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  1. I believe the switch on the code name and specialty is intentional, as is all things dst does. It appears that this is an homage to the original figure which also had those switched:
  2. Didn't they close the 2 stores that they had opened in the US?
  3. That is a solid custom! Great work!
  4. I have one of those and they are incredible. That whole line would have done so well....
  5. I do not have one of those red beauties and would love the chance at one, please.
  6. I was on vacation the last 2 weeks and in that time I managed to hit almost 40 Walgreens stores. I(n all of those stores, I only) found (a total of) one each of the wave 12 packs, 3 of the Carter/Cap sets, 1 BP/Shuri, 4 Ock/Spider-girl. Did not find any Superior Spider/Peter sets from wave 11. Lots of F&WS sets, and older mates. Some stores only had 2 or 3 packs total, others had 2+ racks of mates. Walgreens is amazingly consistent at how inconsistent their stocking/distribution is.
  7. I was not able to acquire one of those from my local comic shop back in the day. I would love one like a hole in my head!
  8. I feel like the Joe line begs for a blind assortment or the old counter box displays (like terminator and BSG and IM2).
  9. But the clues were one brand new character never mated (NTW), one redo, and 2 who have only ever before been comic forms. Laura has 3 (4?) comic mates.
  10. Awesome! Very excited for these. The 2 sets together, however, do not (technically) match Zach's teases. Both Deadpool and Logan have had live-action Minimates. Hoping for more, but these are definite wins.
  11. DST would probably give us this version, though:
  12. To be fair, I don’t think he was contracted for more appearances when they contacted him to do wandavision
  13. Also, looks like Luke has these up for pre-order now. Get ‘em while they’re hot!
  14. I got into the show because of the Minimates. It’s one of only 2 tv series I have watched in its entirety twice through. Such good character development and just good sci-fi
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