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  1. Onyx_6

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    These all look cartoon accurate. Dracula and Crimson Widow (Yelena) make a good compliment to the Whitney Frost mate we have, as they were all in a Halloween episode together. I don’t think Ghost Rider had a name in the cartoon. I think we was more like Man-Thing with the wordless Fear-Inducing thing.
  2. Onyx_6

    SDCC 2018

    @DSTZach - If the TRU wave is now at Walgreens, do you know how they will be distributed? Walgreens has been getting 4 2-packs. TRU was getting 3. Will Walgreens get 6 for this set? Or will different Walgreens get a second of different packs?
  3. Onyx_6

    SDCC 2018

    So, will BC Avengers be an ongoing line? Or a one-off that will continue a third skew of comic mates at Walgreens?
  4. Onyx_6

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    Well, I got 3 right. Rocket, Dracula and Venom. Also getting Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Evil Black Widow, Hammerhead and Adam Warlock.
  5. Onyx_6

    SDCC 2018

    Looks like they are all sculpted head pieces now. I think before they were sculpted hai pieces on a standard head. EDIT: Nevermind. Looks like the same figures
  6. Onyx_6

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    I have vacation coming up in a couple weeks and I plan to take a day just hitting as many Walgreens stores as I can. I think there are 30 or so within about 25 miles of me.... What accessory? I bought extras of the first Ant-Man box set to get Hope’s hair for TMNT Irma.
  7. Onyx_6

    SDCC 2018

    Select figures were $19.99 and the Vinimates were $9.99. The Select assortment was the slimmer character packs that TRU and Target have gotten, not the 3 packs that go to specialty.
  8. Onyx_6

    SDCC 2018

    I had seen the KH Vinimates and Selects at one Walmart by accident. I have not seen them at 7 Walmarts while actually looking for them. Talk about a retailer with poor distribution. Walmart, in my experience, is significantly worse at distribution than Walgreens or TRU have ever been.
  9. Onyx_6

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    While I have yet to find either wave 8 or wave 9, I want to guess here: Spidey set: Spidey (hero with complaints) and Venom (anti-hero/villain) - Hopefully with Brock and Max heads and thrips hands Guardians: Articulated Rocket (hero few times) and Titus (new villain) Avengers: Blade (anti-hero) and Dracula (villain done once) AND Attuma (new villain) and Jane Foster Thor (technically hero done once, although we have 2 Janes)
  10. Onyx_6

    Antman and the Wasp

    After seeing the movie, I think Walgreens needed a wave! Ant-Man and Wasp (repack) Phasing Ghost (unmasked head) and Bill Foster Shrinking Wasp (similar to SDCC Ant-Man and Yellowjaccket) and Louis Ant-Man (Rocket sized) and Janet
  11. Awesome, Luke! I can’t wait to get her!
  12. Onyx_6

    Antman and the Wasp

    This! Or they could have rounded it off with shrinking Wasp (to match the SDCC set from the first movie) and a kid-arm/leg Ant-Man.
  13. Onyx_6

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    Request sent.
  14. Onyx_6

    Infinity War

    And they never managed to get the Movie assortments listed. Only animated.
  15. Onyx_6

    SDCC 2018

    And an alternate Stan Lee head.