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  1. I wonder if they aren't building a version of the Thunderbolts in the MCU already. Martin Freeman was talking to Zemo at the end of Civil War, and he is talking to Klaue in the Black Panther trailer. They are including him in these movies for a reason.
  2. I've seen the Neca Covenant stuff out, but still no Minimates.
  3. If we get an updated Jessica Drew, I would hope she comes with alternate Queen Skrull parts....
  4. I know this was a promo, but how much would a tiny run like this cost? I was thinking it wasn't cost effective to produce Minimates in small quantities.
  5. $100 is out of my price point. Especially if I am dropping $50 on Donatello.
  6. Is the 99 cent one the one that has a reserve price and a BIN of $200? Yeah, no. I am looking, though. And I did see the 88s show back up on the website, so I just placed an order for them and the aspidey set. I was going to order the Netflix DD set, which also just showed up again, but it is not available to ship.
  7. And see, I am pretty sure I didn't spend more than $20 on any of the other ones.
  8. How does that compare to the other three, @DSTZach? They look to be going for 3x to 11x more than the others right now....
  9. Are the 80s Turtles still happening? It is weird to not see them at SDCC and the second set still isn't up for preorder. Or am I being too impatient?
  10. Those are going to be exclusive to TRU, aren't they? Or am I miss-remembering that specialty was taking a break from Predator? And aren't we still missing one of the 4 Predators from Predators? Didn't one have the elephant tusk mask?
  11. I would be perfectly fine getting a box set with the two pilots, the Jaeger and a Kaiju. All in 2- inch size. I am usually big on scale for things, but I am fine with 2-inch Statue of Liberty, Godzilla, Galactus, etc. I would be fine here, too. That being said, if they could reasonably ($40 or less) produce an 8" articulated blank minimate base and use that to make the Jaegers and Kaiju, I would not say no. Release them with two 2-inch mate pilots, perfection!
  12. If you are going to count the TRU waves, then you must also count the Walgreens (8), Walmart (2?), Target (3?), and possibly even the ShopKo (1?) waves. I think 100 has come and gone.
  13. I think that is where the instagram pics came from, MM.
  14. Did you get the last one (Crazy 88)? I can't seem to find it via search....
  15. Hate to break it to you, but that Toybiz Red Wasp never made it to production. So, Marvel Legends is tied. Both scales, I believe.