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  1. Why are we talking about wave 79 in this thread?
  2. It seems like another 3 pack wave with a BAF
  3. Heinous

    wave 79

    I really dislike starlords mask with the hair showing. It doesn't make any sense when in space
  4. You got to wait for season 4 when they do maximum carnage on the animated show apparently, then they can repaint these new molds
  5. It hasn't been officially released, the one guy that found them got lucky some how. Zach said they aren't supposed to be out til the fall, so I doubt wave 11 comes out in the fall
  6. Eh, not really. The FFH suit is basically a classic spidey suit but black instead of blue. The superior suit it's quite a bit different
  7. Wow, easy pass on those venom figures Black spider woman looks to be the only animated character I want from the other wave.
  8. Heinous

    wave 79

    This would be a fantastic wave!
  9. Heinous

    wave 77

    We all have at least one symbiote spidey I'm sure, I'm displaying him with the dirt on. And the spider slayer is pretty spot on for the mark 2 version
  10. Heinous

    wave 77 Not sure how you can't see it
  11. If we got FFH merch from this game before legit suits or villains from the game I'd be pissed
  12. Demon's with a few different masks are most wanted thing from that game. Obviously the updated villains costumes are awesome but some generic fodder villains that are quite so generic would be awesome
  13. Heinous

    wave 77

    You can't plug a head into the old ones body with the cape on any way, so it's all or nothing on that one also. Also the new cape does have the detailing in it
  14. Heinous

    wave 77

    Infinity war black panther
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