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  1. Doc Ock gave the word, and the Deadly Foes are releasing your fan sites back to you. I wish I could have stabbed more people, but there will be time for that later! I'm outta here!
  2. Alright listen up - Doc Ock threw all of the names into some kind of random picker. And we have ourselves a winner: Josh2382 Congrats man! Not only do you win some Minimates, but also, I won't be stabbing you!
  3. One hour left until the slaughter begins... er... until the contest ends. I will let you know the winner tomorrow.
  4. 4?? Man if Doc Ock weren't looking over my shoulder you would be in at least 12 different pieces right now... but yeah yeah 4 is fine.
  5. I came here to kill every last one of you! But Doc Ock says I need to keep you alive. Something about his toy store. So instead of slicing you to bits, we're gonna have a contest! I got a bunch of army builders here to give away. One winner takes them all. All you gotta do is tell me 3 army builders you would like DST to make in the future. I am keepin' this open until Tuesday night (the 9th). One winner. Randomly picked. You got that? Chitauri General Chitauri Soldier Hand Ninja HYDRA Pilot Brood Moloid Dark Elf Asgardian Soldier By the way, you might want to check out the other Minimate fan sites... the Deadly Foes are taking over!
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