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  1. sorry for such a delay guys. I really haven't had much personal time recently - lots of work stuff and a friend's wife has recently been diagnosed with leukemia, so if I'm not around that's why.
  2. Found em at my TRU today. Picked up 2. Had the same pricing issue so they gave them to me at $7.99 per 4 pack.
  3. I'm still sending these out gang. I'm missing some info from a few folks. I'm hoping to get it from them quickly and send everything out tomorrow night. I'll keep you all updated. (My wife already has the list - just waiting for come mailing info to make sure no one is inconvenienced on shipping.) Sorry for the delay. I'm still sending these out gang. I'm missing some info from a few folks. I'm hoping to get it from them quickly and send everything out tomorrow night. I'll keep you all updated. (My wife already has the list - just waiting for come mailing info to make sure no one is inconvenienced on shipping.) Sorry for the delay. Good news is, we've got more people participating than ever!
  4. I'll start sending names out to everyone tomorrow night.
  5. The Space Police line is fantastic. Highly recommend it if you're a fan of classic LEGO properties. I'm officially addicted to them.
  6. Reminder - you have until 11/23 to submit your info to me via email if you want to be included this year. Please don't send me your info via PM. I sort and shuffle names based on emails and would prefer to just have the one set of names to deal with - I've found I have less chance to miss someone if I do it this way. If there are any questions, please let me know!
  7. I agree. This is probably the best Flash ring made IMO.
  8. Matter of fact, yes! I heard from him yesterday (might've been Tuesday - the days all run together for me right now at work...) and he is going to participate like he has in years past. If a MMMV member is buying from Stuckakid for their Secret Santa, please make note of it when you order. Your gift will be gift wrapped before it is sent. Thanks again to both Luke's Toy Store and Stuckakid for their support of Secret Santa '09!! (Spend lots of money at both places year round gang - they're great people who really support our community!)
  9. I'm pretty sure Ady ate the whole thing a couple years ago. There may even be photographic evidence somewhere here on the 'verse.... I wonder how skimpy the back of her will be?
  10. Also want to pass along this info: Luke's Toy Store is offering a Secret Santa Gift Pack as part of the MMV Secret Santa event. Anyone who orders from the store and mentions Secret Santa in the comments field during checkout will receive one of these gift packs, which includes a minimate-size snowman or reindeer, a wooden sled, and two candy canes. You can use these to create your own minimate holiday scene! Click to view larger image More to come soon!
  11. For those of you who were here the past couple of years and participated, you know how this works. Rules once again are pretty much the same. For those who either didn't participate or weren't around back then, please read the rules before signing up. You will be held accountable for them if you agree to participate. Here's how it works: To participate this year, you must have +5 positive feedback scores or higher in the trading thread. If you qualify, please email the following form with Minimate Multiverse Secret Santa Info as the title (so it doesn't go into my spam folder). This form MUST be submitted no later than 11/23/09 to participate. Names will be distributed the last week of November. Minimate Multiverse forum name: Email address you can be contacted at: Name you want packages sent to: Address to ship to: Special shipping instructions (if any): Are you willing to be a backup volunteer? Anyone you DON'T want to be assigned to? (I don't care why and won't tell anyone you opted not to get - it would just be nice to know in advance and avoid any potential issues.) Items you're interested in receiving? Any other notes/special info you feel we need to pass on to your Santa? The Rules The items should be sent no later than the 15th of December. This would allow time for holiday mail (and allow us time to circle the wagons to cover any problems that may pop up). Hopefully everyone would have their item(s) by Xmas. We will try to have US members send to US members and UK members send to UK members. This will cut down not only on shipping time but additional costs as well. Please be aware, there is a possibility we may have an odd number of participants from either side of the pond, so you may need to send to a foreign member. Every attempt will be made to avoid this, but things happen. If this is a problem, and you absolutely cannot send overseas, please make note of this in your email sign up. Identity of the sender: You do not tell people who you got until the final reveal on 12/30/08, or until the person guesses correctly, whichever comes first. NO trading! You send to the person you're assigned. Receivers can start guessing the sender as soon as they receive their item(s). Obviously, if you participate you must send an item. Regarding non-sending If you have signed up, and you find you can't fulfill your obligation to send a gift to the other member, be it for financial reasons, health problems, time constraints, or whatever other reasons there might be, it's ok. I understand - things happen. Please, all I ask is that you let me know as soon as possible. I have some volunteers to be backups - so we can get members reassigned and gifted - preferably before Christmas. I intend for there to be NO disappointments in this, even if it means I send the stuff myself. (Please don't make me do this, I'm paying off my wife's college and I've got 5 children...) I won't be pissed unless you just don't do anything without notifying me or a staff member. If you drop the ball you will not be allowed to participate next year and it will be noted in the master feedback list. As members, we've made this a great community. I want all the members to be able to have faith in one another, and depend on each other to fulfill our obligations. No maximum dollar limit for the sender - if someone wants to spend lots of $$ on their person, so be it. However, we will have a minimum $$ amount of $10.00 or whatever is equivalent in your country's currency. Each participant should give a list of items they are interested in - that way everyone isn't looking for Martian Manhunter/Gold Spidey mates. Also, if there's something you don't want (another Wolverine 'mate?) you should state that as well. Keep it PG-13. No Full Monty 'mates.
  12. Congrats to Shane and Karamazov - your Saints look like they have the potential for one loss this season. The rest of your schedule looks like smooth sailing all the way to a 1st round bye in the playoffs. My Bucs on the other hand... Well we might get a win against the Panthers late in the season. Barring that, theres a good chance of going 0-16. (Just couldn't let the Lions have that record by themselves, could we?)
  13. !Cough! Next TRU exclusive for wave 6 !Cough!! Sorry. Nasty frog in my throat. Don't mind me.
  14. Could be because they've sent me 3 now for the price of one. I ended up giving them to the boys to use with their LEGO sets. Can't believe I'm the only one who's gotten more than one of these in the mail for free.
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