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  1. Create Your Ideas Contest

    I have so many ideas but no technical ability. >.<
  2. New Figures, Old Parts: An Idea Thread

    That guy's customs are always fun to see @DSTZach. i really want Gamora from black vortex @BuffaloDelorean. Her and this star lord are my most wanted guardians I would buy multiples just for that helmet sculpt.
  3. Deadpool 2?

    It is totally lazy to not dye hair. I'm looking at you Charlie Cox.
  4. Deadpool 2?

    @Nessex it's easy to misinterpret on the internet and there definitely isn't a lot of Asian representation. I know where you're coming from. I think an Asian could probably play morbius. My brother already has the upturned nose thing going on but part of Morbius' story is where he immigrated from so I'm not sure. Definitely Joker though as he's a blank slate background wise. With Domino it still just seems lazy and making a mountain out of a mole hill by not doing the makeup(admittedly I'm probably doing the same by complaining ). If they were going with a reverse domino they could have had a deep pitch black body paint. Like I said she basically looks just like a normal person as it is now. I guess maybe black paint could've offended someone too but that's part of the whole ridiculousness I don't get with these things. I will never get why Fictional character designs are so offensive though if they're usually just tied to mutations, death, or chemical accidents or why someone wouldn't want to follow a comic design when it's literally already drawn out for you and time tested. The comic designs are striking and maybe you're right and they don't need that anymore but I'll definitely miss it. I dig the hair change though. I like the Fro. Then again Pete's mullet days are my favorite look for him and I'm hoping Holland plays Pete long enough to wear it like that.
  5. Infinity War

    I've seen Spider-Man 3-4 times in Theatres and The Black Panther trailer never fails to get me hype.
  6. wave 75

    What's a fair price? I got one you can have.
  7. Deadpool 2?

    I definitely understand that @Gillbob316 although I don't mind the Afro as much. I think Chalk white skin and a fro would've been a great middle ground. I've rocked the Fro a few times and I think they're pretty cool. @Nessex I'm not quite sure if that was just a random factoid to perhaps dismiss my opinion or if you or someone you know is affected by it, in which case I'm sorry. I'm well aware of some of the Asian beauty standards however since I guess my family is a byproduct of it. My mom is white and my dad is Korean. Elective surgeries on the face are also really popular. It's terrible but I'd have to say if I asked any of my Korean family right now I doubt they'd say The Joker was their ideal standard of beauty or skin tone as well as the reason some asians bleach their skin but -shrug- everyone is different and that could be the case to some. Although you're certainly right it could certainly be an effect of western influence especially if you look at the eye surgeries. I think most of my extended family probably has a bit more to worry about though aside from skin bleaching but again I'm sorry if you or anyone you know is affected by it. Anyhow perhaps I should have been more clear when I meant anyone with any skin tone would have had to put on paint and should kinda expect to when they auditioned for the role of a character who has defining physical features such as chalk white skin. Even if my brother or sister was lucky enough to grow up to be an actor and get cast as Morbius, Deadman, Joker, or Harley Quinn, I'd still be like "put on the paint" to em because it's iconic and It's literally part of the character. Maybe that's insensitive and I've just never been scolded for it but who knows. I get the push for diversity believe me there's like 4 Asian mainstream Marvel characters I can think of off the top of my head? I want Asian heroes my siblings can look up to for sure. Do I wish there was an Asian Psylocke? Yeah. Do I want more Nico? Yes and the runaways looks interesting. Brian Tee as Namor? Sure. Colleen Wing was great but the complaint about Danny showing her how to master her chi was ridiculous to me. Then again Ive always related a lot to him since I am the white kid of my family - I'm not Korean I don't have the pigmentation of my skin but I'd still say I have at least a bit of the culture and it's a really weird spot to be in. It definitely could have offended someone in some Asian country however so there is that. If it makes people feel super uncomfortable I guess don't paint your skin but it seems kinda silly to me to not give an entire fan base an accurate character just because the actor/actress signed up to play a character with unnatural skin and then didn't want to put on unnatural colored skin paint when it came time to play the role especially when you factor in how much money they're making to portray said character. I'm sorry again if I offended you Nessex and I'm sorry if anyone in your family does bleach their skin. It sucks and it is terrible and I totally get the push to diversify comics and movies and support it. However painting characters chalk white is still silly to me and doesn't seem like a product of white People writing "superwhite" characters. it still baffles me that there's so much controversy surrounding painting a person an unnatural color. Also character design wise anyone who just puts a spot on their face when the character originally had other visual elements such as chalk white skin is lazy to me. It'd be like deadman or joker without chalk white skin. They're just normal dudes at that point. First world problems I guess, eh. Rant over
  8. Deadpool 2?

