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  1. With everyone finding these, I'd like the hammerhead set if any one can help me out
  2. Does anyone know if the wave 37 thing face matches the transforming thing face color?
  3. I'm walking him through how to post them. He sent me the pics. Crazy, these shouldn't be out yet, right?
  4. I'm ready for them now, but it's whatever. We did just get a whole wave of Spiderman. Who knows when wave 79 even hits. It's good to spread them out
  5. The accessories look light but I can't think of anything else I'd want. Well maybe cyclops could have had the blast visor instead of hair. Wish archangel had a different expression than the last one also. But other than that I can't wait for these, they look great! Can't wait to have five MMs on my shelf!
  6. Are you talking about the BC Avengers wave? Because no one else has seen the animated wave with Dr strange ghost rider besides the one guy like 8 months ago
  7. 1- who is red star? 2- why do you need a need a male and female chest?
  8. Yes! Luke's exclusive will ship at the same time?
  9. Heinous

    wave 79

    Have we still not got hi res Pics of the wave?
  10. Hmmm I don't think those are the ones I remember seeing. But again, I can be making what I'm seeing in my head
  11. Heinous

    wave 79

    I seriously doubt it, it's not a Disney movie. They said Hulu is most likely if it doesn't go to theaters
  12. I could be making this up, but I thought I saw someone make comic versions of the warriors three at some point. Any one have any idea if these are real or I'm just imagining this?
  13. Heinous

    wave 79

    I like this wave, but the discussion about it being a supernatural wave really got my hopes up. Maybe some day...
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