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  1. Do you think we can report that for price gouging during the pandemic? 🤔😂
  2. I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I just can't figure out why these things are so much more popular than minimates. But when I saw someone using molten man, it looked really good in their display. I just wanted to see if others were using them and see how good or bad they looked in a display
  3. I posted about this in another forum, but I'm sure I'll get more answers here. I saw someone using molten man the other day, and I've heard of people using surtur. Do you display any others? I don't really follow funko so I don't know what all they have released
  4. Jealous of that X-force team. I wish fantomex, psylocke and deadpool weren't so expensive
  5. Does anybody display funkos with their minimates? If so, what do you use?
  6. Swap out the legs for bare legs and its sorta close. I saw someone do that to the marvel legends version
  7. I don't think it is, her hair has strands hanging over the shoulders
  8. What kind of hair is Natasha sporting? Is it a pony tail?
  9. I was messing around the hood that came with Ronin the other day and was wishing it'd come with other hooded characters. So it's great we're seeing it reused
  10. I believe TRU got select figures at a lower price point also with fewer accessories
  11. I post daily any way so the themes help me out alot for inspiration
  12. I hope this means future army builder packs for Luke
  13. I remember asking a few months ago and said about 350 were sold
  14. You know it's pretty awesome how many people are participating in this. I haven't seen so many minimate pictures on my feed, probably ever
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