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  1. Im patient and anxious all at the same time. Stopped at a walgreens today. Saw Captain Marvel sets, 1 million bc sets and Infinity War sets. No animated sets. If you find animated wave 10, i'd love to have a set. Thanks.
  2. Has the animated mates with ghost rider and dr strange shown up at anymore walgreens?
  3. I used the young beast from the new xmen series. I used him because of his size and his head piece. It was pretty easy to modify it into the classic Mimic. Ive wanted to make the exiles mimic but havent gotten around to it.
  4. I'm all for this happenin! I'd go with the Astronaut Stan Lee, 1970's Stan Lee. Maybe the 1990's Mr. Marvel Stan Lee from the 90's card set. And Hulk hands Stan Lee with alternate Spiderman mask and thwip hands.
  5. Got my DC comics Flash vinimate today. I must say it is way better lookin in person than on the screen. I liked what i saw from pictures on the computer but the suit really shines in person! Nice job dst folks!
  6. Im really liking this 3rd wave for Kingdom hearts. Lil weird that Sully isn't there, but a monster Goofy looks cool.
  7. Hi Zach! Is there a problem goin on with the "ask a question" on the dst website? I wanted to ask a question but its not letting me submit my question. The code to submit my answer doesnt want to be recognized. Is there a way around this?
  8. I got my set of Sonic figures last week. They"re great!! i'm considering on buy-in another set!
  9. Have any of the wave 10 animated minimates made it out west yet? Or are they still trickeling in on the east coast?
  10. Thats cool! I did see the teaser for the next cut out (dont remember where tho, maybe email?) but i'm pretty excited that its the Living Tribunal. Didnt know that Inbetweener was the next custom.
  11. Has anyone tried to make any other cosmic beings? Like the Inbetweener or Zeus or the Living Tribunal? Just wonderin.
  12. YEAH!! THATS IT!!!!!
  13. An evolved Spikey Thing would be Great!
  14. I like this idea of a possible story line from the 90's. I wouldn't call the 90's classic tho. I started collecting comics about 85 but the 90's are when i was really into collecting comics. I liked when marvel ran their major summer time stories thru their annuals. I would like to see minimates from almost any of the 90's annual stories. I know Atlantis Attacks came out in 89, but i'd like to see mates from that story. Korvac Quest, Days of Future Present, Evolutionary War and Terminus Factor would be other great stories to make minimates from. Sure there aren't many different costumes for the heroes. But ya get some great Villains. I'd like to see a Korvac or an Ahab or High Evolutionary. Or even a Sensational She Hulk (from the Lifeform story line) and Machine Man (from the Terminus Factor story line)
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