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  1. I've watched all 13 episodes now and it's absolutely brilliant. The fight scenes are incredible, it's by far the most faithful comic adaptation I've ever seen. I want minimates of this soooooooo bad, that red costume is awesome
  2. Im not sure about that being the story for Ragnarok dont forget the Gaunlet and the Tesseract are both on Asgard so Thanos needs to go and smash the crap out it before we get to Infinity Wars.There have been far too many "fake" deaths Coulson, Nick Fury, Pepper, Stark (even though he obviously wasn't going to die), Loki it just lacks any kind of threat when before a film they announce whose in the next one, kill someone already
  3. Maybe a completely exclusive TRU Netflix Daredevil MCU wave, Daredevil (Red Costume) and Matt Murdock Daredevil (Black Costume) and Kingpin Foggy and Ben Urich
  4. This is my first attempt at a custom (and an upload) so please by gentle. Let me know what you think.