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  1. Just sent a gift and a request on my alt account. If we ever get to meet up in person, I can trade you both of those. I have gotten enough myself
  2. I thought they were already made....
  3. Just found a case in Madison! They look amazing! Red Guardian is peering through the eye holes perfectly
  4. Yep! @gambitron You can open my gift whenever to hit best friends. Make sure you pop a lucky egg first!
  5. That’s only a 5 or so hour drive for me. If we don’t lose our lucky status, I would seriously consider driving down to do the trade.
  6. No chance you’re coming for GO Fest or a US con? 😛 Definitely don’t want to risk location spoofing.
  7. @Nessex We hit Lucky Friends! How are we gonna handle this 14,000km trade?
  8. Is your friend willing to share the files without financial compensation? Posting them to Thingiverse perhaps?
  9. Any chance your friend can share the files? I have a 3D printer, but no design skills
  10. I made mine out of foam board and poster board. Thanks to Zach for the pics.
  11. After going for 14 months with no new Animated Minimates in the area, I finally found waves 9 and 10 (along with the Venomized sets) last month. And then this week I found a full set of wave 11! Yay for new Minimates!! After watching the Supior Spiderman arc on the cartoon, I am super happy to get Ock and Peter Parker. Anya is nice too. I am sad that I missed the Black Panther's Quest series as that seemed like it would be interesting, but I love Shuri and the Minimate is great!
  12. What an amazing looking set, Luke! I can’t wait!
  13. Hey @gambitron we hit Ultra Friends when I open your gift. Do you want to coordinate?
  14. Hey @luke314pi First, happy Father’s Day! Second, what time do you think the subscription will start? I don’t want to miss out, but I am going to be very busy today. Thanks!
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