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  1. I'm definitely looking forward to this wave. Minimates have definitely come a long way from this original Giant-Size X-Men set...
  2. I like that Mayan column ruin piece, and the price is great too.
  3. Yeah, I'm not big fan of these pin figures either. I think the creators were going for the vintage Fisher-Price little people look. However, the bridge set might be cool. The price is a tad bit high, but it's made of wood.
  4. I'm not sure if it would be to minimate scale,but it looks like the pin mates are around 2".
  5. I would recommend They are great for holding 1-2 minimates.
  6. If you don't mind army building some drones, this would be a reasonable way of getting a Justin Hammer. I would definitely check with the seller that this is an sealed and untampered dump case though...
  7. "enter". Thanks for your generosity in doing this.
  8. Well, my Walking Dead 2 order came today, and I received everything I had ordered (exclusives included ). Now the bad part. The shipping box was severely damaged and all of the WD boxes suffered either some bad dent or crease. I know most of the blame is probably due to UPS, but shares in the fault as well since they didn't include any padding or protection in the box. Needless to say, I gave customer service a call and complained. I told them to try to relay this information to both their shippers and warehouse to prevent future issues. I'm sure it will fall on deaf ears, but I tried. Other than that, these minimates are great.
  9. It's either that or Avengers v1 #23... Cap's Kooky Quartet vs Kang. In which case the other two slots are likely some combination of Wanda, Cap, and Quicksilver.Wanda is back in a big way in the comics lately... but I think Wanda and Pietro are almost too much to hope for. I can't imagine Hawkeye being considered enough of a tentpole to hang this set on alone. I would have agreed with you a year ago, but Marvel seem to REALLY be pushing Hawkeye lately. His new monthly title is about to start up; the 6" Movie awkeye looks AMAZING compared to the other figures; he's getting more figures than Black Widow (this might be because he's a boy though); He's getting an Ultimate figure on the Avengers 3.75" line; & i saw him mentioned on the back of another figure despite him not appearing in picture on the figure selection. Maybe it just surprises me to see someone other than IronMan/Cap/Thor getting some attention - but i've been suspecting that Marvel really wants to make Hawkeye an A-Lister over the past year or so, especially leading up to the release of the Avengers movie. Not that i mind seeing someone else get the limelight for a bit. /rant. I'm wondering if the popularity of "Hunger Games" and archery has something to do with Hawkeye getting so much attention. Nonetheless, I love the character, so the more the merrier. I'm really looking forward to getting multiples of these sets.
  10. Good price. But is the juice really worth the squeeze? :tongue:
  11. For anyone looking for the TRU's exclusive Black and White Creature and Wolfman:
  12. Look up six posts. Doh! Talk about being late to the game! Sorry 'bout that.
  13. Here's a pic of Iron Man 2 War Machine
  14. Yeah, I missed out too. Hopefully, they will show up again online. Twisted Two-Face, the DCUC Wave 11 and Retro Green Arrow will go on sale this Wednesday, December 23rd, not tomorrow. Just an FYI to you and anyone planning on ordering them.
  15. Greatttt...yet another series that won't show up on Well, it'll be off to ebay for this set. Some times you can get a good deal on ebay for cost or a little more than cost (Bullseye and Moonstone excluded - prices are brutal. Yes, I'm still trying to get one.). One positive though, ebayers do ship and pack the minimates better than Go figure... (and often the ebay shipping is cheaper).
  16. I had the same experiences (notice the plural) with crushed boxes as well. I complained to customer service about this, and my next order that followed came in a box. I thought that this positive experience was going to continue through with all my future orders, but sure enough they have since gone back to shipping my purchases in these flimsy bubble envelopes. Webhead, I would definitely give customer service a call to let them know. If a good number of people voice their concerns over this problem, maybe they will modify their shipping method. Note that even if shipping is paid for, (not free) will still typically send your order in this bubble envelope.
  17. Thanks for the pics Ivan. Wow, looks like another awesome year for Minimates is in the wings (Angel pun intended). With that crocodile minimate that is included in the playset, does that mean a Spiderman Lizard is due sometime in the future? Hmmm.... Oh, and as another ugly reminder, this is what DC Direct is going to counter with: FAIL!
  18. These are pretty cool. The material reminds me of the old Mego playsets of yesteryear. Perhaps Diamond Select got some inspiration after doing the reproduction of the Mego Star Trek bridge playset. I hope they do well. I look forward to more scenes/playsets.
  19. Disappointing indeed... can stomach the Captain Marvel and Doom, but the Spidey and Tom Jones...opps.. I mean Beyonder weren't at the top of my voting list. I would of preferred Molecule Man and Mohawk Storm.
  20. Wow, I love these sets. Assuming these won't be ready by this year, the 2010 Minimate releases are off to a great start. I'm looking forward next week to more info and pics from SDCC.
  21. Hmmm... given the info released regarding Marvel MM series 31 & 32, it looks like Series 31's variant (Silver Age Angel) would set up the possiblity that AFX could stick with the four figure box set format on the Classic X-Men (Cylcops, Beast, Marvel Girl, and Iceman - hoping for a snowy version like Boyd's custom).
  22. An interesting post at AFX's blog site (see July 17th post). It may not be minimates' related, but if it is, these would make two great box sets.
  23. Wow, I'm really liking these Ghostbuster minimates. I hope there are gonna be more after Series 2.
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