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  1. So what is the reason for no more build a figures? I liked the idea and the characters they came with so far. Regardless im livin these 80 and 81 waves! Any news on the rest of the maximum venom line?
  2. Hi sorry for the late reply. But my friend is not selling the files. Sorry.
  3. Hi Zach, thats awesome news for the maximum venom line! If the packaging for the second set of the maximum venom set is bein designed, do you know when these might be hitting stores?
  4. spidermatt

    wave 79

    Maybe i can't see it, but where on that list does it say things like wave 79 is canceled? Its cool that DSTZach is checkin in on everything.
  5. Of this list, have any of these been made before either as an mcu mate or an animated mate? Will there be any updated characters?
  6. I had a friend of mine scale up a minimate. What do you think? Its 8 inches tall. Lotsa cosmic entity customs can be made from it.
  7. Soooo, i just learned from BBTS that the Bruce Lee vinimates are canceled. Is this true? What happened?
  8. Neato! I bought a lego ghost rider/spiderman set to make a more accurate motorcycle for GR. Its takin me some time to figure it out. Work is still in progress.
  9. I know entries are due today. Do we have until 11:59 tonight to get them in?
  10. spidermatt

    wave 79

    April seems a ways away. But i think BBTS gets their stuff late. I had pre ordered the xfactor set from BBTS about the same time as i ordered the set from Lukes, and i got my xfactor set from BBTS last week. I received my xfactor sets from lukes a few weeks ago.
  11. I never tried using the lego website to order parts. I just thought about the pieces i needed then ordered parts off ebay. Some parts were more tricky to track down then others. There were only 2 lego pieces i had to modify. They were the middle section seat backs. I couldnt find the right size, so i improvised. I'll find my list of parts and send one your way.
  12. I made a Fantasticar (bathtub type) out of legos that fits minimates. 😁 It would be cool if dst could partner back with legos to make vehicles and sets like the danger room or Avengers Mansion.
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