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  1. Also I remember that pack sitting on hastings shelves until they went under. Forget how much they were asking but it didn't sell til it was atleast 50% off
  2. Why not just release a wave with a BaF, that's 9 figures... A ten pack just seems ridiculous. It's forcing you to buy every figure. In a wave you can skip a pack if you don't like the character selection
  3. Heinous

    wave 79

    Luke included this armor/figure in the last Luke crate
  4. I guess I shouldn't be so against this, I did just make an annihilation Drax with bulked up upper arms I did just throw some bulked up shoulders on a classic Thor and it doesn't look so bad at all
  5. Heinous

    wave 79

    All of those are awesome. Especially that adaptoid
  6. I finally got a set (minus the Fury set) today from a guy on the fwoosh. I only wanted the star force figures just to have a generic squad of figures for my minimate shots. Head swapped SF carol with a spare nightcrawler head, red kree Mohawk and some black gloves. I'll probably end up painting the helmet hair red too for an alt look. Really looking forward to the box set for a couple more members. I'm not really too upset with the chest on Bron char (I think that's his name), it makes the gang more diverse. Could they have made better choice? More than likely, but I'm fine with it since I don't care about the character, he's just a generic guy in my display. It'd be cool if korath had a way to have his swords on his back, maybe Coulson's web gear would work and give him a bit of diversity in the costume I do really like the red and blue Carol but I feel like it'd stick out too much in a comic display with all the detail and metallics. It's definitely an improvement over the comic version of her helmet, which had a bland expression with the eyes, not saying the movie version is much better but it's better
  7. It sucks so much about the QR suits because so many characters are getting great updates to their costumes. Rocket, warmachine, Ronin, cap and Thor with his axe. I'm not a movie collector but I'd easily add ronin and rocket in his DnA outfit. Possibly warmachine
  8. Series 10 doesn't even have a release date yet
  9. Well considering Most of us won't find the mates in Walgreens til 2020, it works out Too soon?
  10. There was a teaser, I think the only footage we've seen of Thanos was from that teaser.
  11. A new Doom is high on my list. He really needs a sperate hood from the cape. Smaller gauntlets also
  12. Dark avengers ms marvel maybe? I don't think black cat's mask would look right on her. But maybe?
  13. I don't agree on that at all. The modern iron fist figures look fine with the separate piece
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