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  1. Lol, got side tracked. The sizing was a little off, but it prints pretty smooth. Could be better, but for $4.40, I'm not complaining. I've just got to work out the kinks to get the size of each file to match up.
  2. I got home and purchased the file. It seems to be set up as a basic sized minimate. I've scaled it bigger and currently have it printing. Should have something to report in 7 hours and 15 minutes.
  3. I just found this, thought it might be helpful.
  4. I was curious if DST would still have a deal with the American branch of TRU and if that meant the possibility of actually finding minimates in the wild again. Also just curious what this new version of TRU will be stocked with.
  5. Would there be a possibility of Owen Hart being made? I know they have a working relationship with his family and toys were mentioned in that announcement.
  6. My prediction: Vinimate 2-pack of the Young Bucks.
  7. I bet that place is a true utopia.
  8. I picked up the Rattler at Ollie's a couple months ago. There is no place for the figures to sit in it. Basically you got the figures and a plane they can't go in. It looks nice with the Cobra Commander standing by it, but it's on the small side.
  9. Don't get my hopes up for a Slice and Dice set!
  10. This may be the best exclusive idea a wrestling line could offer up!
  11. Zach, you can go ahead and tell us it's wrestling. I "announced" it a month ago!
  12. I know it's not, but I'm hoping it's wrestling. Whether WWE or AEW. It's TV and it's scripted.
  13. I'm really hoping the last one is Owen Hart. But now with X-Pac, I'm going to need the New Age Outlaws!
  14. Found this pic on Facebook. So, what's the word on these, if any?
  15. That'd look really nice with the rest of my ghostbuster minimates!
  16. Yeah, I just got my notice of a refund.
  17. I've looked through the last couple pages and my understanding is that these are canceled, but I just got an order confirmation on my pre-order (April 2019) from Luke saying that I'd get another email when they shipped. What is going on?
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