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    Toys, Comics. VideoGames,Drawing and everything before with Wrestling infront of it.
  1. Graham's Customs.

    Loving the batmna's..gods I wish you were selling LOL I'd buy
  2. Okay this is the line I am gonna try to make... 1.Wolverine lord of the vampires... Gonna need to know if thiers a vampire looking cape out thier in minimate land for me to use with this, Alsio gonna have to get the Brown and Tan Wolvie any ideas on the cape though? 2.Punisher with Dr. Strange Cape....Again a Cape issue..any ideas 3.Punisher as Venom...Shouldn't be that hard. 4.Spidey in the Fantasic Four..or five..This is gonna be tricky but then again I think a old school spidey with maybe a F4 sticker might work best..any ideas? and that's all I got for now til I study other issues but any help with these as in ideas or thoughts of new ones would be great
  3. What If Minimates

    I know I know..It's a tall order especailly with alot of classic characters not having minimates yet, But yea gotta admit, alot of different styles of the same Minis have already been done and well I figure boxing a best of what if's four pack would be a great idea My line up up idea.. Fantasic Five Spider Man from Issue 1 Vol 1 What if Wolverine was lord of the Vampires Issue 24 Vol 2 What if Venom had Possesed The Punisher Issue 44 Vol 2 Sorcerer Supreme Doom from issue 52 Vol 2 Possible Exclusives? Continued Mutation Thing and Beat from issue 37 2-pack Any thoughts or ideas? Also I really wish somehow they could do a DC/Marvel Amalgam Minimates The Four Pack Spider Boy Dark Claw Super Soldier Iron Latern Exclusive Lobo The Duck!!!!!!!!!
  4. I figured this would be the right place to ask being you all would know lol 1.I'm finding it hard to remove certain Mask and Helmets without removing the head [Especailly Magneto and Juggernaut] Any Tips? 2.Is thier a safe way to change the legs..not the bottom half that connects to the foot pieces but rather the legs that attach to the torso, Is it possible to remove them safely or impossible?
  5. Captain America spoiler inside

    Jesus Mary and Jospeh How many Major Events can be done i a row, or at the same time!! I'd dig it if the Pay offs were a bit better,Cap Dying sounds like a fix to the unhappy ending of the civil war to me..Either way..with all these events basically Marvel is saying..EAT TIE-INS BITCHES!!
  6. DST Q&A 3 - Questions

    1.Any Chance of seeing Minimates Based on Professional Wrestlers? 2.You mentioned it takes 9 months to do a Mini, I find that hard to understand seeing you have the design laid out for you already, Why does it take so long? No offence.
  7. I got this Puzzle a long long time ago, It's from 1980 I believe, But I never found anyone who could say the artist was.. Sorry I know the picture is dark but if you can help me I'll make it worth your while. Thanks
  8. Just My Artwork

    Lincensed Characters Ren &Stimpy -Betnik Series WWE Zombies-Rey Mysterio Sasuke Vs. Liger Roadwarriors Bad Blood Fantasy Promo Civil War Yo Jimbo!! Joey Ramone Angel [Miss him] Captin's Big Boy Homer Freddy Comic Cover Concept 2-Katies World Freddy Concept Cover 1-The Rematch Orginals Helltor Diablo Bloody Mary Midas Robot Werewolf Logo Who Promo Vampire The Hunter Robot2 Touching God [And he's pressing charges] Nazi Ouch Goobersnoz Aww Scene from Clanrence the Crackhead Movie Crazy Armor Mister Meow-gi Americo First Completely Comp Done Artwork Goth A Jewish Vampire Holocaust-A Nazi Vampire Bloody Mary BOO! Junkyard Reaper
  9. World War Hulk Comics Trailer

    Hulk to me has always been a under Developed Character with a seemingly bottomless amount of stories within him, Sadly though many times we've been forced to see many writers go against the whole concept of Hulk, which is Science Fiction esqe and instead have to be told the Billionth time how hard it is for Bruce Banner. Hulk is a character that gets better the farther the writer goes out on a limb and is different and even a bit wild in the realm of Science Fiction..Planet Hulk proved it through a very gritty and far out idea. Saddly though Hulk will always play a second fiddle to the higher arcs of heroes (Spider-man Captin America) Not to say these are not good characters, but we must admit that the hulk has alot more allowed to him. The Hulk for one could kill, Go crazy, Fight other Heroes without stretching to far off. It seems the fate of Hulk is in good hands for now. And it seems keeping him out of the Civil War might actually help him out where it hurt others. My only advice to the writers if they could see this would be to let Hulk be THE HULK...let him dominate some teams of heroes. Let him run major havoc on the fantastic four, Maybe put Grimm in the hospital. Just don't make him the Monster of reasoning..Hulk never Reasons...Hulk Smashes.
  10. Marvel Zombie Minimates Confirmed With Pics

    I love the Book, So Much I got to Copies of the Hardcover, But now with these I'll have something to put infront of it.!! Want so badly..Need so badly..Screw the bills.
  11. So Okay Names Rob and am a Newly Hooked Minimates Collector, As of now I only have 4 but theyre of the first wave series of Marvel and were only 2.50 a pack at a fleamarket I went to, Not bad eh? So far I got Yellow Daredevil and Red Elektra, Bruce Banner and The Hulk, I gotta admit these things are pretty cool and easily stored, Not as much space taken with your Normal Figs and all. So yea I think I am gonna collect atleast one of all the classic comic Characters as the non comic ones don't really do anything for me. Wish me luck...This could be Expensive lol Any tips for a collector to get a good price, and don't say comic store because they're legal thieves..Oh and support your local Thief comic book store we don't have enough.. Hey I'll buy my Comics there but not the Figures