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  1. Looking at the post by Zach on the Diamond Select website on March 8, 2021 when the Diamond/Hasbro license was announced by Zach it was said "The new range will include products based on Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, classic animated Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and Jem and the Holograms." We have already gotten Transformers, MMPR and GI Joe this new Hasbro license line will be either D&D (animated or advanced), Magic or Jem. Zach has said "They are 180 degrees from the mystery license." and if we want to be literal he said "It's the last Hasbro license.". Assuming the original Mystery License is Wrestling...nothing would be more 180 degrees than the "LAST" Hasbro license mentioned in the announcement... I think it will be Jem.
  2. Yeah, you're right. I just looked it up and that is Blaster's uh...blaster. I never owned him growing up so didnt realize his gun was that similar to Megatron. Really if you cut the stock off the back of the gun and attached it to the back bottom of the grip you would have a good approximation of Megatrons gun. Heck now that I really think about it I'm kind of surprised we didn't get a transformed Megatron with the first wave Starscream as he is often included with his figures to wield. Oh well, still a great looking set and can't wait to get it!
  3. Is that a transformed Megatron right above the boom box Blaster? I hadn't noticed that before... If so I wish it had been hit with a couple of black paint hits but nothing I cant do myself pretty easy. Awesome.
  4. Original Joes 13 Pack! hah, a guy can dream... Hawk (v.1), Stalker, Scarlett, Snake Eyes (Commando), Rock N Roll, Grunt, Breaker, Zap, Short Fuze, Flash, Grand Slam, Steeler and Clutch...
  5. Man, I love all of these ideas...but at this point I have to ask the question. Beyond any current intention or prospect for new Star Trek Minimates does DST even still have the rights to produce Star Trek Minimates? Also, if they do have the rights and a time comes that they would consider a TNG box set like has been discussed above I can almost guarantee that DST would have to put a Picard in that package. I know he has gotten a lot of releases already but much like Kirk he is a staple of the franchise and even has a current series bearing his name for recognition. I always imagined a future 4 pack crew builder set to have Picard (S3 Red Torso), Worf (S3 Yellow Torso), Geordi (Generations Yellow Shoulders), Dr. Crusher (S3 Teal Torso w/Coat). Then i would hope that they would include 5 additional torsos (Generations Red, First Contact Red, First Contact Yellow, Generations Teal, First Contact Teal), I know not likely but its my dream...then 4 additional heads (Riker, Tasha, O'Brien and Troi. A few extra hands to match skin colors and you have the perfect set to crew build with. With this set up you could create versions of each of the main crew (minus Wesley and Pulaski) from the series and movies. Customizing additional crew and other starfleet would be easy with the right head swap. I know, it's a dream and wed likely get the bare minimum but a deluxe set like this is the only chance we have to ever complete the Next Generation crew in any significant way and that just makes me sad.
  6. Hrmm I was thinking Megatron and Soundwave for the Decepticons. Autobots I would assume the "popular" pick would be either Jazz, Prowl or Ironhide...lets just say Ironhide though for giggles. I might then assume maybe Blaster for the Autobots as a wildcard pick but making sense as a foil to Soundwave maybe?
  7. Yeah absolutely thanks to everyone for all the suggestions! I'm going to try a few different options for my customs and I will be sure to post some pics when I get them done. I'm leaning towards waiting to see if I can get 3d printed hats that match source material better for my western customs but I have gotten some good ideas for Grifter's mask and my own attempt at a JSA Sandman (Thanks for bringing him up Minimike!). Wild Dog I actually have a loose Starting Lineup figure coming from ebay so I plan to try and see if that helmet might fit over a minimate head. In the mean time I'm working on more decal centric customs to at least finish some projects. If anyone knows of any good ST:TNG decals floating around let me know..
  8. Hey guys, I wasn't sure exactly where to put this post...I thought about the Minimate Compatibility thread but I feel like it might deserve its own post here as its directly related to custom potential. So I have been looking at making several customs that will require cowboy style hats (Tombstone's Earps and Holliday, Two-Gun Kid, The Shadow, Vampire Hunter D, Jonah Hex, Lone Ranger, Bravestarr, Young Guns). I've been on a real western kick lately and I realized looking through my collection and perusing Ivan's wonderful database that there are really not very many good hat options available. Most hats available (BttF3, Dollars Trilogy, Budd from Kill Bill, Logan, The Spirit) seem very compressed and small. The brims on most of these hats are very small but in many cases they have a stove pipe effect going on in the center where they look way too tall. I find the best overall looking hats to be The Man in Black or Angel Eye's from the Dollars Trilogy. So I have looked outside of the minimate hat options to try and find options for better hats. I have found some limited success with cowboy hats in Sun-Mate Western Playsets...they may be slightly oversized but they fit on the heads and look better than tragically small hats do. I know some 3 3/4" removable hats will work on mates (I used an Indiana Jones hat on my custom IJ) but I'm not aware of any real options there either. So does anyone have ideas or suggestions for good cowboy hat options? I wish there was someone 3d printing decent ones to buy. In the past I have used Lego full face helmets or masks (Stormtroopers, Vader, Bug Bunny, etc.) because they will plug on to the neck peg and can pass as a decent option but that wont work with cowboy hats because the Lego head would have to be exposed and they don't match enough style wise to work. That being said does anyone have any neat usage of Lego heads/helmets to make characters or customs beyond the obvious Star Wars or Disney/Looney Tune characters? Lastly I have 2 customs that require unique masks that I'm not sure the best way to tackle and I'm looking for suggestions. DC's Wild Dog, so basically a full cover hockey goalie mask, and Grifter which is a loose bandana style mask. I've looked at old Starting Lineup goalie figures as a possible option for Wild Dog and considered using actual fabric or maybe just paper to create grifters mask but I'm not sold on the best way. Sorry this is so long and thanks for any feedback I can get guys!
