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  1. I dont mind in the slightest Vash If ya do though make sure ya take pictures and ya let the good people know where the designs came from, I can be no fairer than that Oh before I do forget there is one more concept.... but I am afraid this one is staying under lock and key, I'm saving it for next year as there will hopefully be a custom concept contest and that design is gonna be going to go straight into the contest, well I hope a custom concept contest comes up <G> cheers, Tk
  2. Yes the bats is, Jonny is from the front of the Fantastic four box with the flame added myself... and the Superman is very ingenious What I did was take an image of one of my minimates upside down in that pose, outlined him and filled it in by using photoshop. By using a Superman minimate to base the design so its official cheers, Tk
  3. Im hoping you mean my designs and actually not me, as I am not for sale... but I am but one person and my works dont even compare to those at AA/DST who make em for a living <G> But thanks all the same newaddict does mean a lot. cheers, Tk
  4. WANTED: More people to chat with! Seeking Minimate fans for fun and good times. cheers, Tk
  5. Have they ever thought about signing up instead of just lurking? cheers, Tk
  6. Didn't know where to put it so thought here I think 54 has been the most lurkers I have ever seen, unless some of em are bots. cheers, Tk
  7. Go for it thats what I had in mind... oh and if you need any help with locating images and things let me know, there's a good website with different angles and shots. Might be useful Thanks for the kind words. cheers, Tk
  8. No if its sealed leave it sealed and open it on the 30th of december Well thats what it says in accordance with the rules, for the big reveal. I'm still waiting for my gift to arrive so I can send it to my Secret Santa as the company I've ordered it from are being a bit slow. cheers, Tk
  9. I know that's why Im hoping they arrive this week Im cool, im chilled. cheers, Tk
  10. I think mine got lost in the post Hopefully they should arrive this next week, I hope they do If not... meh! cheers, Tk
  11. UPDATE: A full wave of reborn Thundercat Minimates, including the new Cats and Jaga. cheers, Tk P.S Also my name sake
  12. LoL, but note you shudda had the British Flag cheers, Tk
  13. Come on Biz, no holding out on us I was here for a day and I have my own little thread and everything cheers, Tk
  14. Okay Robot Chicken is a claymation thing, and Calvin and Hobbes is a cartoon script, and our regular Lurch77 has them as his Avatar hence the relation between the kid and tiger and Lurch77. Beyond that I know nothing cheers, Tk
  15. LOL, I saw that episode of Robot Chicken the other night... and I laughed really hard, when I saw it reminded me of Lurch77 straight away << This is pretty funny from a Simpsons point of view <G> cheers, Tk P.S anyone seen the WOW South Park Episode?
  16. :o I can never eat at Pizza hut ever again... and I love Pizza Hut. cheers, Tk
  17. "Minivenom is One....!!!" Aww man.... well at least I got to be first for a change all though I can't win <G> I still havent received my Chun Li and Bison, but they will come I know it. Good luck guys. cheers, Tk EDIT: Donny that was revenge for youtube wasnt it?
  18. Oh welcome oh one Designer of Minimates cheers, Tk
  19. Im sowwee Ady, *a little tear well's up in the corner of my eye with giant puppy dog eyes*
  20. *hides* Yes I had changed them, I just hadn't realised u'd saved the original copies... I didn't like the blurry bit beside the X and since there was a better MM logo to work from I did a Redo. Hurt me if you must, but I have a habit of changing stuff all the time. cheers, Tk P.S I still have the originals on PB.
  21. You may want to remove that video as its proof that you stole them..... Nah just kidding, nice video's guys Now this one is not me, but I was a directing a play and this was one of the outtakes from that play <G> cheers, Tk
  22. HA! You have given up your true identity Donny B, your loved ones will be in danger... you should never reveal your true identity... I knew I had seen your face before, those damn wanted posters! <G> AH-HA! I shall be phoning crimestoppers Bruticus, I wondered where my crates went... expect the police within the hour <G> cheers, Tk
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