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  1. Idk if my wallet could handle that but I'd be willing risk it.
  2. Jeez this thread had me scared till Zach commented. Although new DC mates would be good for morale. @DSTZach now you gotta start a thread So you can give hints about what the "new licenses we are developing we have not announced" are...
  3. I believe Inventor Don was in space and I got 3-4 of him for the accessories. I'm not sure what waves Fanboy Leo or Pizza Party Mikey were in but I got multiples of those as well.
  4. Oh snap I didn't know these had been canceled :/ I was totally down to at least pick up some humans and maybe classic bebop and rocksteady :/ i am really sorry to hear that
  5. I could definitely go for a Cinematic OML since the Jackman likenesses are pretty good. Those poseable doc ock arms would be killer too and of course I never complain about army builders.
  6. If they had just come with more interesting accessories I'd be all over em.
  7. I don't think I've ever wanted a shorter season, better episodes for some of them? Yes. Daredevil 1 & 2, as well as Jessica Jones was top notch and I dig every episode. Sure Iron Fist dragged and Diamondback was hammy but I still want 13 episodes. It feels like a cop out to me to cut the series because they can't write enough good material for 13 episodes. It doesn't seem like it'd be that hard or too much to ask if that's your job. I'm sure any one of us on this site would be more than up for that challenge and have no gripes at all about writing 13 episodes a season for a job.
  8. I care about playsets and vehicles A LOT and It hasn't allowed me to justify purchasing Legos for a longgggg time. They're just too expensive and don't have enough detail/articulation for me. Don't you dare put that nightmare in my head. I need Marvel wave 2099 in the very distant future when I'm buying minimates for me AND my grandkids.
  9. I went the express in opry mills on Saturday and saw nada. Absolutely no mates. Where are they in yours?
  10. My TRU didn't get Pirates, I haven't checked in a bit but I doubt they got these either :/ it's lame.
  11. What about Walgreens? And the new White Tiger set wave too?
  12. That's a shame. DC Minimates would finally give me that push I need to finally get around to reading rebirth. It looks interesting but I just haven't picked it up yet. Plus another powerhouse line with the potential for vehicles? It woulda been a win win.
  13. It was so great. It's a damn shame we won't be getting the mates. I don't think that's a spoiler but oh well. I actually wish there had been more lead up. Them meeting each other was organic but it coulda been explored a bit more and I wish we coulda at least seen but the show was pretty perfect.
  14. @DSTZach thanks for the response. If this set comes with some cool accessories too it'll definitely help. An iPod would be killer. I was looking through my fodder and found some awesome flashlight accessories that were awesome. Sometimes the accessories are the deciding factor that gets me to buy 2 or so of a set. (I'm lookin at you inventor Don and fanboy Leo)
  15. Doc Samson could basically be made from already made parts, right?
  16. A new Blade would be nice, as well as Hannibal King, and some new Johnny and Danny Ghost Riders. I think we'd have the parts for it.
  17. Got the JJ set thanks to Onyx. So many jackets and extra arms and it just makes me wonder even more why the Iron Fist set couldn't have a Danny with the suit and tie look and bare chest and arms look in one figure. Jessica, Trish, Luke, and Killgrave all have alternate arms 3 of them have jackets. There's a TV, Cell phones, a Chinese box and chopsticks, etc... @DSTZach is the extra accessories in Jessica Jones why the Iron Fist accessories have not been as prominent? Is it a balancing of budget?
  18. I have so many ideas but no technical ability. >.<
  19. That guy's customs are always fun to see @DSTZach. i really want Gamora from black vortex @BuffaloDelorean. Her and this star lord are my most wanted guardians I would buy multiples just for that helmet sculpt.
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