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  1. I love Jareth, as the Labrynth is one of my favourite films Very nicely done. cheers, Totalus
  2. *DUCKS* HE'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!!! WE'RE GONNA DIE!!! nice work T. looks very cool. cheers. Totalus
  3. Re-design coming some time soon Jules I promise I intend to give the Julesmate a re-design also. cheers, Totalus
  4. Daleks back in season 3 me thinks, wanting revenge cheers, Totalus
  5. Not entirely sure either but it was designed anyway... its basically got a minimate head, and roughly the same dimensions. But other than there is no true relation between the Dalek Minimate or an actual Minimate. Would be a challenge to make but I cant make them, dont have the know how... but there are others out there who can, and the Cyberman would be a good un to do I did Shinzon ages ago You just musnt of noticed, at some point I am gonna alter all my designs and make them a little better, but its a project I shall have fun doing. cheers, Totalus Btw, *HINT*
  6. I opened my thread already all my old and the newest bunch of concepts are there, i'll get around to updating th gallery soon, as it'll take me awhile. But I wont be putting up the Jules and Bern's concepts as they're apart of another community... but i'll cook up a new Jules concept since ur here. cheers, Totalus
  7. Thanks TBT, ran out of idea's atm... but I'll get a thinking There's plenty of idea's out there. cheers, Totalus
  8. If the forum ever comes back... then maybe, Im gonna continue to buy the AA Star Trek line, but whether Tk returns to the Forum is another matter, found a new place to call home. cheers, Totalus
  9. I have to admit... I was not expecting it, the minute the cyberman said its not ours, I was like :o OMG!!! whats happening, then EXTERMINATE!!!! Hoooked!! bring on next saturday. cheers Totalus
  10. :o *Sweet* anyone fancy going into a coma and wake up for the Spidey Film? cheers, Totalus
  11. Erm yeah I am Totalus... and its good to be back cheers, Totalus
  12. Huzzah! I have returned, I had some keepers before I lost photoshop I am now releasing the images of my last and final concepts, there are no more and these are the ones I consider to be my best works of all the others, so here they are: Cheers, Tk Pirates of the Carribean: The Black Pearl GEN 1 Captain Jack Sparrow Star Wars:GEN 1 Yoda Anakin Skywalker III Obiwan Kenobi III Mace Mindu III Thundercats:GEN 2 Mumra the ever living Lion-o Tygra Panthro Cheetara Wile Kit Wile Kat Lynx-O Pumyra Bengali Ghost Jaga Mumra Torchwood: GEN 1 Captain Jack Harkness Gwen Cooper Owen Harper Tashiko Sato Doctor Who: Gen 2 The Doctor Rose Tyler Cyberman Stargate SG1: GEN 1 Col. Jack O Neill Maj. Samantha Carter Teal'c Doc. Daniel Jackson Col. Cameron Mitchell Vala Mal Doran Prior to the Ori Stargate Atlantis: Gen 2 John Sheppard Ronan Dex Elizabeth Weir Rodney McKay Teyla Emmagen Carson Beckett Wraith Firefly: Gen 2 Malcolm Reynolds Zoe Washbourne Hoban Washbourne Inara Serra Jayne Cobb River Tam Simon Tam Kaylee Frye LOST: COMING SOON Charlie Pace John Locke Star Trek: Gen 2 Shinzon Deanna Troi William Riker Movies: -Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy Marvin Marvin II Marvel: -Spiderman Spiderman Spiderman 3 Deadpool
  13. Some might know me, some might not... I dont have the knowledge or resources too build actual customs, however I am a designer... and boy do I have some designs for you cheers, Totalus
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