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  1. I could have swore this guy had one, but maybe he just showed a WIP. He did one, but it was a year ago so idk if we even knew what the costume would look like. He does a lot of his own concepts and then when we see an official look he does it again accurately His page is awesome though, check it out
  2. That I do, I guess. Haha. It such a natural thing to me that when people say they can't paint its weird to me
  3. Hers a fewcustoms I've done over the past few months. I've got a Kid Loki that'll I'll post next week after I get the last piece for him Ulik U.S.Agent Bulked up Mac Gargan Venom with scorpion tail
  4. Which version of her? I'd want her 2008 gotg version
  5. I didn't want to look up a picture to confirm all or most.
  6. Out of the two movies, I'd rather Shang Chi mates. Most of the Eternals have long gowns that would make leg articulation pointless.
  7. You know it really does look like it was changed. But as someone with little connection to the character and does action shots with minimates, that captain marvel hair is way better for posing
  8. That old fox marvel pack was only a 4 pack
  9. I wouldn't bet on it being any different than the others. If it was removable it'd have so little actually connecting it to the visor that it'd be extremely flimsy
  10. Death dealer looks awesome but I fear his skirt thing would highly limit a minimate
  11. When I saw storm shadow I immediately thought the Chaste Hand for an army builder
  12. Wow, just Googled. That's pretty awesome. Gets me a little more excited about it
  13. Oh! I had to Google, I was thinking about American Son, Harry Osborn. Lol
  14. American dream? Wasn't that a one or two issue thing?
  15. If there's one thing I love about this board, it's that people are extremely open to help others out
  16. Zach, any chance bigger stores will carry these beings hasbro is associated with them?
  17. Not supposed to be out til later in the year according to Zach
  18. Can't really compare hasbro to dst. One is a huge global company
  19. Oh it was like August. Lost two packages from him back to back. Never lost anything else from any where ever. So weird
  20. Bought that head from Luke just for that purpose... But the package got lost in the mail ?
  21. It's not going to be a marvel property
  22. It's a specialty shop release
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