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  1. DC Vinimates

    So, I got all 3 of the Flash TV Vinimates from Luke yesterday, and I am a little confused. Maybe not confused per se, but curious about 2 things. First, Reverse Flash’s head is really turned to the side. Like almost 90 degrees. All the promo pics have him looking the way he is going, but I found a single pic (from @DSTZach, I think) that has him looking to this side, over his shoulder at the Flash. Was the decision to turn his head made after art approval? Or did the factory glue the heads on wrong? Second, is Flash’s stand. Since he is posed to be standing on one tiptoed foot, the stand is essential. Unfortunately, mine came with a stand that doesn’t even reach into the foot hole. I briefly have been able to get the peg to hold enough to keep him up, but any movement of any sort causes him to fall over. Again, is this a fluke? Or is the Flash sent with a stand that is too short? Captain Cold is cool, I am really happy that Luke ordered him special for me. I really like all 3 Vinimates, I would just like to be able to display them in a cool fashion.
  2. You need more friends... to drag to the pub.
  3. Not seeing anything but empty rectangular bars....
  4. TRU Series 26

    I almost posted this.... So strange!
  5. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Maybe he has a different look in the movie when it comes to the final battle? If he is trying to take over Wakanda, he may want to appear more kingly and cut off his dreads. At least that is what I assumed when they included that hair piece in the box set (presumably the powered up looks are ‘final battle’).
  6. DC Vinimates

    I think I have seen the not-Starfire one. Do you need them, @buttheadsmate?
  7. WAVE 76

    So, @DSTZach, does that mean that Infinity War is only getting a box set at specialty? That doesn’t seem like enough....
  8. The Alien™ Franchise

    Is the blue one supposed to be from when they are swimming? Hopefully we get a crawling/dog/swimming alien piece...
  9. @luke314pi Is it possible to get the stickers for that, please?
  10. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Has anyone else noticed how disappointing the alignment is on the Black Panther and Kilmonger face masks? most of the tampos seem to be either left or right of center relative to the ears. I found a Kilmonger I was happy with, but all three of the Powered Up BPs I have seen have been pretty misaligned. Hopefully my Powered Up Kilmonger in the box set from Luke will be good.
  11. Okay everyone. That concludes our 2017 secret giving. In case you couldn’t guess who gave you your stuff: JCastick -> Mattallica -> ElGallo21 -> IntegrityRise -> Luke314pi -> Homestar17 -> JCastick Thank you to everyone who participated. I hope I was adequate as a moderator. I will post positive feedback in the feedback thread for all of you. I am very impressed with all the generosity you share with each other!
  12. How many subscriptions will you be accepting? Will this influence the number available for non-subscribers? Will you change your offerings if DST announces one of your planned characters? I cannot wait to subscribe!
  13. Great! I was looking through and saw some for $18 or Best Offer too. Glad you got a set - I like 'em.
  14. Search ‘Contest Minimate’ on eBay. There is a set of both for $14.99 BIN w/ free shipping.