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  1. Been hunting the Hulk Loki funko movie set, found three of the packs on St Charles Rd in Villa Park. They had some newer animated sets too. Like Modok and Wasp. Actually looks like two full sets. Part is in the toy aisle, some on an endcap
  2. I'm glad to hear these are showing up finally. Kotter Comics totally hooked me up with the Cull Obsidian set. I was psyched to finally complete the Children of Thanos and get a fresh War Machine look. I'll post some collection pics later.
  3. I'm convinced the entire Midwest is just being neglected. I drove into Missouri last weekend, hit three random Walgreens in the rural/gas stop areas. Everyone was the same, mostly a peg full of animated mates, and 1-3 random packs of BP, Ragna, and IW1. I drove into Chicago for work yesterday, and on my trip home, I hit 5 different Walgreens. All pretty much the same as above. I'm ready to plea to the sub, looking for the War Machine/Cull Obsidian set. I can pay full retails, packaging, ship and something for gas/effort. Or trade, I got a lot to trade.
  4. Amen. Between the few near me, or my girlfriends place, I haven't seen a single two pack move off the pegs in a while. So I wonder where they are coming from.
  5. I second this. I've yet to see a single figure from the second wave of Walgreens sets in stores. Even the eBay listings are amazingly light.
  6. Checked all around the Western suburbs of Chicago and found nothing. Ranging from Carol Stream, West Chicago, to Aurora. Even tried Palatine the weekend before. It sucks being in the same radius as Menagerie, but that just means I feel great when I find a set that hasn't been scalped.
  7. So, I walked into my Walgreens today to get the figures. I had the same problem, the items couldn't be rung up. The manager on duty gave me a raincheck for the B1G1HalfOff. She emailed the help center, they are aware of the problem. The items should have gone on sale today, but there's a glitch where they still aren't ringing up. She said to call on Sunday to have them check if the registers were updated. Sigh. First world problems.
  8. Well, I just got off the phone with the Walgreens I was at this past Friday, and I was told March 3rd. The manager emailed their support center, and was told they couldn't sell them until then, so it's likely these were street dated and slipped out. If you have a set on hold anywhere, or plan to go hunting, Saturday is your day!
  9. Craaaaaaaap. So, I went to hit a Walgreens on my way home from dinner. Get in 10 minutes before close, and find the full set! Full on made my day. Got to the register, they wouldn't ring up. Items all said "Cannot be sold. Retain item and inform manager." in the register. So, left my name and number with the figures. Looks like Walgreens may already be hitting the brakes. Well, now I'm sad. Anyway, this was also in the Chicago burbs. Around West Chicago. Quick shout out to the Northlake finder earlier! That's my hometown. Sorry, I'm on mobile, otherwise I'd go back to find your name.
  10. Success! Finished my errands, saw The Inhumans, and hit a Walgreens on the route home. Saw one full set, snagged the ones I needed.
  11. The game is afoot! I'm on a day off from work for doctor and dentist appointments and there are multiple Walgreens in the area. Hunted through 4 this morning, found a single Thor-Hela pack. Just a small taste, but enough to get me plotting to find a few more on route to the other errands I want to run today. Is TRU worth stopping into yet? Or just Walgreens getting these so far?
  12. Ok, I've been to C2E2 every year since it started, but I've never taken part in any minimate meets or panel or whatever. What's the skinny?
  13. Oooh, I second this question. I have two sets in the cart right now, hoping to get an idea on stickers before I commit. I had no idea these +DD + Luke Cage were coming so quick! I'm feeling the hurt looking at my cart right now. Side question, is there any master list for previous stickers that are available? I remember that Korath The Pursuer was one, and I'm bummed I missed that sticker set. I have been growing my MCU display with customs, so more is always nice!
