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  1. Looks like a variation of Uncanny X-Force Wolverine.
  2. Chuck and Juggs best bros for life
  3. Haven't all blind bags had relatively bad sales/not many people having access to them? Like weren't the Alice hot topic stuff blind bags? And the hot topic NBX or something? Idk you'd think DST would learn. I certainly hope the marvel stuff did terrible as well. I'm not certain about the turtles but I'd bet that might be another reason they stopped that. Wasn't there a Series 5 blind bag for tmnt
  4. I want Ms. Marvel through the ages. The carol danvers non captain marvel is too old for me to even pursue it, like the face and hair is eh to me. It really needs an update. We could also get Khan this way and Monica and Moonstone/dark Ms. Marvel.
  5. I think juvenile acting Danny Rand makes sense. He's been in the mountains training, sure, but he's never really had parents to make sure he matured naturally so it makes sense to me.
  6. Yeah AOU banner is great. If they can do a transformation banner/hulk it'd be nice but that's one of those transformations that is too many parts to do. I'd rather just get a good Hulk with a helmet and maybe a mace.
  7. Another juggs needs to be made
  8. Is Ward John travolta?
  9. That Harold would be a pretty decent will from JJ too what faces and hair are they?
  10. Because some of the reviews didn't focus on the actual good points that Kostis is making, they focused on how Un-PC it was for a white guy to lecture an Asian on Chi and martial arts which kinda seems more racist than what they're calling the show -shrugs- but these are the times we live in. I too hope it doesn't keep it from getting a second season but honestly I think it could be tied into a LC season 2 for just a Power Man and Iron Fist Series. Then keep JJ on her own for her second season then in phase 3 do heroes for hire.
  11. Kinda reinforces my point. If a box set with the 2 in 1 characters has parts that weren't reuse I see no reason why a set that's all parts reuse couldn't have a 2 in 1. Especially since the box sets are more expensive than 2 two-packs would be.
  12. Extra parts are part of the reason people like myself buy multiples and therefore can increase sales. I don't think asking for a set of different arms and a chest block and asking them to paint a face different is really asking all that much. I mean this pack is like 100% parts reuse, no?
  13. I was about to say the same thing buffalo. I don't like not having any bad guys. Harold and Ward sharing a body would have been an easy way to get me to buy 2 box sets because I like being able to have them each have their own body. Heck same goes for Danny, I'm planning on buying 2 Luke Cage packs for the alternate look and another DD1 pack. It would have sent it over the top if they included Colleen's practice sword because that's a cool accessory and would have bolstered the reason to buy another pack in my mind. Alas it wasn't meant to be though.
  14. Looking for regular Don and Lab Don's accessories, and Pizza Party Mikey's accessories, and Series 5 Leo's accessories. Will buy the whole gig if necessary but mainly looking for the flasks, Mutagen, Pizza, and TV/Videos.
  15. I thought Maggie with flannel would be decent for the custom from DP she has a red flannel and Luke has her on sale if I recall.