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  1. I am hoping this line is doing well. It's definitely one of my favorite licenses. I want to at least get basics like Goldar, Rita, Zedd, Scorpina, Finster and some Putties or at least the Psycho Rangers.
  2. Personally, I think I'd be fine with neck loops. I'd even be fine with it being like the piece that attaches the Wasp's wings. I personally would rather have no backpacks than a big gaping hole in the torso block.
  3. They look great. Love the packaging. Not really a fan of Ninja Force but might try to pick up this for the Storm Shadow.
  4. I'd love to see Army builders with standard green shirt Joe's with 3 Cobra troops rounding it out. Crimson Guard, Cobra Troopers, Vipers. It doesn't matter as long as they give me 3 heads (blond beard, black beard and no beard) for the green shirts so I can have Grunt, Breaker, and Rock 'n Roll.
  5. Old Logan, Prof X, Laura, the clone Logan, Pierce and the log?
  6. too small. they're 28mm. You might be able to find some miniatures or model kits at 54mm or 1/35 scale. Most people prefer to us 1/24 or 1/32 scale as those fit better.
  7. yeah, I started painting one of the sets I have last night. I had to scrub them and wipe them down with apple vinegar to get the primer to adhere.
  8. Painted looks so good. I just ordered another set of that that and the Untouchables reproduction from another site. Same scale. Was holding off on painting my sets but that looks amazing.
  9. That big smooth gray thing with the slats is one of like four different ones they sell. the other ones are slightly smaller and cylindrical with fake plants sculpted on them. yeah, I thought about painting it but it really grew on me. it looks better in hand that it does in the photos.
  10. Lately I've been buying a lot of the MAX line. Even when I'm not looking for them I seem to get them in loose lots or even like today my package from Luke contained a firefighter as the mystery minimate. It had so much promise I really wish the line continued.
  11. Will do. They are scheduled to arrive Friday but the post office here has been running slow due to the current global situation so more than likely Saturday or Monday.
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