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  1. Cool thanks, ive been debating about them the last few days. I do like the tombstones and other accessories.
  2. Hi, i know this is a vinimate forum but with the Buffy vinimates comin out, i was curious about the palz buffy line. I've never seen them in the wild. How tall are they? Are they pretty close to minimate size? Looks like the packages ive seen on ebay have quite a bit of accessories.
  3. Target perhaps? I haven't seen minimates at either of the stores in my town, but minimates seem to show up on their website.
  4. spidermatt

    wave 79

    Yay! Im pretty excited for this wave.
  5. I have not checked my walgreens in a while. Pretty much a homebody even before this sickness hit. Anyways is there any updated news on the next waves to hit walgreens? Have any new waves been spotted?
  6. When are these X-Men sets comin out? Are the second set of Maximum Venom mates on their way to stores? Or will things ship out once this pandemic slows?
  7. Sweet!! This is awesome news!!! Im excited about this XMen animated wave! I loved the cartoons back in the day! so is there a reason these upcoming waves are only two two packs?
  8. What are the walgreen 12 and 13 waves? Hints? Any word on when the maximum venom mates will hit stores due to recent events?
  9. So what is the reason for no more build a figures? I liked the idea and the characters they came with so far. Regardless im livin these 80 and 81 waves! Any news on the rest of the maximum venom line?
  10. Hi sorry for the late reply. But my friend is not selling the files. Sorry.
  11. Hi Zach, thats awesome news for the maximum venom line! If the packaging for the second set of the maximum venom set is bein designed, do you know when these might be hitting stores?
  12. spidermatt

    wave 79

    Maybe i can't see it, but where on that list does it say things like wave 79 is canceled? Its cool that DSTZach is checkin in on everything.
  13. Of this list, have any of these been made before either as an mcu mate or an animated mate? Will there be any updated characters?
  14. I had a friend of mine scale up a minimate. What do you think? Its 8 inches tall. Lotsa cosmic entity customs can be made from it.
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