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  1. Not getting Fish is a real travesty. And a definite yes on Minimates from the Harley show. The style is great and we need more DC mates!
  2. They end in 16 hours @Nessex If you’re doing any in the next hour, I would join you
  3. Onyx_6

    wave 79

    Just opened my Darkhawk/Gamora pack and one of the clear stands had the smaller peg hole for the more narrow footed characters. You know, the stand the should have come with the promo Battle Beasts bat or Easter bunny . Anyone else get this?
  4. Remote raiding is pretty cool. The alerts take time though. Also, feel free to add my other account: 169598013308
  5. Thanks for the raid @Scorpion! I almost missed it. No shiny though
  6. If anyone want to send me (PokeMononamon) invites for Raids, I would be up for it. Especially in Australia @Nessex My Rayquazza busting team does over half the damage, so it's an easy duo.
  7. This is great! Very impressive animation.
  8. I have a 3D printer that is getting woefully underused. My design skills when it comes to 3D files are abysmal, and I know there are some real talents on this board. I am hoping to commission someone to create some Minimate parts for me. I would compensate you with either the 3D printed parts (and accompanying Minimates) or with Paypal. After you complete the files, I would have no problem with you putting them up on a site like shapeways. If you are interested in the job, please PM me for details. I have a da Vinci Mini W Printer. File format(s) I can print with are .STL, .3W, .3MF
  9. I so wish this was actually a Minimate, like the description says. Or are we getting a new Minimate from this line?
  10. Legends has at least a few of those looks in the works/out in their gamerverse sub genre
  11. Just sent a gift and a request on my alt account. If we ever get to meet up in person, I can trade you both of those. I have gotten enough myself
  12. I thought they were already made....
  13. Just found a case in Madison! They look amazing! Red Guardian is peering through the eye holes perfectly
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