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  1. My bad, superior iron Man was what I meant.
  2. We have already received an infamous iron Man, so that's out.
  3. It's funny, but almost every time I've dropped a small accessory (or any small item for that matter) and one of my cats are near by, I just look at where their attention is. Typically I can find the dropped item somewhere in the vicinity of where their gaze lands. Obviously, this tactic is only useful when a cat is close and alert. This isn't helpful by any means, but I thought I'd share ?
  4. Tag me if you end up following through non this. I'd like to see it. I actually commissioned a kid Loki custom a couple years back.
  5. In that case, then it's pretty close to the look young adult Loki was sporting. You'd likely have to shorten the horns for closer accuracy, however.
  6. Kid Loki didn't wear horns. His headdress was more like the one that came with the storm breaker Loki.
  7. Was playing around a bit with shutter speed, trying to capture falling snow. I'm not totally satisfied with my results, so I will likely go back and give this, or a similar set-up another shot in the near future.
  8. I was inspired to make the following custom last week. I didn't do it alone, however. I employed the talent of a young man on FB by the name of Lakota Jacobs to paint the custom heads for me, while I handled the rest. That kid knocked them out of the park!
  9. If anyone can find an extra set, I'll take it!
  10. I may end up doing that at some point. Painting the circuitry on some extensions will definitely look cool.
  11. Looks like thunderstrike But it's not lol My next guess is an MCU Thor.
  12. Very happy with our Lady Deathstrike update. Although, I wish her arms were a little longer.
  13. Gotta make your own these days.
  14. I used the hands from a spare Spiral, but Dr strange and Scarlet witch use them too.
  15. Finally got around to those "thwip" hands that I've been meaning to make.
  16. I think I'm finally happy with how this Wolverine looks, in relation to Frank Quitely's artistic interpretation of the character.
  17. I've supported every release under the alien minimate banner so far, but I'm sorry to say that with these, I'm out. The movie was really pretty bad and even the "standard" xenomorphs in this wave of figures look way too strange for my taste. Underwhelming from every perspective.
  18. I picked up an extra deathstrike in order to modify these hands for her.
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