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  1. I found a setting that you can change to switch so the site takes you to the first unread post. Profile -> Account Settings -> Content View Behavior It seems to work as it used to now, with the exception of the 5 most recent posts list; for some reason clicking those titles still takes me to the first post.
  2. I believe they should have been pretty far along with eternals by now. At the 2019 C2E2 I think they were already starting those and Black Widow
  3. I see it now. Very cool and great paint work!
  4. Very neat photo. What is the canon arm on Apocalypse?
  5. Has anyone tried the LEGO infinity or nano gauntlets with Minimates? Iā€™m hoping to find something compatible to have for Hulk
  6. Pre-order is up for the NYCC exclusive:
  7. Maybe I should have left that last line off, even if it is true. You could always go the route Sarcasticheadsmate does and and have everything sent to a surrogate and then charter a cargo ship to have it all imported at once. šŸ˜‚
  8. In case you missed it, the USPS is currently being run by someone who is a stakeholder in USPS competitors. Just like almost every other government-ish organization here in the USA. They have removed devices that help speed up mail delivery. They have eliminated the cheaper shipping options and/or removed them all together. They are (apparently) no longer guaranteeing delivery by certain dates, as the employees have been instructed to depart on time, regardless of the fullness of their trucks. Carriers are no longer allowed overtime and are delivering at odd hours and often to wrong addresses.
  9. Hasbro is just putting out Movie Legends for Deadpool 2 and other movies from the X franchise (wolverine, mystique, and Charles/Magento with both young and old heads). Likely with the merger, licensing was opened up for the fox movies. Hopefully DsT bit, especially if the Fox movies were an umbrella license.
  10. Rescue seems like a lock, new to movie, but has a comic mate Korg could fit, depending on if you count the Stone Man army builder Final Battle Thor Stan Lee + drawing a blank on who could be the never done character EDIT: Deadpool 2 set - Deadpool, Cable, Colossus, NTW Unless you count Wolverine Origin Deadpool, then Deadpool, Cable, Domino, and NTW
  11. I really hope these do well and we get a follow-up assortment with Ms. Marvel, Abomination, Starboost IM, and the just announced Hawkeye (preferably Kate Bishop)
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