    I didn't feel like seeing Logan because we never saw him in costume so I feel that. I think it's an underwhelming design. It's a cool concept but the execution is underwhelming.
  9. Deadpool 2?

    It's kinda hilarious that making comic characters appear as they did in the comics would be any kind of "washing". That's like casting someone from India or any Asian country as the Joker and then saying bleaching their skin would be whitewashing it's part of the character design.
  10. Deadpool 2?

    To me saying Domino's original design Doesn't transfer to film is like saying the Joker and Harley Quinn looks don't transfer. Ledger was the most "realistic" take on him but he still had a ton of make up. People dug Nicholson. For some reason people dug Leto and Robbie and he was the most comic accurate as far as the bleaching (can't remember about Nicholson). It just feels lazy to me design wise. I'm not sure how white body paint wouldn't work in a film when it's worked on multiple occasions. I believe It's not that it wouldn't have worked It's that they didn't want to try, just like Apocalypse being turned into Ivan Ooze. It's another case of Cosplay being better than Fox costumes. Anyone can paint a spot on their eye what's the budget/hours of work put into that? If you're not gonna try to make comic book designs work in a film why are you making a comic book film is my question. How are a mask that moves like a face and a 9 foot tall metal man a couple designs that work in a film, but Domino's look is just too much of a crazy design for the movie to take? Did Cable's Matrix Sentinel arm take up too much budget that they couldn't afford more paint?
  11. Deadpool 2?

    @Gillbob316 I understand your frustration at rereleases but I own all the X-Force and I'm still clamoring for a rerelease for new collectors. Psylocke could definitely use a redo imo, as well as Angel because he's not had a mate since the ANAD X-Men if I remember correctly. I definitely want those mates you listed as well who haven't been released but I think they could fit them in as well. And I mean we all know X-Force Deadpool and Wolverine would probably sell. That being said I'd still like newer X-Force with Colossus but I'd say the older X-Force I more likely cause of more Deadpool. I could see this wave LCS Deadpool/Cable X-23/Vanisher Elixir/Wolfsbane Angel/Psylocke TRU Wolverine/Domino Deadpool/Cable Deathlok/Fantomex with EVA
  12. Deadpool 2?

    I mean an actual X-Force wave would be nice. Especially if we could get those rare boxset mates like Angel, Deadpool, Psylocke, X-23, an X-Force Domino, a Wolverine of course, Fantomex, and Cable would be awesome. I'd be down for those redoes. A lot of newer collectors would be paying out the nose to get those nowadays. The newest Deadpool/Domino pack goes for around 17-19 on eBay nowadays so yikes. Or even newer X-Force with Cable, Domino, Colossus, Forge, Dr. Nemesis? And perhaps Newer Magik that I've been waitin for FOREVERRR.
  13. Deadpool 2?

    I'd say I want a comic wave but the last one pretty much gave us the versions of Cable and Domino I wanted to see. I don't see myself interested at all in the movie designs. And yeah that Domino is just eh. The design just seems more lazy than anything.
  14. Disney Streaming Service

    As long as I have my Netflix marvel I'll be happy. if not I guess I'll go back to saying "arg" while watching them if you catch my drift.
  15. Disney Streaming Service

    So I saw that disney announced that they're taking off all their movies from Netflix to try an make their own streamin service. Anyone else hear about this? Wasn't there supposed to be a deal with Netflix about the Disney movies? What does this mean for marvel Netflix I wonder... I might have to find other ways to watch them if this happens. The only reason I pay for Netflix is the convenience factor as most entertainment can be "acquired" elsewhere for free. I don't see this doing well for either company. If every company tries to make a streaming service it seems like it'd be even worse than paying for cable/satellite.