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  1. Waggamemnon

    Wave 62 is coming.....

    All in all. I'm pretty happy with the wave. I enjoyed the parts I read of the axis storyline. The whole thing felt very light hearted and campy even during its violent scenes and I think the minimates have the same feeling. If that makes any sence. The fal cap isn't as cool as I thought he would Be. At least on mine the paint is sloppy and things look off center
  2. Waggamemnon

    Wave 62 is coming.....

    Just picked them up. Hobgoblin comes with alternate head and torso. Throwing pumpkin hand. A little book. And a glider stand.
  3. Waggamemnon

    Daredevil Netflix (& other show) minimates?

    Does anyone have any daredevil customs they would be willing to sell me or trade for. I love the show and I'm a little late on starting it
  4. How do I sign up for this?
  5. Waggamemnon

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Like 10 people would buy the s*** out of that. Everybody else would be totally confused
  6. Waggamemnon

    Marvel Minimates Wish List

    Madame masque Kate bishop Just read fraction's hawkeye and loved it hence the desire for these characters
  7. Waggamemnon

    Wave 62 is coming.....

    Cool thank you Zach
  8. Waggamemnon

    Wave 62 is coming.....

  9. Waggamemnon

    Wave 62 is coming.....

    Does anyone know roughly when these come out. And if not what point in the process do we get an exact release date ?
  10. Waggamemnon

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    I was blown away. Best action I've seen in a long time. I kept thinking how cool the characters would be in 'mate form
  11. Waggamemnon

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Anyone seen fury road?
  12. Waggamemnon

    Wave 60

    Just picked up three of the four boxes and o am very impressed. This is my favorite wave yet.
  13. Waggamemnon

    A2 :Avengers the age of Ultron movie

    Still need the TRU twins... Winter Ops hawkeye is pretty rad
  14. Waggamemnon

    Wave 60

    Ughhhh need wave 60 now
  15. Waggamemnon

    The madness that is

    As a newer collector I have bought from him a few times just bc it's easy. after hearing all of your opinions I will boycott him.