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  1. I don't give a shit about AU spidey's so Anya would be awesome.
  2. this count as armored?
  3. Gor would be killer
  4. Now just get me a power rangers line with comparable articulation and every incarnation of the show! I've wanted to collect S H Figuarts for a while but the cost is far too high.
  5. Think of all the kick@$$ vehicles that could come from a GI Joe line if one were to happen.... I would collect that line 100% and I know almost nothing of the characters. Just want cool army men and vehicles lol
  6. Waiting for the trades of blue, gold, and Weapon X to come out (not rich enough to pay for the single issue subs >.<)
  7. Maggot and Feral Wolverine are staples of my childhood
  8. Nice. I definitely don't mind digital if it's free, haha. Unfortunately my library doesn't stock more than like 6 or so trades that I've long since read. Thanks for the link though ovenproof!
  9. My library stinks on comics :/ i was mainly just wondering what the name of a trade with that would be.
  10. Dang now I want to read that Jim Lee book. Is it too much to hope that there's a trade with it somewhere? Any suggestions?
  11. I've always wanted Ewan McGregor to be Smythe from Spidey.
  12. I'd get 2 of these for the head piece and the swords. I might be in the minority here but that civie banner suit is badass enough to also be a reason I'm getting 2.
  13. I think a crouch leg piece would amazing. Maybe it could be in that never gonna happen accessory pack with thwip hands (seriously you make spiral thwip hands and not spidey's???) and a web net/chute.
  14. Thor's swords are look awesome. That green reminds me of Skies of Arcadia.
  15. I'm not as big of a classic guy as some people on here but I'm super happy about this. Possibly just because of the hype from you guys lol. Hopefully we can get some cosmic Star Jammers, Shi'ar empire/Lilandra type stuff soon!