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  1. I Wanted purple tracksuit, jock flash from TAS. What it looks like I got is a guy that can get physically bullied by Peter.
  2. I dig Jeff Lemire as OML the original didn't do nearly as much for me. Jeff's run might be one of the best Marvel Comics right now but then again that's not saying much 🤔 I would take the silent monks with OML or Sabretooth. I really wish DST would do build a "playset" with interlocking pieces, there could be the danger room, a church, a fully articulated sentinel to scale that no one would have to know about.... edit: I'd buy the wave and the vehicle though.
  3. I hope the Venom movie they're trying to push bombs. You can't have Venom origin without Pete. It just doesn't work. I think if Sony would just attempt to work with Marvel everyone would win. They could start with a Silver Sable movie and have Tom Holland Spidey in it and go from there and he could be a bridge between it for more crossover and more Holland. I want this Spidey to last and if there's one company I trust to make decent films to milk the money out of people it's Disney.
  4. So apparently Sony might pull Spidey out of the MCU after Homecoming? A lot of Comic pages and sites have been reporting on it. It seems like a boneheaded move. I want a Harry Potter esque saga of Pete and Sony hasn't had a good track record. They're trying to full steam ahead with this venom movie when who knows if they'll even do the origin right. Edit: it's funny to title the movie Homecoming when Sony just wants to pull the rights back from marvel after marvel boosts the popularity for them. It's like "thanks for the morale boost we'll be more than happy to coast on your name, now".
  5. I would buy every season's rangers. My favorites are MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Ninja Storm, SPD, and Dino Thunder. I'd also take this movie's mates
  6. I definitely wouldn't mind an update on the F4
  7. Yeah those statements seem contradictory, although to be fair there was quite a bit of time lapse between them.
  8. Comic Helmet Star Lord would make me buy a set. I don't need another Pratt mate (I love the film don't get me wrong I just don't need it)
  9. This would be a cool way to actually get minimate bikes
  10. I'd buy 10 of each.
  11. wow I never knew what palz were! They look so.... Similar.... they're minis and they look like they could I don't know, maybe.... mate.... with these figures.
  12. Idk just cause they're clones. Having 90s Jean and Pryor as one as the regular and one as chase so we could have an army builder would be nice though
  13. A Summers' wave for this summer! They could call it "Endless Summer" or something like that. Corsair/Space Pirate Cyclops Havok/Vulcan 90s Scott update/Cable with Strife parts Madeline Pryor with 90s Jean Parts/really good Emma Frost (or Hellfire club guard if we need an army builder and make the 90s Jean the chase?)
  14. Like I said they set up Zeo and Tommy and I'm 90% sure they've already invested money to make this a franchise of at least 2-3 more movies. They only things I hope they doin. Forward is do the power coins forward and go like "Tyranosaurus", "Triceratops", etc. and maybe some Bulk and Skull.
  15. Sooooo... The movie kinda kicked ass. I grew up with MMPR as a kid and also enjoyed Zeo, Turbo, Dino Thunder, and Ninja Storm and a few others. This was not a disappointment. It sets up Tommy's intro and Zeo. I'm excited to see my two favorite rangers (Tommy and the Gold Zeo Ranger) come to life again! I also like how there was some representation of the spectrum in there as an overwhelming number of people in my life and I think it was tastefully done. I almost liked seeing this more than Doctor Strange and that almost sounds blasphemous to myself saying it out loud but I honestly feel that way. Elizabeth Banks and the Yellow ranger were eh sometimes and the Zords were kinda eh but other than that I really really liked it.