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  1. I got on this probably 5 minutes after I got notified and it says cardiac is sold out☹️
  2. I am so excited for these mates! Daredevil has been my favorite marvel character for 20+ years!
  3. I always like the team of mimic blink nocturne morph thunderbird and mariko
  4. I am very much interested! Whatever happens thanks for giving to the community!
  5. What does your Mongul look like? He is another character I’d love to see as a custom
  6. Why thank you! Cronic’s head shot popped up randomly on minimates database one day, and I knew I needed to do a red arrow or arsenal. He just made himself with spare parts I had to be honest.
  7. My arsenal recipe might be a little vague because I made him a few years ago but to the best of my knowledge here goes nothing Hair: Ant-man Walgreens animated head: Chronic from blunt man and chronic set torso: marvel now Deadpool with arrow quiver from age of ultron Hawkeye arms: just random naked arms with beefy black gloves with finger cut outs belt: not sure where I got it but it’s silver with red spot in middle legs: Ant-man Walgreens animated I think he came out pretty well for a QC let me know what you think if able to assemble?
  8. Thank you so much for this recipe! I gave it a shot and this QC looks amazing! I don’t care if he’s missing horns and ears it captures Etrigan perfectly! Anyone else with a good DC QC mate custom? I am always trying to broaden my DC collection. Years back I made a pretty decent Black Adam, Black Canary, Red Hood, and an Arsenal I’m pretty happy with
  9. Luke should do a custom series of DC minimates! I’d love to see what he could do with firestorm demon zatanna and classic JSA characters!
  10. The DC line had great potential. I wish it could be resurrected in some way!
  11. I might have missed a post of two but why is their no build a figure parts? Is that not happening anymore?
  12. I’d love to throw my name into the hat for this guy! Grape is my favorite flavor✋
  13. That’s actually a great idea! Thanks bilbofett I’ll give that a try!
  14. I’ve been trying to create a custom JSA sandman with his fedora. I was thinking a Howard Stark hat might work but it doesn’t look right to me. I’ve given up on an actual gas mask with fedora and was looking for a sticker type of thing. long story short I’d be down with more classic hats for minimates as well!
  15. I’d like to throw my hat into the ring! I don’t post often but I’ve been here since the very early days on minimates awesomeness!
  16. Anyone know how to post photos here? I did it once but I can’t figure out how to do it again?
  17. I plan on posting photos but for some reason I’m having trouble getting pictures to load?
  18. So I love minimates, and I’ve always appreciated the ease of making cool customs with the numerous parts available. I never did much custom work before but now with the drought of new mates, and my newfound love for DC characters, I’ve been trying to create new characters. Throughout the years I’ve bought great custom mates from very talented people from eBay and other places. I am starting this thread for anybody who has cool custom or has made anything cool, who don’t post anything here. I plan to show off some I’ve made/working on or have bought through the years. I hope this will get the community excited again!
  19. Great work! I love seeing customs that people do! I’m really thankful DC characters have been getting some love here lately!
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