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  1. Wave 8 is finally starting to hit in plenty around me. I went out searching last August for these. Still no sign of 9 or 10.
  2. He does. I will probably pull the crotch peg out as far as I can to make home taller. I did that with the big Kree from Captain Marvel and he looks much better to my eye
  3. I picked up the LEGO set to use that Goose.
  4. It’s disappointing that we aren’t getting Goose or a gun with the Skrull. Otherwise I love the look of the box set. Carol looks better than I thought.
  5. Yes. Wave 2 is hitting in abundance around me
  6. So, there’s a difference between GG and Gentle Giant Studios?
  7. I was wondering if it had really been that long, or if I had deleted some... Fiber may help with that!
  8. I just got a DST newsletter in my email! My question, Zach, how come they are so infrequent!?
  9. Heads would still be more accurate than hands... I would like to know the number of unique trays we are getting.
  10. Okay, question for those who have these. Do all of your Star Force members have silver highlights? Or is it missing from some? Bron Char is super silvery. Carol’s torso and left leg are, but her right leg and all of Korvath are just matt grey. Ronan and Jude Law both appear to be shiny, but I haven’t taken them out of the package yet.
  11. Strange for dst to skip Spidey at Walgreens.
  12. I am just happy to see that some of the issues with rights have been worked out. I know Zach said at least one of the characters in this wave wasn’t initially available to them.
  13. Onyx_6

    wave 77

    A birthday reveal for my grandmother’s 102 birthday! Perfect.
  14. Wait, there are more than one Thanos!?
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