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    Music I have been playing the guitar for 6 yrs. I am a classicaly trained musician. I also like hard rock and metal. I enjoy training and working out, I think that you only have one body and you should try to take care of it. I also enjoy the Villain Venom from the SPider Man series and have just started a Venom collection. My newest addiction is Minimates!!

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  1. I would like to see Metal Gear Solid minimates. It's a playstation game that is massively popular, with great characters and storyline. Plus they have 3 stories/arcs out and the 4th on its way out this year for the ps3
  2. SymbioteSpawn

    Clint Barton....

    thanks for the top secret info
  3. SymbioteSpawn

    Spider-Man 3 is out Friday!

    Saw it Today, It was incredibly over hyped . The movie itself felt way to too cramed with characters and the movie itself felt like if they got left overs of the first two films and put them together. Just with the Venom plot they could have had an extremely great movie, but it just felt too cramed, there was no real villain just about three little villain in one movie. The love triangle from the first film is back and it last around the 3/4 of the movie. Spider man when he is leaping and climbing looks too computerized and looks really awkward. The beginning of the movie it looks like everything is going good but then, the movie doesn't really go no where rom there. Out of the whole fight scenes non of them compare to the train fight of Spider man 2. They were just stale and the camera was moving it was hard to think about what was really going on, who was winning who was losing. Anyways i would give it a C out of a top rating of an A. I wish i read the reviews before going to see the movie.
  4. SymbioteSpawn

    Spider-Man 3 is out Friday!

    i'm in
  5. SymbioteSpawn

    DVD Discussion

    I'm a HUGE fan of Anime. Theres was a good series called Hellsing. The basic plot is that a U.K. Organization called Hellsing, founded by the family Hellsing, has captures a vampire called Alucard (dracula backwars :o) Anyways they set out to fight other "evil" vampires and ghouls. Ghouls are zomobies but are under a vampires control. The anime is very interesting and fans of this Anime would Love the OVA. An Ova is like a reanimation of the anime itself, only with a much better budget, and the anime sticks much more to the plotline of the manga. Any way I got the Ova os hellsing Vol.1 it is what I hoped it would be. Everything is better, but I advise be careful with children, this ova is alot more bloodier and gorier than the original series, I say kids watch with caution. I got the Limited Edition which cost around 40 dlrs on The limited addition comes with a Metallic special case (gorgeous btw) with a realistic and satanic looking Alucard bust (extremly nice) THe special features are extremely good. Interviews, subs, original language (japanese) commericals that they showed to adv in Japan. I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10, but with the special features of the LE (limited edition) 10 out of 10.
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    Minimate Target Madness!

    Sounds good ady I will defently be buying some minimates.
  7. SymbioteSpawn

    TENIME_art Returns!!!

    really enjoyed your artwork and minimates, top notch stuff. Really like spawn also.
  8. Think they will make the car also?
  9. SymbioteSpawn

    Iron Man Movie Mates

    yes the more minimates the better. I also liked TBT! idea of the warmachine.
  10. SymbioteSpawn

    Iron Man Movie

    Super Hero movies are going to be huge this year. I think they are going to release batman II this year not too sure on that though.
  11. SymbioteSpawn

    The Transformers Thread

    ya realized that sorry for that ill edit my post
  12. SymbioteSpawn

    What's Dr. Strange's box set?

    what he said
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    The Transformers Thread

    Where could I get myclone that would not be ebay? I have been looking all over but to no avail
  14. Is there a reason Starbuck is holding Six's hand? Yes I want to know also.
  15. SymbioteSpawn

    Graham's Customs.

    Nice work on Iron man!