  14. That's a good idea! I might do the same if my TRU ever gets this wave, I'd like her torso. I ended up using the Brock Rumlow body and just pulling off his head. It gives the SHIELD logo on the left shoulder, and the vest loosely matches the early promo shots of her. Thanks! I ended up drilling a hole in the Male Shepard head since he doesn't have a hair peg. Then ended up using a dremel to really bring down the upper hair and took the sides and back off completely. I'm mostly happy, I haven't found a face that I was 100% on, and tried a few others like the MCU Scott Lang face before I settled on this one. The track jacket look matches his outfit (roughly again) when he was going undercover, snagged that from the ASM2 Rhino.
  15. Reviving this thread. Have some customs, mostly part swaps and paint, still to post. I recently got done with creating my custom Agents of SHIELD (which I posted over on Facebook, so apologies if this looks familiar), and wanted to get them up here so I keep rolling with my expanded MCU. The full group shot, with shady turncoat Ward. The original six! The newer additions, and man do I miss Hunter and Bobbi from the show.....
  16. The TRU's in my area have been bare.....haven't seen much of anything since Age of Ultron and TRU Wave 20. I'd be down to take one off your hands if you have it.
  17. I was just thinking about how I'd be OCD and have to make my own Elektra....I'm going to cross my fingers and hope she appears in this set. Thanks for the heads-up!
  18. I got an email from Amazon saying the Ant-Man box set wouldn't come until December...... I got an email from Amazon saying the Ant-Man box set wouldn't come until December......
  19. Thanks! And yes, the mask is removable, although I don't try to remove it very often for fear of breaking something. I have two spikes coming up his back like in the movie (which I'm now realizing I didn't take a picture of...) and I broke one off already. Super glued it back on, but now I'm nervous. I started with this minimate: I cut off all of the appendages from the helmet and filled in the middle with apoxy, leaving space for the eye holes and forming it out before it fully solidified. One lesson learned would be to do more continuous testing of the helmet fitting through the process. I made sure it would fit back on a couple of times, but in my finished product I can see a fraction of an inch of his face under the bottom of his mask.
  20. Hey everyone! If you're checking this thread out and reading my long ramblings, thank you! But I'll try and start us easy, and get right into my first (and possibly only?) major custom figure to try and bait the hook. I'm a huge Marvel comics dork and the MCU has been the realization of all the things I ever wanted to see on the big screen. A long work night led to my first minimate purchase, and not too many months later, here we are. On top of collecting the main heroes, I found myself in a position of wanting a line-up of the villains, and I was disappointed by some of the offerings and omissions. More on this later. For now, I give you.....Kurse! I'm realizing now that the pictures don't show it that well, but the eyes are actually *behind* the mask. I started with a Thundercats Mumm-Ra, and used the headpiece as my guide for building the mask itself. Like in the movie, I wanted there to be a face underneath the horns and tusks with strong blue eyes. I think the minimate is a little bulky, but he does loom over Thor in Thor: The Dark World. Overall, he came out a lot better than I expected from myself, as my arts and crafts resume is limited to school and childhood projects. I read some of the awesome threads here, watched Luke's videos where he made Awesome Android, and ordered myself some supplies. I can take more photos if anyone is interested, and I'll post the even more long-winded process post some other day. That will come with 4 more customs, all super simple and more of "modifying" 'mates via part swapping and a little paint.
  21. Is there a definitive compendium somewhere for decals? Some of the links on Luke's are broken, and there are just so many cool ones out there! I'm looking for Justin Hammer, but I may end up trying to make one going from Luke's tutorials.
  22. Hmmmm, do I risk waiting and checking my nearby TRU tonight? I'm in the western IL burbs, which unfortunately has some of the minimate resellers nearby. So risky if I can find one. Considering ordering the Banner/War Machine set from (BACK IN STOCK RIGHT NOW!!!!) but they charge an ugly $5.99 shipping.
  23. Oh man, how to pick with all the customs in this thread?!? lol. I'm mostly interested in fleshing out my MCU minimates. So I'd like to make my own Justin Hammer (did one pass, have some bleeding issues), Alexander Pierce (which I know is Doc Connors), the Agents of SHIELD, and the long shot....besides the one really cool custom sculpted one I've seen in the community, have you seen any decals for Kurse?
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