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  1. I would like to be added to the list as well please 😁
  2. I was just curious if the deadpool and logan packs are available.
  3. Hey!! Very cool on your Chondu. I had started one a while back. I suppose i should find it and post it.
  4. Im putting my two cents in on My Little Pony!! Sure it finished its run, but there are plenty of characters and friendship is magic!
  5. I logged in to see if they were available. They do not seem to be available. When i logged in, it just said save and wish list. So i do not think they are available.
  6. I second an awesome set like this!! OHOTMU mates could really open doors to the lesser and even well known mates.
  7. Were the Power Ranger mates supposed to be up for pre order today? Or is that next week?
  8. I would love to see minimates from Spiderman no way home! It'd be cool cuz we'd be able to get characters like Doc Ock and Green Goblin to fill in spaces from the original Spiderman films. But if we havent heard anything by now than i doubt we'd probably see them. Custom minimate time?
  9. Really excited for these power ranger minimates! I think lego type zords would be cool! Goin the way of the C3's from dc those were fun builds. Anyways... But if they come with their individual weapons would those combine together to make their cannon gun thing? Or could it just be a single sculpted cannon?
  10. I am so excited for the animated xmen set. I hope it does really well. I hope we get the whole team and the bad guys too! More bad guys!
  11. So when you say this, do you mean all minimates will possibly go this way for the foreseeable future?
  12. Could the Deadpool and Logan sets be sent to Luke's so he can get them into peoples hands?
  13. If theres still time to put my name in for this drawing, then count me in!
  14. Thanks Zach! The 2009 FCBD minimate came in the mail today! Thanks!
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