  9. Awesome offer again! Zach is killing it with the freebies. No entry here obviously as i got a set last time he posted these but I must say they are great figures and interestingly enough taste just like jolly ranchers! (do not place minimate in mouth it was a joke). If you dig a Donatello out of your closet Zach let me know...only one I never got out of the clear turtles.
  10. I'd love one though I did win in the TMNT thread before so no hard feelings if not. Thanks again for the awesome offers!
  11. I agree, so much opportunity to seize money from a somewhat reinvigorated fanbase with this increased media presence. I've beat my drum for TNG timeline mates (TNG,DS9,VOY) for years now but I have to admit Id even take some redoes on classic Trek if need be (just gimme a red shirt). The thought of mates of Picard, Discovery or other media does make me wish they would pick up Legacy like MisterPL mentioned and just incorporate a nice mix of properties....after my TNG Box set, of course. Heh.
  12. I will throw my hat in the ring as I never got this set. In fairness though I did get selected in your TMNT giveaway a few months back so I understand if it goes elsewhere. Thanks again for offering these kinds of things up when you can Zach!
  13. I'm loving them both. Sure I have collected both Marvel and NBX since the beginning and I have all of these characters but you know what has changed? I now have 3 little boys and 2 in particular absolutely LOVE Avengers and NBX. I have always been hesitant to let them play with my figures but with these newer updates I believe Im going to pass the old figures on to them to enjoy and add these upgrades to the shelf. I would have loved it if we got new characters or new properties but I gotta admit im just happy to see 2 minimate exclusives announced. Now who do I need to talk to about releasing a ST:TNG 6 pack for next years celebration of the 35th anniversary? Picard, Riker, Worf, Data, Geordi and Crusher would be just fine. Throw in a few extra heads and call it a day....
  14. I agree with this concern. I was watching BBTS for the past week hoping to spot if they listed this set and I never even saw them available until they were listed as sold out with a notice of a one per person limit and a notification that states "Due to limited supply, this item may be allocated. Pre-orders are not guaranteed to fill." I have been able to secure a preorder of 2 of this box set from Luke's but I'm concerned if there will be limitation to the supply that could affect fulfillment of these preorders. I haven't seen any other online websites even offer this set yet for preorder so I'm curious just how limited this will be. I plan to ask my local comic shop to get me a set if they can as well but I want to make sure I get my customary one to open and one to keep in package.
  15. Im too excited with the possibilities so I have to at least throw out my I'm sure "never gonna happen" wish list. If I was running the line to start I would do something like this: Box Set 1: A mixture to gauge interest and sales: Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Cobra Commander(Helmet), Storm Shadow Box Set 2: A mixture to gauge interest and sales: Duke, Roadblock, Destro, Baroness Box Set 3: Sales are good, hit the army builders: Cobra Trooper, Cobra Viper, Crimson Guard, B.A.T. Box Set 4: A little more good guy love: Stalker, Shipwreck, Flint, Lady Jaye Box Set 5: Cobra pack: Cobra Commander(Hooded), Destro(Gold Head), Tomax, Xamot Box Set 6: Joe pack: Hawk (Bomber Jacket), Snake Eyes(Commando), Storm Shadow(V.2 Joe), Falcon Box Set 7: Mixing it up some more: Snow Job, Dusty, Major Bludd, Firefly Box Set 8: Mixing it up some more: Blowtorch, Tunnel Rat, Scrap Iron, Copperhead Box Set 9: Original 13 set, tie in to convention exclusives: Hawk, Flash, Grunt, Rock n Roll - the key to this set is if you purchase 2 you can make 7 original joes and their general. My idea has Hawk the base green body with black boots and silver web gear, helmet and gun. He comes with extra head, black webgear and communications backpack/mic to make a Breaker. Flash is the green body with red pads, black gloves, black feet, helmet, backpack and laser. He comes with extra head, brown gloves and brown feet to make Grand Slam. Grunt is the base green body with brown boots and brown web gear, helmet and gun. He comes with extra head, black web gear and mortar to make Short Fuze. Rock n Roll is the base green body with brown boots, crossed ammo belts, helmet and gun. He comes with an extra head, hat and jacket piece to make a General Flagg. Along with early waves this gives you 10 of the Original 13 Joes. I would have included Zap but his green uniform is a much brighter green so he wasnt easy to swap. I made him an exclusive. Steeler and Clutch are also not easy swaps so they become exclusives. Somewhere along the way make the following convention exclusives: Vamp w/Clutch Mobat w/Steeler Hiss w/Driver RAM w/Zap This would complete the Original 13 which would be amazing to have. Now I know none of this is likely to happen and we will be lucky to get 2 box sets before the line dies off but I know I would buy this line for as long as they made many more great Joes, Cobras, Dreadnoks, Oktober Guard and hell even some Cobra La....bring it on.
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