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  1. I never tried using the lego website to order parts. I just thought about the pieces i needed then ordered parts off ebay. Some parts were more tricky to track down then others. There were only 2 lego pieces i had to modify. They were the middle section seat backs. I couldnt find the right size, so i improvised. I'll find my list of parts and send one your way.
  2. I made a Fantasticar (bathtub type) out of legos that fits minimates. 😁 It would be cool if dst could partner back with legos to make vehicles and sets like the danger room or Avengers Mansion.
  3. Haha! Weird, i moved out of noho about 10 years ago. Right when things were startin to change. I lived right off of magnolia and lankershim
  4. Where abouts in North Hollywood? I used to live around there.
  5. These godzillas look great! So does Mattallica's Watcher!
  6. Looks like im gonna have to hunt down some godzilla's
  7. I'd like to see pics of these! Maybe i'll have luck later this week on wave 10.
  8. I was just curious if anyone has spotted the animated wave with dr strange and ghost rider anywhere. Or are they not out yet?
  9. I've been talkin to my local comic shop guy about minimates. Years ago he had the 24 set and i think an xmen set. Now he's startin to get vinimates. So im hopin whatever wave 80 may be, i hope the shop gets it.
  10. Thanks Zach for keepin us informed on the walgreens waves. I'm hopin to see wave 10 soon.
  11. Has there been any word on when walgreens animated wave 10 will come out?
  12. Thanks for lettin me know Zach!
  13. With the vinimates that are comin out for sdcc 2019, will they be available at online shops like Luke's?
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