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  1. I love it- simple and extremely effective! This one is definitely going on my long to-do list.
  3. Iron Giant 'mates are pictured here: (not sure if they've been seen before, though)
  4. Much like Sheldon, here, my favorite minimate is Unification Spock. : )
  5. That list is fantastic and looks like a lot of care and thought was put into it. You really did think of everybody- even Odo as a Klingon and Tuvix! Lol I would love to see what Chang, Martok, Cowboy Data, and Zefram Cochrane would like. There's many more but, for some reason, those stand out to me. As long as they made the re-release characters worth it, I would buy every single one of those on that list. Alas... What really makes me want these even more is that I've just recently classed up my Trek collection with Ikea Detolfs and minimates look really nice in them in front of DST's standard figure line. : )
  6. Are we sure they're the other half of that wave? Did you hear or read that somewhere?
  7. I totally agree, that Ra's is one of their best headsculpts yet. I can't wait for all of these!
  8. I made these guys a couple of years ago: I sculpted the guitars too. They're pretty fragile but I'm happy enough with how they turned out. I never did figure out the drumset or keyboard, though. Ed Mike Matt Stone Jeff And this was the inspiration for the display.
  9. I take that back. I must've seen it this morning before work. Anyway, I was very happy to see you review him as he's possibly my most anticipated figure from my most anticipated line.
  10. Yeah, I saw your review last night, Glantern. I can't wait to get mine! The last paragraph particularly had me even more excited. TNI has Freeze up now:
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