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  1. Been away for a while, I'm back with my new AOU Mnimates!
  2. Can we get a generic "Handsome Biker with a crossbow" Minimates then?
  3. I've got my hand on this wrestling ring for cheap. It's for WWE Micro Agression, or so the seller said
  4. Just got my case from Luke today. Can't believe the details on the I can't wait for the Predators!
  5. I've played both, now if DST and Origin give us the option to customize our own wardens!
  6. Please bring on a comic GotG wave. I'd really really love the Blue Uniforms from annihilation.
  7. anilsoi11

    Wave 60

    wow, can't wait to see what you come up with.
  8. Luke, if you're here. I'd like to preorder the Dragon Age set please, lol!!!
  9. I got my hand on K'nex Kiss set(which I admit I bought for the instruments mainly) Here's my Guardians band!
  10. I think you should ask Luke directly? He should have plenty of loose parts?
  11. I got hit by Halloween fever early this year, so here we go!
  12. I think it really depends on the miniatures items. Proportions of minimates are all weird so it's hard to get the exact scale.
  13. wow, I was looking for coffin for a photo I'm planning to do for halloween, those will go with my tombstones quite nicely, Thanks.
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