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  1. For those who are not Retailers: @luke314pi Will you be re-offering these? And/or changing the price for those who have already put in an order the first time?
  2. Nice job @dj87! Recipe, please? I can see some of the pieces, but not all.
  3. I would imagine changing packaging for a portion of the run wouldn't help with costs at all. That being said, maybe the army builder sets or modified selling option could include all 4 individual blisters attached to a single card? A sort of combination of the non-Marvel traditional 4-packs and the individual blisters. Keeping the way the figures are packed, just changing what they are packed on, my reduce some cost
  4. Those are pretty cool @Nessex Do you have some of the original ones? Is it a cool game? Do they look neat next to Minimates?
  5. I follow some of the daily t-shirt sites and this one showed up today. Thought I would share with all the classic tmnt love:
  6. Sadly not! 😂 I have been sewing lately.
  7. I would be down with packing similar to the new tmnt offerings for future packs. Do zord packaging featuring the corresponding ranger, two putty or other grunt, a villain, and an alternate look: t-Rex zord - Red Ranger, 2 putty, Rita, movie ninja robe red ranger triceratops zord - Blue Ranger, Goldar, 2 super putty, ninja robe blue ranger sabertooth zord - yellow ranger, Scorpina, 2 putty, robe yellow ranger pterodactyl zord - pink ranger, Ivan Ooze, 2 tanga warriors, robe pink ranger mastodon zord - black ranger, zedd, 2 super putty, robe black ranger falcon zord - white ranger, pudgy pig, bulk and Skull, white robe ranger
  8. If so, I would take a case! That would be amazing
  9. I hope he comes with a Brad Pitt alternate face too!
  10. That is amazing! What size printer bed to you have? Or are the parts printed individually and assembled? I would love to print the 3-man ship, if you were so kind to share the design
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