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  1. I know this is probably a no, but is there any way these Bruce Lee minimates could get made. Maybe later down the line? Maybe reissue them?
  2. So have these series 10 animated mates started to show up at walgreens more regularly now? who's all in wave 10 again?
  3. Just saw a posting on ebay for an Endgame set. The seller wants $110.
  4. Ahhhh is that what that was! Thanks! RIP MMHQ!
  5. Hi Zach, I was lookin thru old minimates and was just curious about if there was ever a gold splattered spiderman minimate. I know there are gold and silver spiderman minimates out there somewhere. I could have sworn i saw gold splattered spiderman somewhere. Maybe in old poster art?
  6. I sure hope this "cancelation" is just a rumor. I was really lookin forward to these minimates. Well if they are canceled then i'm just gonna have to make my own.
  7. Has anyone spotted the Endgame mates in the wild recently?
  8. That would be awesome!
  9. Looks like someone snagged that $125 endgame set on eBay.
  10. I'd definitely be happy with a Great Lakes Avengers set!!!
  11. wow! $125 is a lil much for minimates. Im hopin that within the next few weeks they will show up at a store near me.
  12. This set looks pretty great!! Really like the Thanos!
  13. I havent seen any out yet. And i also know "soon" could mean anytime from now till a few months down the road. I'd like to have them as much as anyone else, but i know i'll have to be patient. 2 walgreens in my area are stocked with infinity war, captain marvel, and some old animated sets.
  14. I work for one of the many fx houses in the Los Angeles area. Plus i have friends that are make up artists and prop makers.
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