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    Recent good events in my life have brought me to the point where I'm selling off my collection (how often do people sell off for good reasons, huh?).

    I have 30+ years of collectibles from being both a collector (I never threw stuff out as a kid) and a graphic designer in the toy industry.

    Because of my new job and the long travel I only ship on Saturday's so every Sunday I put stuff up for a 5 day auction starting at low prices because I just want to move stuff!

    Just to give you an idea of what's coming: Marvel legends, DC Universe, old BTAS, Star wars, anime, minimates, kubricks, marx toys, avatar the last airbender prototypes, fast food premiums, wrestling figures, as well as guitar gear and even some of my girlfriends trendy designer clothes.

    Please bookmark my page and check back often:
  1. Thank you. This threw me for a loop. I have the head piece but the clear face under it is bald? That's odd.
  2. Hey all, Any idea where this is from? Couldn't find this on the database or Google search.
  3. This weekend I'll post a pic of my accessories bags and you'll get an idea of the insanity I'm dealing with.
  4. That looks like it! so cat woman came with the grappling hook, whip and loot?
  5. OK here's a new one: I'll post pics tonight but I came across a loot bag and what appears to be a grey whip? Could that belong to the C3 cat woman?
  6. Thank you!! That would also explain why it hasn't been selling on ebay. I swear I'm hating myself for collecting so much over the years.
  7. I have spent the past few nights, bagging figures, researching their accessories to put together complete pieces and then photographing the little buggers to eventually go up on ebay. I came across these two accessories: Any clues as to who or what it belongs to?
  8. wow! That's a lot of parts! Are you paying the shipping (making it free)? I often wonder how companies in China can ship to the US and offer free shipping. Not that you're in China, just wondering.
  9. As I embark on cataloging assembling pieces with accessories and listing items up on ebay I'm trying my hardest to try and remember what the average price of a mini mates 2 pack was back in the day. I haven't bought a set sinceā€¦.Iron Man 2? or maybe Marvel Zombies if that came after? For some reason I remember Toys R Us selling them for $6.99? is that right?
  10. Hey all, What was the name of the DC Universe mini figures that was Mattel's answer to the super hero squad figures? They came in 2 packs. Here's a doctor fate from the line.
  11. There were 6 series of Special Forces, each character heavily accessorised with masses of different weapons . TBQH if you've mixed up the accessories you'll have one hell of a job matching each figure with its correct weapon ! There are resources out there on the web but the only way is to compare what you have loose with a 'sealed' pack . I'm not helping much am I ? Only the secret chases fetch any big money so if I were you I'd just sell them individually with random weapons or sell the lot to an enthusiast who cares not about 'completism' . -wankingwailersmate Some of you guys can be very rude . Thanks for the heads up! I will do some research and see what I can assemble into sets. I was thinking of small lots to get rid of them. I have 10-15 of them I think.
  12. Thanks all, I haven't visited RTM in ages. Forgot about that site. Also didn't know that the line was called special forces. My eBay handle is the same as my screen name here if anyone wants to check out what I have up.
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