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  1. Thanks guys. If you keep liking them, I'll keep posting them.
  2. New bullseye confirmed.
  3. Maaaan I really hope Luke got his in!
  4. Aww yeah. Most anticipated wave since 68 for me.
  5. Thanks Nessex! It's actually plexiglass painted black on the reverse side. Once painted and flipped it makes for a very reflective black surface. It was actually done for a star wars display that I cooked up.
  6. Thanks for the props, dude! I'd welcome an updated new "new" X-Men wave with open arms!
  7. E is for Extinction
  8. Thanks Vis! I'd definitely be interested in seeing your take on it. I do own that all new X-Men Cyclops, so maybe I'll dig him out of the bin and give it a go.
  9. Thanks. I'm definitely a fan of the series. It's what got me back into comics after a few years away in high school.
  10. It's definitely a custom/ modification that requires minimal effort. Surprised it's not being done more. I've been getting my New X-Men squad finished up. Something I've been slowly putting parts together for in the last few weeks. Jean, Cyclops and Wolverine have a few simple mods (still looking for more suitable hair for wolvie, something that more closely matches quitely's design), while Xavier, beast and Emma consist of a few relatively simple part swaps and some simple painting. Pretty happy with how these are turning out, especially considering the age of the parts being used in the majority of them. The puffy "x" jacket actually still holds up pretty well, despite coming from a period when minimates were super simple in design.
  11. Thanks. Still trying to work out how exactly I'd like to do Laura. In the meantime, I've been working in improving upon the existing new X-Men minimates, while doing minimal customisation to create some that were never made.
  12. That's not regular Carnage. We got him already in the first animated wave that was sold at Tru.
  13. (old man) Logan movie version