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  1. Looking at the data base, he has paw prints on his bicep bands, I guess that's what he's talking about
  2. Where else would the paw prints be besides the pants?
  3. An inspired by wave would make alot of people happy just based on AIM army builders and a new abomination
  4. I'm pretty sure you are correct at that
  5. Go to the actual website for whatever photo you want ( for example, mine is then go the photo you want and copy the url and just paste that into the Quick reply box and it'll automatically embed it and display the IG page post
  6. Heinous

    wave 79

    Isn't 80 the espionage wave? 81 is dark Phoenix, so we've still got a wait on gladiator
  7. Heinous

    wave 79

    I would definitely be more upset if black silver surfer was thrown in this assortment
  8. Heinous

    wave 79

    I second whoever said they don't know anything about cosmic ghost rider, but he's an outstanding minimate! Makes me wanna read up on him. Angela looks great also, she be right home with my custom guardians
  9. I think I'll do that with my next batch!
  10. I will say to anyone intending to paint theirs, I put a base coat on them and found when I was applying the real colors, it was taking off the base coat, like the plastic was coated in something that didn't want to keep the paint on. So I had to be more delicate with the painting
  11. Got the military set and I love it. Here's some of the accessories painted up. I'll be posting more on my Instagram as I paint them
  12. Heinous

    wave 79

    Zach posted in hand pics on Instagram. Ghost riders dome is translucent and warlock has a gold face. Really gold
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