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  1. My son got that set, I think it works nicely with minimates
  2. Thanks! It was a pain in the ass to match the paint, and it's still a little off
  3. He said in another thread no more max venom mates
  4. I cut up the Phoenix killer Ironman. I guess I really shouldn't have put the blast on it, it's supposed to be a shield absorbing the impact, everyone thinks it's a Canon. I actually used the back of that armor as a Canon, just haven't shot a picture of it yet
  5. Heinous

    WAVE 76

    I've seen several people use a carnage head for scream customs
  6. The new animated wave too? Ghost, Ironman, miles and prowler
  7. I like that ghost and Ironman! If anyone can help me with that set I'd be grateful!
  8. Yeah that's a definite skip. Nothing special there
  9. Pass. I'd be more down for other characters. It's wild that they did Cap instead of MS Marvel. Doesn't he die in the opening mission? (that's not a spoiler if you've watched any trailers)
  10. Wow! Those are awesome. Wish I could afford one
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