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  1. wave 75

    Ah, sweet! Knowledge is power!
  2. wave 75

    The punisher set is already sold out?!
  3. Infinity War

    Big punch to the gut for menagerie, huh
  4. wave 74

    @stack32I think most people were happy when the final surtur came with the translucent crotch piece, me included. I remember multiple people askin Zach if it wouldn't change with the final product
  5. Infinity War

    Army building 2 pack of tigers
  6. Modifying Marvel Minimates

    Custom Abomination
  7. Who customized all of those hulkbusters?

    Ah, I was gonna sell him mine now that I comic version, but it looks like he's done now
  8. Marvel Minimates Wish List

    That mumm-ra cape is awesome but doesn't allow for much play
  9. Infinity War

    I assumed this was the MCUs way giving us yelena belova, or at least a wink to fans that there is a blonde black widow on screen
  10. Infinity War

    No idea, it was on the explore page, it wasn't someone I follow. If I come across it again I'll post
  11. Long shots.

    What is going on with cable in those last two pics!? Hahaha
  12. Infinity War

    I saw someone with the groot pack on Instagram yesterday
  13. Infinity War

    Zach, do you know when we'll find out the second wave line up?