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  1. ^^ yes lets blame it all on Ady, he left and the gloves came off and AA forum is falling a part... or was it already... not entirely sure. cheers, Tk \/\/ I agree with TBT, said it numerous times... but there is lots of love here
  2. Indeed... slightly annoying, but he/she is making a very big point, there are no MODS to remove his posts, so it really does say 'I'm not bothered anymore' cheers, Tk
  3. Wow very nice Well done MMV staff for getting a reveal right here on our own boards... just shows that people are sitting up and taking notice ay. cheers, Tk
  4. I can go one better, I designed a concept minimate of you <G> I like the MMV forum because not only is it a place to get know your better man and woman, its also a place where like minded people get together and have fun. I keep coming back at all times through the day to see whats on offer on this day and who has the local gossip on some of the more interesting films or something that gets my attention the same could be said for the OLD AA board, all though as of late like Jules I cancelled my AA account as they're full of empty promises and why bother going there when I can get a faster scoop from other reliable sources such as here. cheers, Tk
  5. Minimates are the way forward, they arent for melting and they arent for racing... they are there to be played with and enjoyed by all whether your 5 or 55 everyone can enjoy a piece of plastic crack. I like minimates because they are not just a toy but a friend as they can fit in your pocket or almost anywhere and they're designs are just great plus the designs are many and everyone can at least find one they admire and love. cheers, Tk
  6. Very nice... but arent they pretty much the same as the last time? cheers, Tk
  7. 1) How long does it usually take for the designs of the Minimate to become reality? 2) Of all your lines which ones are your favourite to make? 3) Has there been any thought into creating Minimate dioramas? As in the sense of Wolverine Minimate launching himself at Juggernaut? Or Spider-man webbing up Venom, all the statuettes of course in Minimate form. 4) The accessories for the Trek mates are fantastic, is this going to be a new feature of DST/AA to include new accessories?
  8. Actually we didn't... we had a run of 3 main characters + a Kirk with tribbles and then a run of 3 other characters so in total 7 3" there were other MM in development and they were pulled but that was when AA was working alone. I'd say there were plenty of Marvel minimates out and about and they're is the income for those... but if they don't give other lines the chance to live and thrive then they're going to become a one trick pony and frankly im bored of just having Marvel mates granted there are DC mates on there way. But the Marvel line has been sucky you've had more Wolvies and Spideys than anything else and I would honestly go out and buy Trek minimates as they were never really given the chance as by the time I was about to obtain them I found out they weren't making them anymore. I am also sure you guys will get Thor some time in the near future because god bless DST/AA havent been pestered about that enough so yes they know who's wanted. Besides Minimates are going to be around for awhile yet and I'm sure once the kinks and bugs are worked out again that the newer lines should be fun. Just my two cents. cheers, Tk Sidenote: It wouldn't be a forum without ya Jules <G>
  9. Can I just say its great what DST are doing... but I want to TAG something to this Q&A. When asking your questions can you check to see if it hasn'rt been asked before just to make sure you don't ask the same question as before as they're gonna get bored of asking the same questions over and over again, even if you re-word them. I'm not wanting to be evil or add any malice but look at it from there point of view they answered a question do they want to answer it again? cheers, Tk EDIT: Sounds wrong, like I'm demanding you do it <G>
  10. ^^ We havent seen the last of Ms Shinzon to be, you can count on that.... all though if indeed there are more Trek mates, then there is a chance that those Trek fans may find there way... shields to full and arm the torpedoes this is going to be fun. cheers, Tk
  11. Ah god bless wikipedia I now understand the whole civil war thing and where Iron Spidey etc comes from, anyway sounds interesting to the say least. cheers, Tk
  12. Point taken TBT oh person of wise and wisdom, hmmm thats two words I thought I would ever associate with TBT Anyway I was thinking along the lines of an additional two not like a full mass of them as that would be silly. They would be selected by the current staff and of course be people they know I of course hede your advice and stop there as the point was made above no need to carry it on. cheers, Tk
