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  1. Definitely seems to be the correct case breakdown, at least from my rushed feeling-up of the blind bags in my LCS just before closing time. I only made it about halfway through the box before they closed, but I got all 3 humans (was really surprised Edwin was first and still there, as the short-packed figure always seems to be the first one gone at this store), both thermals, and a wounded city pred. Would have preferred another variety than the 2nd thermal but I can deal. Most of the preds seem really tough to tell apart by feel. Edwin is easiest as he has no accessories and the bump from his hoodie behind his head. My Danny Trejo only came with one gun (no machete for Machete?) but he has a ponytail, while Billy has bigger gun, machete, and smaller knife.
  2. Agreed, seems like a missed opportunity if they're doing a 1985 George. Maybe another future 1985 box set? I'm having trouble coming up with another Marty they haven't done already though, and I know the hero likely needs to be in every set. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing a Huey Lewis minimate sometime. Or a "mom, you're so... big!" Lorraine from Biffworld 1985.
  3. All DST's release dates are just estimates, so they can get pushed back pretty frequently by shipping delays etc. The 'Ship Dates Update' posts on their website are the closest you'll get, although I think Luke has mentioned trying to update his estimates when/if he gets new info from his Diamond rep. The only confirmed release dates you'll really find are in Diamond's 'Upcoming Releases' list, which is posted on their website every Wednesday morning, and shows everything that will ship to comic shops the following week. So it's only a one week window, but at least it's something. Thanks for that link, very helpful. Bookmarked! Thank you Zach, good to know I should take any date more than 2 weeks off with a grain of salt.
  4. The expected release date was September 9, but I asked Luke yesterday and he said the store hasn't received them yet. Hopefully soon, though! Cool, thanks for the info!
  5. Does anyone know a confirmed release date for the new wave with Newt, Crowe and Frost? I got all excited to head over to my LCS when I saw they were listed as September 9 on Luke's. But they still show up there as a pre-order. Other online vendors have anywhere from a generic September up to December listed for availability. Nothing on DST's Facebook or official sites that I could see gave a firm date. And I really couldn't find a confirmed date hunting around this thread and on the google either. For that matter, is there a reliable site that lists confirmed release dates for all upcoming Minimates? I haven't really been able to find that info in one set location.
  6. Looks like these are now marked down to 97 cents each! Cleaned out 3 stores tonight. Price drop is reflected on GameStop's website but now shows as out of stock.
  7. Loved, loved, loved this insane, freakish, over-the-top yet awe-inspiring movie. One of the first things I thought after it was over was "I wish there were some Mad Max Minimates!" I'm trying to come up with custom ideas... obviously characters like Max, Furiosa, and the wives wouldn't be all that complicated. But I can't think of any existing 'Mate pieces similar to Immortan Joe's mask unfortunately.
  8. If a Flaming Alien and an undead human love each other very much, but the xenomorph has a social disease, is that how you wind up with a Burning Zombie?
  9. Found these at the Mopac/71 TRU in Austin. 3 of each pack still on the shelf!
  10. Same here... waiting on the full wave from Luke's but I caved anyway and bought the Drake/Damaged Alien 2-pack from my LCS at a bit of a markup since I've been jonesing for more Colonial Marines Mates. It took me a bit to work out the setup for the smartgun support arm, but once I got it all together I have to say it's a damn cool little design! Can't wait for Vasquez!
  11. A Jeff "Skunk" Baxter and Cornelius Bumpus 2-pack would sell like hotcakes based on the names alone. Hotcakes, I say!
  12. squonk

    Thankful Contest

    Not entering, but... I'm thankful for Minimates because of their small size which means they're more affordable and don't require much space to collect a lot; huge range of customization possibilities; vast array of characters from dozens of disparate universes; and because they've given me a cool new collecting hobby this year.
  13. Looks awesome. I'd love to see a battle-damaged Bishop variant with an extra pair of white guts for "legs" (recolor of the WD Crawling Zombie guts?).
  14. Just registered and thought I'd do the standard introductory post. I'm glad to be a part of the forum finally, as I've been lurking here for several months and have enjoyed reading the discussions. I bought my first 2 packs of Minimates in February of this year, a Sisko/Dukat and Riot Gear Michonne/Zombie that were on clearance at TRU. Initially I wasn't too impressed with the Minimates block "style", but as a fan of both Trek and Walking Dead (comic + show) I decided to pick them up anyway. I quickly learned how cool these little figures are for their interchangeable parts and attention to detail. A couple of months later, I started buying a few Star Trek and Walking Dead sets when I could find them super-cheap on eBay. Fast-forward to today, and I now have somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 'Mates! My ST and WD collections expanded quite a bit, and I also have a good number of BSG, BTTF, Marvel (pretty much focusing on the movie-based figures), and lots of others. One thing I really love about the Minimates 'Verse is the sheer variety of licenses and the quality of all of them. Where else can I have Iron Man, Lara Croft and Vincent Vega vs. a Cylon, an Alien, and the Wolfman battling it out all at the same scale (and exchange all their bits n' pieces if I feel like it)?
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