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  1. It's weird they are making Taskmaster, they don't usually go with villains, which makes me think there's gonna be a Disney exclusive Widow
  2. Heinous

    wave 79

    If you get technical, each Guardian from the 2008 run had slight differences in costume. Kinda like the Starforce members in captain marvel
  3. Heinous

    wave 79

    I have a custom set of guardians from the 2008 run, but if this wave covered that team, I'd probably still buy them all. I liked the guardians in matching uniforms, this wave is all over the place
  4. Idk if she fits the clues but I'd like an updated red and yellow spider woman
  5. Heinous

    wave 79

    I'll buy her off you when these come out.
  6. Heinous

    wave 79

    I don't get what I'm missing in this list. Is the entire list canceled items? Because I see wave 79 on it but I don't see any "canceled" or anything like that around it
  7. Didn't Zach say in the black widow thread that he thought most people would be happy with what DST is offering? I can't see a comic tie in if they are doing a movie wave (or box set)
  8. Care to post? I made one also, don't remember if I posted mine
  9. Yeah I have the thumbs up. Guess I'll have to get buddy christ
  10. Could anyone help me out. I'm trying find out which figures come with pointing index fingers. I know buddy christ does, but I've seen red ones too. Is there a Captain America that comes with one?
  11. Pretty good! I think Professor X from DoFP had a pretty good chest block that has straps on it though
  12. There's not one in the packaged shots. You'd think if there was one, it be prominently displayed, not hidden behind something in the package. So no, I don't think he does. Probably holding that for a two pack of white suit Widow and masked RG
  13. It's weird they didn't give RG his helmet. I'm sure it'd look a hell of a lot better than that unmasked head
  14. Been trying to think of a white suit body to use! That's great
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