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  1. Looks like an Ironman armor from the first movie
  2. Oh maybe that's what he meant, pre-order
  3. He talked about how he was able to get a lower number produced bc the Spider-Man 4 pack he got he only sold close to 2/3 of them. If it's multiple man, I can see him selling through easily, just make two additional expression on the faces. Makes more sense than making iceman and quicksilver to me, but we'll see. I think he mentioned the wave is supposed to be out before the end of the month
  4. On Instagram live today, Luke said he has an exclusive set that pairs with this wave. No new characters. If it's a 2 or 4 pack of multiple man, I'm going to lose my shit
  5. Thanos is a slightly darker shade than the infinity war version. It's nothing too extreme though IMO
  6. It's called fashion, sweetie. Look it up. *flips hair and walks out sassy* Also, I'd argue that fingerless gloves don't see a purpose to someone who punches through star destroyers
  7. I think warmachine was based on an earlier version in the movie, not the the giant one in the final battle. I think I'm gonna customize ronin closer to his comic costume. The bulky slip over does really limit his articulation (same with Thanos, his shoulder covers are a bitch)
  8. Wow, just saw all these people posting they found them and immediately got up went to Walgreens and found a whole set! Mid Missouri
  9. I don't get why they would. DST is a business that supplies product to another business, once the transaction is done, why would DST (from a businesses prospective) care how they get distributed. I know DST seems to care a bit more (or seems to with Zach constantly talking to us) but still doesn't make any sense to give follow ups on distribution
  10. Na, I think it'll revert back to blue and red at the end. It seems all of these costumes are what he gets in Europe
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