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  1. Onyx_6

    The missing movies wave

    What about Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2? That and a pair of Deadpool movie waves are what I would want the most. I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get a Flashback set from the tWo Spider-Man 3 waves we got with Dock Ock and Power Ranger Goblin.
  2. Onyx_6

    TRU Series 26

    Look on, I think, page 8 of this thread. Spot was the first character Zach shared, and the shot of him has the stands out and the jump stand; it looks great!
  3. Onyx_6

    TRU Series 26

    Just placed my order. Did we ever see a picture of the Spidey from this wave? I was just scrolling through and didn’t see anything. I was surprised it was a dark Iron Spidey.
  4. Onyx_6

    Secret Santa 2017?????

    I didn’t mind organizing it last year, but I missed getting to participate. If anyone else is able to organize, I would participate
  5. Onyx_6

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    I caught 5 Shiny Beldum and many more regular ones. I evolved 2 regular and a shiny to Metagross. Of course, as soon as the event ended I hatched a pretty high IV Beldum from an egg. oh well. I caught an 80% Giratina yesterday. We had 6 in our party and hit 2 Giratina raids. 2 people were in a car, so I didn't have contact with them. Of the 4 of us that were out, I was the only one who caught Giratina at the first raid and no one(of the 4) caught it at the second. Mine was a nice throw on the first toss and it stuck.
  6. Onyx_6

    TRU Series 26

  7. Onyx_6

    TRU Series 26

    Not... sure...? 😟 To the 'is' question? Or to the 'soon' question?
  8. Onyx_6

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    Gen 4 is out! I have caught an evolved form of one of the bug types, already. Others are around, but not close enough at the moment.
  9. Onyx_6

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    I haven’t gotten an invite yet. Everyone locally who has has gotten a Raid at 1pm on a Monday. Very cool!
  10. Onyx_6

    Animated Marvel 'Mates

    It’s too bad that we aren’t getting Minimates based on either of the new Marvel animated projects. I would love mates for Into the Spiderverse, so many different options there. An assortment for Marvel Rising would be great too: Quake, Ghost Spider, Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Patriot could anchor. Target and Walmart both have large spaces for these properties....
  11. You missed: Lana Luther, King Shark, Amanda Waller, N’isa al Ghul, Lois Lane But, I get it, women and a giant man-shark would never sell.
  12. Onyx_6

    The Alien™ Franchise

    When was the Silence of the Lambs set released? Both Hannibal heads were sculpted.
  13. I would take an extra set, please. And by flesh colored, will your Agent 88 mate’s work, or will it be a different color of flesh?
  14. Can you tell us what parts we would need, so we can start checking our parts bins, please?
  15. Onyx_6

    Pokémon GO - Friends & Trading

    After failing on the EX Raid, I went up with the people who were there to try for a Regirock. We defeated it, and I threw 4 Excellent Curveballs and 2 Great Curveballs, all with golden rasp berries, and he broke out every time; I didn't get him.