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  1. NOOOOOO!!!! I wondered why I had a headache.
  2. DP your image disappeared. Deadpool is cheating... he made this thread just to get everyone else to paste up there images so he had new images to throw darts at.... cheers, Tk
  3. Ady means this one of course Ady and Rose (not the Titanic)
  4. Hehehehe A fun thread. I was sitting on a stage as im a budding actor, with a giant foam sword and snap the picture was taken Oh and I have more than just this one, may consider digging them out. <G> This is me This is also me cheers, Tk
  5. Just if anyone looks at this thread and see's the negative comment above it is very untrue. The staff and guys from the board are very generous and will do the utmost to help a fellow fan out, I mean I messaged a person from the board by accident for something else from someone else and that person sent me a box of minimates from the goodness of his own pocket. It's also the first pair of minimates I own and I will keep them. I have since repaid that kindness as for the old saying goes, what goes around comes around. The above comment couldn't be so wrong for this board, as the contests are fab and they're doing them for the fun of it and without any extra backing its all from there own pockets. They have nothing to gain from this at all but they're doing it because they want too. I'll stop now before I get into a major rant. *gets down of soapbox* cheers, Tk EDIT: Just one more thing, thanks guys for having a cool forum
  6. Thar Chat be open, Arrrr!!!! cheers, Tk
  7. Right well, here we go <G> The Avatar is pretty explanatory, if you don't know what it is... just don't even bother talking too me, as you should know what it is, but if your younger than 15 then you have an excuse as the Thundercats was before your time. Okay now the fun part as I've had a long history of nick names which as has lead to the ultimate version. When I got onto the highspeed dial-up internet I was thrilled and my name was Puma16, and I am now 21 so it wasn't all that long ago. So from Puma it went to Black_Cat, because I love cats all though the big kind not the small ones that claw ya to death and climb curtains. Then it went to Meer_Kat as I love meer cats as they are just so mint, then it went to Retro_Kat, this is because of a reference too Thundercats as its considered to be Retro. As it goes you get bored of nicknames and in my head I came up with Totalus_Kat and its kinda stuck There are a few meanings to this nickname, one being Total Cat which expands into Totally cool cat reference back to the big cats. It also make's reference too Thundercats, being a T and to make it that little bit cooler (sad I know) change the C to a K. Thus the birth of Totalus_Kat cheers, Tk
  8. WEEEEE!!! *Plays a little a trumpet* cheers, Tk
  9. And here it is Star Trek: Minimate Style cheers, Tk
  10. Hey that was cool Bring back animated Trek <G> cheers, Tk EDIT: I'm uploading the video onto youtube. for a very short time only, maybe for a few hours
  11. UPDATE: I'm working on some uber cool secret stuff All though I dont have photoshop atm, I'll have it from next friday, so I can get down to some hard grafting <G> So without a further ado, here's a sneak peak into my latest project Small I am, strong I will be Plus it stops my thread from disappearing off the bottom. cheers, Tk
  12. But just like Ady said, if the idea has been broached before and rebuked... then what makes this time any different? I mean when has any Toy company listened to what it's fan's wants? Its sad to say but whether its a Toy company or a Film Production company they do what sells, and as said above there is no guarantee if they do this that they will gain money and stand a big chance of loosing the cash. cheers Tk
  13. Why not stop there? The whole create a mate? If DST produced just blank pieces of accessories, all different from each other... then the customisers out there could paint them up and create there own mates eliminating the mess of sculpey etc. Alternatively in the case of providing those blank pieces, what about Decals? Printing various images on a sheet of acetate then all we'd do is apply them to the mates and hey presto new mates. The potential in Create-A-Mate is endless. But yet its a fantastic idea. cheers, Tk
  14. Cool Beans Xybot, thats really thoughtful... and a good way to generate buisness Cheers, Tk
  15. I need help, unlike Ebay... I'm hooked on another Online company called Play.Com I have a strange urge to keep buying things from I think I need help.... they make it too easy :S cheers, Tk
  16. Maybe missus Claus has something for ya <G> hehehe. After all u'll be playing Santa for the little'un cheers, Tk
  17. Todays lesson was brought to you by the letters A, D and Y, and the lesson learnt this week, is not to message strangers. Well unless they wear neat clothes and hang out on street corners, in this case he's called Timbo. cheers, Tk
  19. Nope neither am I and neither will Jules, as Tom Hardy in her stocking won't be there... unless they invent real clones <G> My christmas days are pretty much up, I don't have any younger brother or sisters and my cousins are either older or I don't get along well with. So I get what I'm given All though I can't wait to get my present from my secret santa Im dying to find out whom it is. cheers, Tk
  20. For all you die hard Star Wars Fans, I give you: Darth Vader The Musical For the Trek fans that do frequent the boards <G> Picard Song cheers, Tk
  21. Speaking of JLo's ass, it appeared Look down <G> cheers, Tk EDIT: Well it was but Ady got it
  22. God man, im surrounded by stalkers.... if this is what a minimate addict is like, then I'm out. But as they say whats one mans trash is another mans treasure, just dont rifle through mine yeah cheers, Tk
  23. Erm... Pyrot, where have ya been? They're in the DC part of the forum. Here to be exact: cheers, Tk
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