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  1. I absolutely love these. The fact that Venger's legs come off Night-Mare makes this set a total win for me.
  2. Two of the places I ordered from sent emails saying they got their shipment in.
  3. First the Britt Baker Vinimate looks way better than in the photos. Jay Lethal kind of makes sense. His accomplishments in ROH way outshine his current run in AEW. Are ROH wrestlers off the table? Both companies are owned by Tony Khan and featured on AEW tv. Would 3 packs ever be an option with AEW featuring so many trios tag teams?
  4. Yes please to more female wrestlers. Personally, I would love to see Jade get made. Her, Shida, Ruby and Rosa are high on my want list. Would also love to see guys like Swerve, Keith Lee, and Scorpio Sky get made. Are there more VInimates planned after Britt Baker?
  5. Can't wait. I'm not going to lie saying who I would want to see. I will pretty much be buying anyone that makes the line.
  6. He was one of my favorites for a long time. Now I kind of just want him to go to therapy or anger management. Something that helps him resist the urge to choke coworkers. I can't wait for wave 2, the ring with Excalibur to be available for preorder and whatever is next.
  7. Glad we got him, but also glad he's gone. I can't wait for the next few releases.
  8. Love how these look. I wasn't sure about Kingpin but his look has grown on me. Only one I don't care for is Bullseye but the figure still looks great.
  9. Wish this line seemed to do better because I'd almost kill for some Putties, Rita, Goldar, Scorpina or Finster? heck at this point I'd take Ivan Ooze.
  10. It sucks approvals have been slow. While I will likely purchase the non-Minimates product, I'd kind of like to have more Minimates product.
  11. Does this mean Dungeons & Dragons is done since the second boxset is hitting or is there a chance for any other figures from the game?
  12. That's a shame. I figured we would have at least gotten Drizzt and Strahd. Fingers crossed it does well enough to continue.
  13. Well, it is "heel" Matt and Nick. It was almost expected.
  14. Got my sets over the weekend. So amazing. The detail on Britt's gear was perfect. Can't wait for the Bucks two pack. I really hope this line does well because there are so many people on the roster I'd love to see made.
  15. That's odd. When I asked them about them, they responded to me like I was speaking in tongues. They didn't seem to have a clue as to what I was talking about. Shame they passed on them, but thank you all the same.
  16. I'm old enough that I had some of the Action Team Joes. While I do think these are an odd choice, I will at least order one set and continue to hope the line stays alive to give most of the people what they want.
  17. Has DST looked into some of the wrestling specialty shops like Ringside Collectibles?
  18. It's too large. It's about 8" x 18" by 6". It's sad because it's too big and Lego set 21108 is too small.
  19. any word on when we can expect Series one or the announcement of series two?
  20. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and has a great New Year.
  21. Thanks for the update. With the speed their shoes sold out, I’ll be extremely happy if I’m able to grab one set.
  22. Yes! Thank you, Zach. This is one of the lines I’ve really been waiting for. Can’t wait to see what the future holds. **ouch! Bucks are limited to 2000 pieces??**
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