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  1. So - Squirrel Girl (seriously one of my favorites) and Man Thing will most likely not be in the same two pack. Will be working on who they are paired up with relatively soon! Darkhawk obviously was a popular choice, so it's for sure on my short-list for future waves!
  2. Update - looks like we'll be moving forward with 2 of the top 4! They'll be announced at San Diego Comic Con!
  3. I'm fine with someone posting a poll of the top choices to choose from. Lots of great choices so far. As a fan, Squirrel Girl, Uatu, and Man Thing are exciting possibilities! I'd also love a Stan - but I need to see if we can do it legally.
  4. As many of you already know, Walgreens will begin to carry exclusive Marvel Animated Universe Minimates starting in September 2015. We're working with DST right now on future waves, and would love your help - so I figured why not come to the Minimate Multiverse and take a poll? A few things to consider - the character has to have appeared in the animated Ultimate Spidey or Avengers Assemble (and eventually Guardians). We also have to adhere to some guidelines, so if the top choice can't be done, we'll take choice number two (and so on) - but we'll push as hard as we can for the top choice. All I need you to do is vote for one character (and costume if there are multiple) below. Everyone that votes gets only one vote so make it count! Share this with fellow collectors for the best turn out. My vote is obviously for Squirrel Girl...
  5. Haha - a hint of a character without giving up the universe it resides in... Hmmmmm. Well, there are two representations of one character in the first series we are doing...
  6. Hello everyone! Hello DSTZach - Excited to be bringing the line on!
  7. If logistics work out, September 2015. Will be in our set and will be replenished. It's slated for more than 7,000 stores so it shouldn't be too hard to find. I want everyone to be able to get these, so we're trying to figure out a way to best keep in stock. Supply and Demand is much easier on paper!
  8. Bringing in two packs. To start, we'll release 4 assortments of two figures.
  9. Hello everyone! Happy to be here! My name is Steve, I'm the toy buyer for a large national retail chain and also a pop culture geek and collector. Heavy into anything Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. It would take days and multiple threads to list everything else I am into. I am on Twitter quite a bit. Follow me @stevenganne . I tend to talk about toys a lot - I've been in my position as a toy buyer for four years now and in Licensing for about 6 years. I normally attend Licensing Expo in Vegas, ComicCon in SD, and Toy Fair in NY (although I wasn't able to make it this year). And yes, we'll be bringing in Minimates in September 2015 in our toy department!
  10. Aloha! We were supposed to reveal at NY Toy Fair, but artwork wasn't official yet - soooooo...
  11. Thanks for all of the feedback on Twitter! It's Steve. First time posting here. Lots of valid questions! Hope I can answer some!
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