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  1. Ha! I see what you did there. 😁
  2. I like the assortment!!! 👍
  3. One day maybe we will get a John Wick box set.
  4. What!??!?!?!? What If Marvel Zombies Minimates!!!!! Yay!!!
  5. Hi, so i just wanted to make sure John Wick mates were cancelled. They were right?? In my bbts order, it has a release date of july 2022.
  6. I think a mlp Discord minimate character would be fantastic! Bluey mates would be great. But i really really hope we get Dungeons and Dragons minimates!
  7. Are the Power Ranger mates comin out this month?
  8. Were Silver Hawks or Tiger Sharks guessed as the mystery license?
  9. Im not sure if this has been asked. But are there gonna be any multiverse of madness minimates along with moon knight and ms. marvel minimates?
  10. My packs were delivered yesterday. Thanks BHM!
  11. Nice! Its another round of video game minimates! Im sure excited to see Joust in the line up!! ? wonderin how the ostrich creatures will look in minimate form. ?
  12. Well let me be the first to have Zach say im way outa the ball park. I say its Castlevania box set! 8 or 16 bit style. I forget what those old nintendo games were styled as. Maybe like the Marvel zombies set we could get a flaming skull creature as an accessory. ?
  13. I say Thor vs the Wrecking Crew! And maybe a Don Blake or Jane Foster civilian to fill out the 6th spot.
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