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  1. If there was a live action film based on your life, who would you want to play yourself?
  2. What about Gotham box set 1? It's listed as Sept. 30th on Lukes, is this accurate?
  3. It might seem that way, but I don't think it is. It's always been 2 comic waves a year and 2 TRU waves a year. TRU skipped a wave last year but they've had one this year and will presumably have another to go with wave 8.
  4. The whole point of the term 'political correctness' is that it is a 'pejorative term used to criticize language, actions, or policies seen as being excessively calculated not to offend or disadvantage any particular group of people in society'. The whole point of introducing more than just white American men is to appeal to a larger audience and so Marvel can improve their overall image, just like how companies do diversity reports. I doubt they're doing it to reflect upon the real world, but then again I'm not Marvel.
  5. I guess the point is that in 20 years time (if, and it's a big if) character like Cho and Morales are around then the next generation will grow up with this more politically correct universe. Being fifteen, I'm already used to Banner and Parker so I kind of want them to stay. I'm a big fan of Morales, Cho not so much. I agree with the point that it'd be better to just make a new character rather than replacing the older ones.
  6. Is there any way to get these in the UK other than eBay?
  7. I think Mattel may offer Suicide Squad products, but take the Lego route and just refer to them as 'The Squad'. Although I haven't really been impressed with what Mattel has been doing recently.
  8. Wasn't there plans to make Hunger Games Minimates before the films were released? As in figures based on the books. Perhaps we could get some GoT Minimates this way? Although I'm not sure how well a ginger Robb and a hetrochromia Tyrion would sit with fans unaware of the source material. Also, packaging wise, it would be difficult to design it as the iconic font of the Game of Thrones is off limits and the Iron Throne wouldn't be able to be featured on the box.
  9. Is anyone interested in trading/selling the Ultron from the SDCC 5 pack? Thanks.
  10. Got my set today. Overall, very impressed. The Hulkbuster and Vision are the two standouts. The Mk 43 must be embarrassed as the Hulkbuster has better articulation than it. It's amazing how much sculpting and paint decos they can get on such a small figure whilst still maintaining good articulation. I prefer the normal Vision with the TRU 19 cape but the phasing Vision looks fantastic with the translucent one. I like Klaue and the Winter Hydra Soldier a lot more than I thought I would. Kkaue has some great tampos, namely the scorpion tattoo and facial likeness. I'm glad the Hydra Soldier has two looks and comes with two brilliant weapons. It's good to see that they're using the Walking Dead assault rifle more, it's one of the better gun pieces in my opinion. The two Hulks are great. The regular version is an improvement from the last and the chest hair wasn't too over the top, which was something I was worried about. Rampaging Hulk looks great fighting the Hulkbuster and has a really nice face.
  11. I will be. I enjoyed Ground Zero despite it essentially being an elongated demo. Phantom Pain looks incredible.
  12. You could try the pale blue arms from the Officer Rick Grimes. Not 100% accurate, I suppose, but if you really want a non-lab coat version that's the best I can think of. That extra head is insanely awesome, though.
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