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  1. I honestly don't collect Vinimates. I only buy a few odd ones here and there of the characters I really like. I ordered the Bruce Lee Vinimates and minimates, because minimates are the main toy-line that I collect religiously. When they were first listed I tried to get friends to order them and most told me they wouldn't order them because they weren't a line dedicated to a specific movie. There was no prospect of Mister Han or Mantis sometime down the line so they wouldn't invest. Maybe if they were set with Bruce and someone from whatever movie his figure is based off Vinimates and Minimates would sell or at least get the attention of casual collectors and retailers. I don't know. These cancellations just make me both sad and really wish that Diamond Select would look into doing a Kickstarter or something so the people that really want these characters would have a chance to get them and not always look at the lines with doom and gloom.
  2. Ah, thanks for the explanation. The bike was released in their WWE block sets. You can still find it on ebay relatively cheap. Fits Minimates well.
  3. I would love to see them do more vehicles even if they were just stands or displays. I would like to think they haven't been able to do a motorcycle because Playskool has motorcycles for the Marvel Superhero Adventures 2.5"/3" line, but there could be hundred of reasons why they don't. Probably something to do with cost and demands, but it's hard telling with Diamond Select. I use the Undertakers bike that came in the C3 line but will likely pick up the Playskool Wolverine Racer to take it's place when I find it in the store because I don't see Minimates getting vehicles anytime soon.
  4. Have they actually confirmed it as canceled?
  5. is what I think most people use these days.
  6. Someone on Instagram said the only ones they have on display at the booth are the Maximum Venom ones.
  7. Nice that the package covers the franchise as a whole. Personally, would love to have more figures based on the films, but am actually happy with what we're getting.
  8. By the time these come out John Wick IV will be out on Blu-ray and the Common mate will be way outdated.
  9. The rifle with the bayonet was used in the 3.75" Indiana Jones line. It came with the Russian soldier.
  10. Yeah when I was at the shop last week he looked it up and it was on the "being released next week" list. When we looked today they didn't have it listed even for next week. Fingers crossed it isn't cancelled.
  11. I was just told by my LCS that these are on the shipping list for next week. Really looking forward to getting these in my hands.
  12. Thanks, Zach. I'm really looking forward to these.
  13. Anyone know if this wave got cancelled or pushed back? Noticed it wasn't listed on the most recent estimated release dates list. This and the Bruce Lee wave were the only waves I was really looking forward to and one is already cancelled.
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