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  1. Dang. Looks like I missed it. Get on that pink one, @DSTZach!
  2. Could you do a kickstart for an army pack, Luke? Get the funds secured ahead of time and then order? If you offered incentives for supporting like sticker kits to make alternate characters or females, etc. I think you would encourage folks to order more. Something like a Shield vs Hydra pack, where each characters has an alternate look and a weapon or accessory. If you ordered 6 packs you would get a sticker kit with alternate faces If you ordered 12 packs you would get an additional sticker kit that included female torsos and faces If you ordered 24 packs you would get
  3. I (safely) hit up 21 Walgreens stores in the greater Madison area last week looking for 'new' mates. The newest ones I found were the Venom/Hammerhead wave and the Gamerverse mates. I did not see any of the Doc Ock/Black Panther Quest mates, the Miles/Ghost wave, the X-Men wave, or the Falcon/Bucky Mates. Many stores still have some of the earlier animated waves and Thor Ragnarok mates. Selections ranged from 2 full columns of mates to only 4 or 5 packs.
  4. I picked 2 of these up on clearance from Walmart a while back: It works great for Minimates
  5. We gonna get a discord chat going? @Nessex @karamazov80 If you use my name and #, you should be able to message me or ask to be friends. We need to be friends to get a group chat going
  6. Yeah. There were designs at C2E2 one year. It looked great. Stupid [s]tru[/s] criminal investment group practices and their bankruptcy
  7. You can find me on Facebook Messanger. @karamazov80and I already have a chat going. We could create a group chat there if folks are willing to get a little more personal. That would allow us to coordinate a little better. @Scorpion You too!
  8. @Nessex - Please invite me to any Lake trio raids you do! They return on the 24th.
  9. I found a setting that you can change to switch so the site takes you to the first unread post. Profile -> Account Settings -> Content View Behavior It seems to work as it used to now, with the exception of the 5 most recent posts list; for some reason clicking those titles still takes me to the first post.
  10. I believe they should have been pretty far along with eternals by now. At the 2019 C2E2 I think they were already starting those and Black Widow
  11. Very neat photo. What is the canon arm on Apocalypse?
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