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  1. Thank you to all that entered And the winner is @Donny B
  2. Nice responses! I'm gonna give it another day or so to make sure everyone has time to comment that wants to!
  3. So some of you might have seen my post earlier. I came very close to packing it all away and quitting minimates. I wasn't sure I wanted to collect them. I longed for a toyline with more dynamic poses and detail. Not to mention I had some other economic issues to think about. Then i had a thought... in what other toyline would I ever POSSIBLY be able to have a Norman Osborne in a lab coat mixing flasks of chemicals? And that's when I knew I wanted to keep collecting mates. (I just have to cut back On how many I collect so it's still enjoyable and to get things in order) Anyhow if you've been stressing about the NYCC mates here's how you can get em for free - just tell me what keeps you collecting? What's your favorite thing about minimates? What's your Norman Osborne in a lab coat? (Even better if you include pictures!) I'll be running one of these contests on here and one on the Facebook page so there's two chances to win. Good luck to all that enter!
  4. Whew thanks for the warning. I was about to plan on collecting these.
  5. Definitely don't mind missing out on Emo Vulture but the others would be cool.
  6. Well at least seeing a new animated wave will be nice, and the reveal of what the Panther mates will look like. Michael B Jordan mate! I was looking at the Black Panther Hot Toy and I can't believe they didn't do a Boseman likeness.
  7. Anyone notice super loose foot pegs and bad paint on their packs? Especially on White Tiger? Her mask is shoddy and her feet won't stay on. Also don't forget my Iron Patriot - Norman's chin is sticking out under the helmet and it is such an eye sore.
  8. I usually need the steering wheel but to each their own ? And yeah I mean menagerie is only like cost + shipping for some single figures ($3 + $3 shipping per figure - about $6 for some) so I don't know. Compared to all the gas I spend it might not be that bad. Sucks when scalpers are almost cheaper than trying to get the figures yourself. Almost makes you not want to collect anymore.
  9. I did make them look, and I did as well. We searched for like an hour. I wasn't trying to drive all that way empty handed.
  10. Buffy or Star Wars. Buffy is making a come back in Pop Culture right now. All over a lot of stores I frequent.
  11. At least seeing what they look like made me not want em as much. Takes the sting away from not being able to own them.
  12. No wolverine wave. Just a handful of lies it's no wonder they're doing so terrible. I'm trying to spend at least $100 and they don't want it.
  13. Drove all the way to the next nearest Toys R Us over an hour away... when I called before leaving they had 7 in stock. When I got there they also said they have 7 in stock me and the workers look all over the store.. no luck. "System must be wrong"... I am honestly in disbelief.
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