  13. Your what and your what now? As I said above... *woosh* over my head. cheers, Tk
  14. Can I ask what this is all about as its gone woosh over my head? cheers, Tk
  15. ^^ *Cough* Seconded *Cough* All though nice work on the upgrade and I have to totalus agree with everything said above there have been times when I have been frustrated by the idioms and the short replies as some of them arent funny or continuing a thread in anyway. A bit more heavy hand on the moderation is needed... maybe employing the trusted few to help the staff mod the boards? You guys do so much work so you guys should be allowed the time to unwind and concentrate on doing other things to aid the board... brining on board a few hand selected moderators those you know are gonna do a decent job involved to lend a hand so you guys are not pressured so much anymore. If they're hand selected that way you know who is not going to jerk about, delete topics or start being too domineering and heading the way another forum went. Just some idea's to help you out. Kudos to the Staff of MMV. cheers, Tk
  16. EEEEK! The MMV is talking Trek... I've died and gone to heaven <G> I think they may do 2 packs say TMP: Matt and Illia TWOK: Kirk and Spock TNG: Picard and Locutus DS9: Sisko and Gul Dukat VOY: Janeway and Queen ENT: Archer and Silik... I dunno perhaps a few possibilities but the lists for double packs are endless, but it could be they're doing minimates to test the waters again to see what sells and what doesnt for future references? Also not forgetting they did the whole designs on TNG minis so it's possible they're going to finish what they're starting. cheers, Tk SIDENOTE: I don't think we need a Trek forum, because I don't want to descend into AA madness with more annoying topics and AA/DST need to make this etc. As it'll only encourage it... as yes I admit it, Trekkies can be annoying.
  17. I've been thinking over the last week or so of doing a new pet project for a bit of fun but for once actually make something by getting together all the relevant pieces and by perhaps making Minimate Statuettes? EG. making a minimate mould and then filling it with plaster-of-paris and then painting em up too look like awards or something else thus not damaging my current minimates or creating a mini-diorama with bushes or a street... or something along those lines...? What ya think? or would this be breaking Minimate rules... as they would only be for me and definitely not for re-sale, dunno just curious and possibly the mess of it all and getting my hands dirty <G> or looking for advice on how to proceed. cheers, Tk
  18. I enjoyed it, Tennant has said in a few interviews he's not ready to leave just yet... but he will leave when the time feels right so he could be lasting a little while And regardless of how long Tennant stays in the role he's a talented actor and will be able to shrug of the 'typecasting' of the doctor. I didn't like Ms. Tate in this episode and found her to be very dry and boring, all though there were many aspects of the episode I did like <G> cheers, Tk
  19. So Christmas has been and gone... and there has to be more opened SSG out there somewhere <G> cheers, Tk
  20. Erm Seanus, don't want to bust your bubble but Christmas Invasion was last year This year it was called Runaway Bride... and not all of us here are Brits, so quite a large majority of the board will go huh? As they're still stuck watching Season 1 Or they could download them from the Net. Anyway a fun episode and cant wait for season 3 and end of Torchwood <G> cheers, Tk P.S there is something missing from the trailer online that was at the end of the trailer for the Runaway Bride, I won't spoil it... for those who want to know what it was, just drop me a PM. I also insist that no one says here or in a spoiler tag as not everyone wants things spoiled
  21. Merry Christmas everyone Have a good one. Cheers, Martin
  22. Well done guys Damn it... I will win one of these <G> cheers, Tk
  23. Oh yeah Kudos Reideen and Reideen's better half <G> Poor, poor, Ady what'cha gonna do, things look bad for you, hey what'cha gonna do? cheers, Tk P.S I knew, that you knew but I knew you that you knew about them but I also knew that you didnt know I knew about them... because I also knew that the MMV logo is on the back of those shirts, as it was me who suggested Jadian ask you for permission <G>
  24. No Ady we won't let you die, I can vouch for Xybot As I knew who it was all along, I was offered one of those T-shirts but I turned him down They are cool T-shirts btw Jadian, kudos to you. cheers, Tk
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