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  1. Sorry I'm late on this one but I have a handfull on 360 wireless headsets and I LOVE them!!!! They sell for about $50 apiece.
  2. Oh Neo... Always the optomist when it comes to Nintendo. Let's be clear on why Nintendo is releasing a new system: Their shares are the lowest they've been in the last six years. Beyond that there has been nothing to confirm that they will attempt any of the things you described above. They haven't said they were going to do HD with the console and if anything there's a good chance they'll go the other way. They've already announced that it won't have any built in internal memory which is a good sign this is not going to be a powerhouse system. It will support SD cards similar to the Wii. From what they've announced this sounds to be more like the Gamecube than anything. It will be a home console with controllers that each have a screen that you can disconnect and play seperately (Anyone remember how hard Ninendo pushed "connectivity" with GBA & Gamecube?) I'm not bashing it. Honestly, I'm keeping an open mind since I used to be a Nintendo fan-boy. Especially since I have 2 boys, this console might be one I'm going to buy. That said this console IS NOT TO SHOW NINTENDO CAN STILL PLAY WITH THE BIG BOYS. And as for 360... Microsoft still hasn't announced it's successor so I'm going to wait and continue riding this console for all it's worth. Is it old and staring to show it's age? Yep. But as history shows us that's normally when the best games for a console come out. If they've got a replacement coming we'll find out in a month.
  3. WHEATLEY! Ohhhh Wheatley... Such a friggin funny character. [in country drawl] "I'm usin this voice so she can't pick it up on her voice sensors" GlaDOS "Hey little robot, I can hear you." [normal voice] "Oh! Don't have to do the voice. Run RUN!" LOL There are SO MANY awesome quotes! Don't worry, I won't post any since I don't want to spoil the game for those who haven't played yet. I'm now into chapter 7 and my only complaint is that there hasn't been any Wheatley dialogue for awhile.
  4. YOU USED A WALKTHROUGH!?!?!?!?!?! Shame Neo... Shame. Portal is a gem of an experience you can't get anywhere else... And part of that experience is getting frustrated. No cheating in Portal 2! Got it? I'm into chapter 6 in Portal 2. Fantastic game. Can't get enough... Especially of the new character. Can't remember his name but he is hilarious!
  5. Okay, I wanted to make sure to post this. EVERYONE READ IT. Sony HAS LOST your credit card information. Not only that it's very likely that they lied and DID lose the 3 digit security number too. Congress is now dealing with them AND the FBI to find out how much of what Sony has said over the last 2 weeks is bullsh*t. 2.2 million credit card numbers have already been sold and it looks like more are on the way. CHANGE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER. Alright, I'm now editing this post because I skimmed the article I read, and now going back the IS the possibility that the 2.2 million credit cards is untrue. Here is the article:
  6. Yeah, the reality is that what's done is done. Right now Sony needs to figure out where to go next, and hopefully that involves trying to make it up to their consumers.
  7. Yea, I'm not jumping on the "change your credit card train," it would mean updating too many services I use it for. That said, on 1up they reported that there HAVE been several issues with credit card fraud that coincide with the timing of PSN's breakdown, but they may just be coincidences. Cross your fingers.
  8. "Smurfed" LOL. That about sums it up. Good news though... They say PSN will be back up in a week.
  9. Yep. I can post a link in a second. The source I have says they found out about the intrusion SOMEWHERE BETWEEN the 17th & 19th. Intentionally vague on how long they've known. But here you go: Also, for those of you interested, this article shows how political this fiasco is getting:
  10. I am not happy Bob. Not. Happy. Thankfully I don't think I actually gave them credit card stuff but I'm going by my bank tomorrow to see if I can do something about my card in case there was any problem there. Hopefully you didn't. I didn't think I had until DC Universe started direct charging mine a few months back. The whole thing is a friggin gong show. The worst part is how Sony is dealing with it. Step 1: Find out you've been hacked and someone has access to your user's info. Step 2: Wait a week to tell your users that they have said information. And you know how Sony is making it up to us? Free credit checks! Hurray! Now I can find out if they screwed me over FOR FREE!?!?!
  11. I completely agree with you Bri, I bought my PS3 for the same reason. I LOVE the games available on PS3, and dealing with fanboys is among the worst experience a gamer can have. That's why I own both systems (and owned a Wii). In the end though, I sold my Wii because the Kinect did the same thing without the clutter. I've kept both other systems though because they both have so much to offer. When it comes to the PS3 though it's the console itself that's so frustrating. There are definetly great things available to those who play on the PS3, and I used to suggest it to people trying to decide which console to get. Unfortunatly they've dropped the ball SO MUCH on me in the last 6 months that those days are gone. Unless someone is looking for a Blu-Ray player I direct them to the 360. I'm a gamer, but the reality is, if I only had a PS3 this last year would have turned me off of gaming. Sony possibly having lost the credit card information of all their users is just icing on the cake. Back on topic: I get my copy of Portal 2 tonight!!!!
  12. Well PSN has been a gong show this week. For those of you who don't know it's been down since Wednesday. I am blown away by the fact that people still defend PSN vs XBL. Yes, it's free... But you get what you pay for. Specifically, that currently means PSN was hacked and Sony had to turn it off to assess the damage. At this point they're not sure what the hackers got... By this I mean how many credit card numbers. Luckily XBL is still doing fine. Hooray! I happily pay $25 a year for a service that doesn't disappoint me at EVERY opportunity. If Sony lost my credit card information... So help me...
  13. If only the PSN wasn't down worldwide, I'd be able to get said Steam copy. Easiest solution I can think of is to buy a 360.
  14. You can customize your look in ME1. In ME2 you are so burned and deadlike that their surgery let's you redesign yourself. This was good for me since my character was UGLY in ME1. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense that people can recognize from the first one, but who cares? As for the "order" of missions in ME2, sorry, it's been awhile since I've played and I can't remember exactly which mission those are. That said, the order once matters ONCE during the game and I'm pretty sure neither of those missions are the one I'm referring to.
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