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  1. Not bad for a QC Nate! But doesn't that hair have a bun in the back?
  2. That's a good idea. I thought about using holocaust but felt it was too AoA-y. Dark beast is a good call too
  3. Molded his wings forward, I think it looks pretty cool. I had them covering him a little more but when I was setting it up, it slightly loosened. I've since molded them back to the original shape
  4. Yeah, I'm having a hard time seeing the difference of the two. The new one is slightly darker
  5. A chest block fits in the torso piece, but essentially only for the head to peg into it. Under the silver pieces of the torso are arm pegs set out wider. Your picture is assembled wrong. And looking at mine right now, I'm not even sure how the Pic you posted was assembled
  6. Despite how hard the wings are to keep on, I actually do like the flimsiness. I think with some hot and cold water, I can probably mold them coming over his shoulders for a cool shot Also, are beast's hands new pieces?
  7. I think her costume was basically just bishop's on a girl. I can't find a Pic of her wearing anything similar to this polaris
  8. Care to show a better Pic of what you did with Strong Guy? I was thinking of how to make him look a little better. Also, am I the only one really disappointed in how they did archangels wings? Those two tiny pegs are ridiculous. The wings always feel on the verge of falling off
  9. That wolfsbane is a great upgrade, did the colors on the hands and feet match? (I assume you used werewolf by night) Edit: just realized everything is custom except the costume. What's the recipe?
  10. That's pretty awesome! Is that a current costume?
  11. I want brother Voodoo. I'd give up Clea for him
  12. I think seeing this custom makes realize how cool an official one could look
  13. I wonder what the significance of redoing yellow daredevil would be? Has popped back up wearing that costume? Seems out of left field. That's not to say I mind it, just seems odd
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