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  1. So some of you might have seen my post earlier. I came very close to packing it all away and quitting minimates. I wasn't sure I wanted to collect them. I longed for a toyline with more dynamic poses and detail. Not to mention I had some other economic issues to think about. Then i had a thought... in what other toyline would I ever POSSIBLY be able to have a Norman Osborne in a lab coat mixing flasks of chemicals? And that's when I knew I wanted to keep collecting mates. (I just have to cut back On how many I collect so it's still enjoyable and to get things in order)

    Anyhow if you've been stressing about the NYCC mates here's how you can get em for free - just tell me what keeps you collecting? What's your favorite thing about minimates? What's your Norman Osborne in a lab coat? (Even better if you include pictures!) I'll be running one of these contests on here and one on the Facebook page so there's two chances to win. Good luck to all that enter! 

  2. 2 hours ago, MisterPL said:

    Any chance the remaining members of the Sinister Six from Ultimate Spider-Man could be released as a 4-pack through Walgreens? It just doesn't seem like a Spidey line without Kraven, Rhino, The Lizard, and especially Doc Ock.

    Definitely don't mind missing out on Emo Vulture but the others would be cool. 

  3. Anyone notice super loose foot pegs and bad paint on their packs? Especially on White Tiger? Her mask is shoddy and her feet won't stay on. 

    Also don't forget my Iron Patriot - Norman's chin is sticking out under the helmet and it is such an eye sore. 

  4. 16 minutes ago, Freaqualizer said:

    I drive better when there's nothing in my hands. Just sayin...

    But for realsies, that sucks. I stick to eBay for the TRU waves, because I haven't found any there for the last year or so. However, my closest Walgreens is killing it when it comes to finding minimates.

    I usually need the steering wheel but to each their own ?

    And yeah I mean menagerie is only like cost + shipping for some single figures ($3 + $3 shipping per figure - about $6 for some) so I don't know. Compared to all the gas I spend it might not be that bad. Sucks when scalpers are almost cheaper than trying to get the figures yourself. Almost makes you not want to collect anymore. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, DarthBurkie said:

    I would've made them look before I went. I've been burned too many times over the phone. I work in retail and the one thing I tell my staff is "nothing is here unless it's in your hands"

    I did make them look, and I did as well. We searched for like an hour. I wasn't trying to drive all that way empty handed. 

  6. 7 minutes ago, youbastards said:

    Did they have 7 packs of the Wave 23 Wolverine series?  If so, that was the inventory that their system saw because of the shared item number.

    No wolverine wave. Just a handful of lies 

    it's no wonder they're doing so terrible. I'm trying to spend at least $100 and they don't want it. 

  7. Drove all the way to the next nearest Toys R Us over an hour away... when I called before leaving they had 7 in stock. When I got there they also said they have 7 in stock me and the workers look all over the store.. no luck. "System must be wrong"...

    I am honestly in disbelief. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Kostisfire said:

    I was really looking forward to Guillotine but...nah. I've already come up with a good, IMO, mod about her, but the skirt and sword... yikes. I wasn't really expecting any new pieces, but there are already existing sculpts that could've worked. Heck, they needn't have been that close, just some add-ons. I'm out of the game for all intents and purposes, but I still make customs, so maybe I'll snag her and mod her down the line. I don't imagine she'll go for crazy numbers.

    Care to share your mod? I prolly won't be able to pick this up but I guess it's just as well -  that sword looks like the grooved hilt Psylocke sword that I hated. Those grooved swords stretch out the minimate hands and makes it hard for them to ever grip everything else. 

    Civil Warrior is very underwhelming. Those shoulder pads impede so much movement and no slip on mask when it would have been a simple thing to do? I definitely agree that these were done on the cheeeeap. And as such I'm glad I didn't already throw down $30 to get one lol. 

  9. 1 hour ago, bigvis497 said:

    Is there a different number we could use besides UPC (and not SKU)? I called two TRUs and they couldn't use those numbers. I think there's a separate item number on the receipt IIRC?

    I think it's a matter of no TRU knowing what the heck they're doing and not even knowing their own product. I called corporate and they couldn't even look these up. 

  10. 7 hours ago, Heinous said:

    Have you talked to a manager about it? Wishing tru closes is kinda dumb bc without them we wouldn't even be getting these characters (cue some one saying it doesn't matter if you can't find them) 

    I mean that's exactly the point. Yeah I want more minimates released, yeah it's awesome that people are finding them but DST Really just needs to be able to sell to consumers directly. Maybe have their own website for buying waves or something even if it's $10 a two pack as long as people can actually find them without having to pay secondary market prices and give the stores that carry them in brick and mortar a percentage of stuff Sold. Or someone above our paygrade making sure these companies like Walgreens and TRU actually put them online would kinda just alleviate most of these problems...

    Is wishing they all closed dumb? Yeah. But so making items do terribly difficult to purchase for people willing to throw money at the product. It's like these companies don't want my money.

    As far as talking to a manager....

    I talked to the manager and corporate I called corporate to try to order them or get them online. Their systems seem to be a mess as the worker and supervisor I spoke to about online ordering/availability both had trouble even finding the product with the SKU/barcode. They couldn't tell me when I could get them online nor could they order them for me or send them to my store. They said they're not in control of distribution and couldn't give any contact info for distribution as they don't give it out. Their best suggestions were 1. to try ask the manager of my local TRU to order it for me but said the decision to stop having minimates stocked was the store decision. Or 2. Call the store over an hour away and try to buy them over the phone. TRU is a mess and corporate can't even find their stock on their computers. 

  11. 2 hours ago, bilbofett said:

    Anyone who finds these,  would you be able to get the 6 digit number off the price tag. It make calling around for them easier.  Thanks bunches.

    Especially the Scarlet Spider set please!

  12. 45 minutes ago, MisterPL said:

    I think Holland – or his agent – would insist on him wearing the suit. Seeing his Spidey with Daredevil would be great. I wouldn't mind a Doctor Strange cameo either.

    Well yeah of course he'd suit up I just meant I wouldn't mind seeing more of spidey's normal life too. You think they'd insist he'd be suited up100% of the time?

  13. 42 minutes ago, TENIME_art said:

    The one connection I want the absolute most (apart from some Agents in a movie or two), is Spidey in Daredevil. 

    One episode. Classic team up (maybe against Kingpin).

    Wouldn't have to be Tom in the suit. Voiceover work is extremely easy for even the busiest actor.

    Or make him a recurring character. A few episodes here and there. I think Holland NEEDS more screen time. He's my favorite Spidey and I want to see him in costume/as Pete as much as possible while possible. 

  14. I completely understand GMonkey! I'm in the same spot with collecting as well. My 1 TRU/ and Walgreens is the only place near me that carries mates and it's 40 minutes one way to get to one of them. It's REALLY disheartening seeing all of these releases and posts about "I just found these new mates on sale for $6" when I can't find like.... anything at my local Stores. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for them but I can't wrap my head around why companies make their products so hard to find. 

    I'm lucky that I've had so much help finding exclusives by the people of this forum and Facebook but I find myself very much in a world of stress when something other than an LCS release happens. It shouldn't be stressful or hard to buy stuff. I definitely feel like there's more these companies SHOULD be doing for customers that are trying to give them money. I've written chuck about listing minimates on a DST website INCLUDING exclusives and just giving the other exclusive distributors a cut since they helped make it possible it but he didn't answer. 

    minimates are my all time favorite toy line and If I didn't like them so much I would have quit already myself, but the truth is something's got to change because I'm close to quitting too :( 

    If you need any help finding anything my TRU still has some Wolverine stuff. 

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