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  1. I would love to try a custom toad anyone have yet? Id love to see
  2. Any other X-Men Villains I need to get? Im having a hard time remembering them I know Mr Sinister had a group but I would need to custom build them
  3. That would be awesome I get paid this week so if you see it there and have extra money to grab it I can send the money threw paypal! Also if you know of anyone with a Vulture for a reasonable price let me know would help a lot : )
  4. I still have a lot to do when it comes to my avengers set and I am still in need of a hydra team! This guy on ebay had a Vulture for 50$ and I made him a offer of 30$ and he said its lowest I will take for it now and I asked why even put a best offer button then? Makes no sense to me they try and get every penny out of you now a days Finally my Galactic set!!! I need to find a place to put them all together I ran out of room! Heralds of Galactus Other Cosmic Villains My Galactic Heros! All my Extra figures I dont yet know what to do with lol I was looking into getting a lot of other figures but Ebay market is Brutal sometimes.
  5. The one i seen on ebay was 50$ Im also looking to get both angels and I was going to try and make a custom Sauron with my Reaper. I have a lot of other X-Men that are in my Case still!
  6. I cant find a Bishop unless I buy the Uncanny X-Men Box Set and the Angels I am ebay watching!! Here are some of my Spider-Man I am working on buying some plastic display cases for them because i have no room and I am still looking for a decent priced Vulture
  7. My new X-Men and BrotherHood Display let me know what you think and who to add! Custom Morph didnt know what else to use for his jacket also have his other head to change out but didnt know best hair piece. Recommendations? Also Shout Out to Lukes Toy Store on the Decals love them I also just set up my Spider Man and Avengers Display and I am working on my Galactic one next running out of room
  8. Thanks Mysterious Stranger : P and I think i have around 120-140 I just get the Marvel Stuff right now but soon I think I will get into TMNT
  9. So Sorry the photos are not very good but I was in a hurry this morning! Also the boxes and temporary lol I even had to use a Star Crunch Box when I ran out of Mail Boxes! Any helpful tips to Display them would be nice they are starting to pile up someone recommended Lego's but they are expensive and after my girlfriend seen the bank statement she gave me a limit to what i can spend per month lol But hope you enjoy i can upload better ones tonight also if some key figures are missing tell me or if they don't fit with that "Theme" it would help a lot!
  10. : ) i wont thanks for the advice
  11. Hello all I am 21 years old and I am a new collector of Minimates!! I wanted to collect for a while now and I didn't have much space so I couldn't collect Marvel Legends or the 3.75 figures then i found Minimates and wow the diversity and size fit perfect with me!! My first Minimates were the Hulk threw the Ages box set and now I am kinda hooked I recently bought the Excalibur Box set and nothing makes me happier then displaying my Minimates on my desk at work!!
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