, that is not insignificant, especially for what is seen as 2 repaints. Yes, the packaging is cool, but it also makes it seem like the packaging is the reason for the doubling of price. I'm also not looking forward to $8 per mate in the Marvel 6-packs. That is almost $50 for 6 mates. Through Luke's, we were able to get 2 sets of 6 (or 7) figures for that price. It wasn't even $90 to get a full case of 24 mates. Again, cost increases are inevitable and are not outside the norm. It just happens that the increase comes at the same time as new fancy packaging, which makes it seem like the packaging is at least partially to blame for such a high increase in price per mate. Especially when most of us here are both completists and supports of the line(s) and I would believe more than half of us generally pick up at least 2 sets of everything. We need a Minimates reward program! Collect your UPCs and send them (plus $$ for shipping) in for an exclusive mate! Uatu or Stan Lee for Marvel. Pimp Destro for GIJoe. Nemesis Prime for Transformers. Evil Green Ranger for MMPR.
  10. @DSTZachIs "Last Animated" the Iron Man and Miles sets? Or would that have been the X-Men series?
  11. Happy Christmas, Kwanza, belated Hanukkah, and a very Merry New Year!
  12. So, @luke314pi, does that mean given the opportunity, you would offer/support an exclusive COBRA troop builder pack? πŸ˜›
  13. I have got to know what you did with all the doc ock mates! lol Your stuff looks amazing!
  14. I actually really like the Gamerverse Iron Man. It's a great combo of sculpted pieces and paint applications. Movie Stealth Iron Man (TRU exclusive) and the one from the Modern Heroic Age box set are also high on the list.
  15. Any idea when we can pre-order these? I am very much looking forward to them.
  16. Unfortunately it says the Eaglemoss version is only 10 inches long, which, I believe, makes it shorter than the Minimate APC. I have seen a couple sweet LEGO MOC dropships that I have contemplated trying to recreate to see if I could make it compatible with MInimates AND the APC.
  17. Stopped at a couple Walgreen's last night looking for discounted candy and found Minimates listed at "Clearance prices" of $5.99, but they rang up as being "sale" prices. A third I stopped at did not have anything listed on the tags.
  18. See, I was thinking with Hasbro being the Master Toy Licensee (I think that is still the case) and with them working with DST on their intellectual properties, that they would see the potential in possibly allowing Star Wars Minimates. The fact that it is a different format from their Mission Fleet may allow for it to happen. Hopefully Hasbro, Disney and DST can play nice! (although it wouldn't be nice for my wallet charge card)
  19. Hopefully not one that was on fire or dumped overboard....
  20. I am absolutely loving Titans and even more, Doom Patrol on HBO Max. I would want to have seen a set (wave of 8 characters) from either of those: Titans: Nightwing, Starfire, Beastboy, Raven, Donna Troy, Deathstroke, Hawk and Dove (Bonus pack: Connor w/Krypto, Green Tiger Beast Boy, Robin and Red Hood) Doom Patrol: Crazy Jane (w/ alt looks), Robot Cliff, Larry Trainer (bandaged), Rita, Chief, Mister Nobody, Cyborg (Bonus pack: Negative Spirit, Dorothy, Candle Maker, Flex Mentallo) Although, Suicide Squad was great and I would have loved mates there as well. I got the Mystery Minis to fill my minifigure Suicide Squad hole, but a wave would have been great: King Shark (2.5 inch body), Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Polkadot Man, Ratcatcher II, Harley (either look would be great), Rick Flag, for the last slot Starro would be cool, although I would take Amanda Waller as well. Either way, pack in a few baby Starro facehugger-esque accessories
  21. The cool thing with MMPR and Minimates is that a Minimate Mega Zord could just as easily go up against, say Goldar, as a MInimate Power Ranger. I'm hoping we see so many characters from this, but I would love to see sets like this going off the initial line-up. Set 2: Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, Goldar, Pudgy Pig Set 3: Black Ranger, Yellow Ranger (Trini and Aisha heads), Red Ranger, and White Ranger Set 4: Puddy Patrol x4 (crazy 88 style) Set 5: Mega Zord, Dragon Zord, Titanus, Mega Dragonzord
  22. Sold! So much more excited for these than the other 2 Hasbro lines. What a great looking selection to kick off the line too. Kimberly was always my favorite.... 😘😍
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