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  1. if infinity war got a second wave , i think we were all expecting the same for Endgame...feels like a huge missed opportunity both for fans and DST , especially since its already one of the biggest movies of all time
  2. still no wave 2 in south florida, though plenty of BC Avengers wave sets...
  3. i wish these were available at gamestop...the vision and wanda set was fairly easy to get a hold of and gamestop has a great system to check if its in stock and which stores actually carry it.
  4. this guy was able to get his hands on it
  5. cant wait for pics of this wave
  6. the Black Order should be a priority, yea i agree this second wave will be really disappointing if wont dont get all 4 of them. But if we're going to get repeat characters regardless, i think a wong+mantis set would be a good idea.
  7. yeah, lets get some repulsor hands at least!
  8. Still no Ragnarok minimates at any Walgreens I've been to in South Florida, but lots of old animated series minimates no-one seems to buy
  9. yeah I saw them they look amazing just wondering is there anyway I can buy them, i already have all the sets ?
  10. maybe his armor is just painted on?
  11. It's awesome that we're finally getting Watchmen minimates based on Zach Snyder's movie! Since this is a DC Warner Brothers property, hopefully this could open the doors to other similar properties such as Batman V Superman, Wonder woman, and suicide squad, and justice League!
  12. When can we see some actual pictures, now that the embargo has been lifted and even Hasbro released pics of their toys
  13. When is this wave scheduled to get released at lcs? and Tru?
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