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  1. Something strange happened to me during the quarantine. I got bored and checked out Apple TV's "For All Mankind". I knew about it before but dismissed it as some silly "Astronaut Wives Club" style soap opera. It started off slow but once it got into space I could ignore all the ridiculous soap opera. Thanks to this show I find the history of real spaceflight much more interesting than any sci fi universe. That includes Mass Effect. After finishing the first season I dived into "The Right Stuff", "Apollo 13", and "First Man". I think the Saturn V is the most beautiful machine humanity has even built! Perhaps a realistic astronaut show would draw in more mainstream TV viewers than a sci fi space opera.
  2. It is a shame that the Mass Effect minimate line never really took off! I was looking forward to seeing Joker or even Captain Anderson in minimate form. Do we need more Mass Effect minimates?
  3. Any plans for more Mass Effect minimates? I would love to have Joker and Admiral Anderson! Also Andromeda is coming up!
  4. Space opera used to be popular on TV. We had stuff like like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Babylon 5. No current show on TV takes place aboard a spaceship. So what killed the genre? Bad acting? Considered too nerdy by the general population? Stupid looking aliens? Low quality special effects? Horrible or unrelatable stories? Maybe we were spoiled by the high quality of shows like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead which makes developing a space opera that would appeal to this generation take a immense amount of resources.
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