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  1. I had a thought... perhaps a code should be written for a News/Flash announcer? Along the top of the forum so the people of the forum can see release dates and important little notes from the forum such as the new impressive chat, or a new feature... ya know the kind of things they're to be used for. cheers, Tk
  2. Is anyone else having difficulty logging onto chat? cheers, Tk
  3. It does yes... question: When the chat is open it says im logged in as Ady? Is that because of the Mods or am I really Ady. cheers, Tk
  4. Sorry man I was, was chatting to my mam n sister, maybe next time <G> cheers, T
  5. ^^ of course Titan thats what makes it more fun, a contest without Titan on the forum... <G> Congrats guys, Tk *Waits for the next one which I can enter again* Now we have this nifty chat area, perhaps the first five with the usual rules applying entering chat would be a good thing?
  6. Ty Fuji's, still got a few more WIP So I havent quite ran out of idea's. cheers, Totalus
  7. Im in it to win it Its fun, you actually get to talk to some real people cheers, Tk
  8. ^^ Or maybe I just think there is people missing <G> It's really hard to find something bad about here tho. cheers, Totalus
  9. The Good: I think your contests, your genoristy and just the amazing feeling thats hanging around the board... I have yet to see any major bitch fests unlike another board but thats mostly because of the *cough* Dreaded Trekkies *cough* but I'm genuine when I say there is a great community here. The Bad: Because of the AA boards suddenly dying, there are a lot of people big names from the minimate custom lark missing.... I cant think of any right now. But with them not being here it kinda makes the board feel that little less active.... all though its been made up for. The Ugly: Yeah deffo Reideen's avatar. cheers, Totalus EDIT: Jules... shhhhh!!! I dont want them knowing yet <G>
  10. If there was a shinzon minimate I bet you'd have him in a minute <G>
  11. Any idea when we're gonna be told who've we got? Cos im looking at things and getting ideas <G> cheers, Totalus
  12. Danny are you doing things ya shudnt? I mean its one thing to get a date but to take a minimate to a drive in movie... thats just weird. cheers, Totalus
  13. Indeed and the next thing ya know u'll be trying to customise them even further... Babymate into Ironman... or a Spiderman Just dont remove the head and limbs. cheers, Totalus
  14. Congrats coming to a cinema near you.... In a World without minimates... The Babymate has begun to take the world by storm! cheers, Totalus
  15. Shouldnt that be 10/12/06 since its already passed your date I mean I know what you mean by the date as everyone does it differently... but for us people who do it the other way its the Tenth of the twevlth in december I am correct arent I? cheers, Totalus
  16. Sorry for my late reply... but I was away yesterday *drum roll* I too have Ryu... but mine is in white suit Ryu Again thanks to JL for providing the gift, but thank you to the whole team at Minimate Multiverse as without you good, kind hearted people, there would be no contest or Forum at that Congrats, Totalus
  17. *HUGS* cheers, Totalus P.S Next please
  18. Would a gold spray painted spidey make people happy? cheers, Totalus
  19. Woot! See spreading the love is good and here at the TK foundation we're practically giving away Harleys... theres one in the post <G> cheers, Totalus
  20. Well no one contacted me but I made my way here with a little prodding on another board, but I am glad to be here... I could sing more praises etc but I've done enough <G> cheers, Totalus
  21. Indeed one very very stupid person cheers, Totalus
  22. :o well I suppose at least you got the figure you sent to that person I doubt that'll happen here tho Unless you want one of the staff members on a rooftop waiting too snipe you out of existance <G> cheers, Totalus
  23. Hi People, I thought about this for perhaps a few seconds, I dont exactly want to banish the topics from below but need a little more happiness on the board so Im gonna spread some love: This is what you do, everyone has to say at least something to be happy for and this topic is gonna represent that, so it'll be about the flowers and gayness (the happy gay ) I'll start it off, I'm happy for its almost approaching my favourite season being winter... as the cold brings snow but with that coldness it also gives me good cause for staying in bed that little bit longer when its cold in the house, and also reasons at night to cuddle the one you love. Also the fact he comes home from down south <G> Next please... cheers, Totalus P.S It could be anything to be happy about, a fave picture or something that makes you happy
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