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  1. I've tried to find those, but it's hard to find them loose without having to fork out loads of money on the full sets just to get them. Anything else to use?
  2. Okay, so after rewatching a couple of episodes, I thought I'd do different versions of the Cratwrights. Can you guess what they are? Maybe someday. For now, I need to find the perfect horses in the exact same scale. Which kind do you think works?
  3. Okay, so after rewatching a couple of episodes, I thought I'd do different versions of the Cratwrights. Can you guess what they are?
  4. Why, he came with a Cowboy Disguise Tony Stark I once obtained. Lonre Greene was the same actor who portrayed both Adama and Ben Cartwright. For Hoss and Little Joe, I just used two Marty McFly heads (one from the Mr Eastwood Marty and the other from the Festival Marty).
  5. Who remembers the Western TV Series Bonanza? Well, I have been working on some Minimates based on the main characters. Who wants to see them?
  6. Remember those large battery-operated train sets such as the ones you run around your Christmas tree? Well, maybe we could try and find some of those for Minimate-scale figures (don't forget the scale as it is very important and you don't want trains that are too big or too small for your Minimates figures). Once you do, then you can re-paint them and convert them to Minimate railway/railroad trains and such. This video explains the best bet on battery operated G Scale trains.
  7. Say, if anybody out there is wanting to make a Western diorama or a train diorama, then what kinds of trains would best suit the scale of your minimates? Also, it would be a great opportunity to make your own BTTF3 train, too.
  8. What about horses? Speaking of which, you should make them as well as Western-themed lines and collections which would be a great concept!
  9. The red trim you see here is actually the saddle blanket. Good thinking. Mind you, you should also make a set of reins and bridle for the horse, too.
  10. I agree. I stick to those Kubrick horses from the Planet of the Apes series.
  11. I wanted a Mad Dog Tannen figure, but there were none left, so I hope one will come soon.
  12. Well, alright. As long as you keep within the scale, it's no problem.
  13. I just ordered Blondie (as he looked in the beginning of the film) and Angel Eyes. I also got some horses from Kubrick's Planet of the Apes range (even though I had to literally get either the whole set or the same characters that come with horses) to go with those minimates. Seems like a nice attempt. If only Minimates made horses for their Western-themed figures... Still, at least they fit in scale which is good. I saw A Fistful of Dollars on TCM once and I thought it was bloody brilliant. I gotta watch the other two films now and maybe get 'em on DVD. How would you make it?
  14. Any ideas how to make vehicles for your Minimate figures?
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