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  1. I use a similar recipe for an improved Luke Cage. It's pretty much the same body, but the head is from comic Jim Rhodes War Machine, but with no hair, obviously.
  2. I know he's supposed to be good, and that he ships to the UK. I've been meaning to try him out for a while now, but the fact that I thought shipping would be high put me off. Good to know, I may place an order soon then!
  3. Yep, FP online sucks. To this day I have not received the Marvel Zombies set I ordered several years ago. Thanks for informing me of that, bobafett. Your info was informative but heartbreaking... Still upset Limited Edition closed down, are there any other good minimate retailers in the UK?
  4. If they have them in the London store... YES!!!
  5. I don't like that moostone character, she's such a cow. Sorry, couldn't resist
  6. Now thats a nice looking minimate Anyone notice the casing stuff on the side of his arms?
  7. aaand there's no chance of these showing up in london :/
  8. Dammit, I REALLY want this set, but i doubt I'll ever get it. It's so hard to get TRU exclusives in the UK!
  9. lol, after all your work on doc ock... they release exactly what you made
  10. "u brought me canadian bacon instead of bacon? this misdeed cannot go unpunished pizza delivery boy fear the wrath of my cat launcher!!" (or something to that effect) I'd also would love a domino minimate - see my signature lines! Current Dmino with a classic look variant? Should this be in the Wishlist thread? Ahh, saw that episode this morning good times.
  11. not bad, but I wanted a more modern doc ock the rest are okay, but vultures the only one I really want. Not sure If i'm gonna buy it or not.
  12. ... since limited edition closed down I haven't even got the ultimates wave or the dark avengers sets yet...
  13. Wet dreams...? Something you're not telling us...?
  14. That's terrible news... Us UK collectors really need to sort something out about this...
  15. This has been worrying me recently...I really have no idea what's going on. Any answers would be greatly appreciated...
  16. I normally get my Minimates from Limited Edition but they aren't returning my calls and I think they have closed down, does anyone know what happened to them? I picked up the Thunderbolts set from Forbidden Planet in Edinburgh (which is a better store than the London megastore...hmmm...). It was packaged upside down. Hmm. EDIT: Upon checking forbidden planet, it seems they have waves 27 and 28 in stock. Has anyone recieved these from them to prove this is in fact true? The last time I ordered something they said they had it took six months to not arrive. I eventually got it from the manchester fp (also better than the london one...hmmmm...). Cheers fellas
  17. Dammit I still haven't played the first one! I really need to... Play it NOW. And LOVE IT.
  18. After the announcement for Okamiden on DS, I've been playing the Wii version of it again Is anyone else excited for Okami's sequel?
  19. From what I've heard, the Ultimates wave is out now and the wolverine comic wave should be out in week or 2. Maybe.
  20. Which set is the TRU one? I forget
  21. Ooh thank god for a bit I thought that you had to get them from groundhog7s because limited edition had shut down... Phew.
  22. Minifiend, do you know if Limited Edition have received these sets? I emailed them but they haven't replied. Are they still going? I'm getting worried
  23. Does anyone know when limited edition are getting the sdcc box sets in? I emailed them a week ago about it and they haven't replied yet, which is a little wierd seeing as they normally reply the day after. Is he on holiday, maybe? If he is, then ill be feeling a little selfish Sorry if this post is underlined, having trouble turning it off...
  24. Good stuff. Let's hope Limited Edition can get these. Does anyone know how they get them? What does Iron Patriot look like without the chest armour? Any pics?
  25. Awesome Kirby SSU still hasn't come out in the UK! I think it's finally out in september, but... thats almost a YEAR. Still, there are plenty of good Kirby games out there on the DS and the VC, so that should keep me busy till then. Anyone here got Wii Sports Resort? I got it on thursday and its pretty fun
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