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  2. Are you aware that there is a whole company, of which Zach is one representative? Are you suggesting that DST should stop making minimates at all because they are not coming out quick enough for your liking? Not just minimates, I would also like the prices of cars, houses, and beer to be the same as 14 years ago. I'm not calling you a laughingstock. But if others are, maybe it's because you are saying silly things?
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  4. @DSTZachwhat happened to mcu minimates? will they be announced 1 Jul?
  5. Hello Zachary, If we do not get the license on 1st Jul then you should turn 180 degrees away and walk away from minimates! And why is price expensive? In 2008 for iron man two pack it is 7.99 , now go joe four pack is 40.00 ? are you smoking on something zachary>? where does that money go, because we certainly are not getting enough minimates!! I do not know why i am laughingstocks because I all I want is 200 minimate releases per year and dst owes me that!
  6. I think a mlp Discord minimate character would be fantastic! Bluey mates would be great. But i really really hope we get Dungeons and Dragons minimates!
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  8. and cap’s face looks like actual minimate art! can’t just be a coincidence
  9. I know it's not a possibility, but to bad it isn't Bluey.
  10. Awesome observation! If the director is a fan then who knows - you might be on to something
  11. Speaking of Minimates and Ms. Marvel, those totally were Minimates costumes in the first episode, right?
  12. Lol. I have two daughters so I am very, very familiar with My Little Pony. The youngest still watches it. It seemed like it was a big thing for girls when I was little never thought it would be even bigger for my kids. To be honest though it’s not the worst or most annoying thing they could be watching. It’s not as good as Phineas and Ferb (that’s a show we all love) but it is one of their shows that I can sit through when they ask me to sit and watch with them. If they ever make minimates of them I could see myself getting a set for them. They probably already have about half of my minimate collect as it is.
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  14. Clearly the mystery license is Yellowstone: A super popular show about old cowboys that ain't getting cancelled anytime soon. That's about as 180 from 'cult cartoon about a girl rock band' I can think of.
  15. IF the Mystery license is wrestling, and I'm not saying it is, I'm not sure Jem would be 180 degrees away. Haven't you ever heard of the Rock'n'Wrestling connection? Wrestlers and rockers both love their facepaint...
  16. That's definitely the AMT model kit. The Pin Mate set has less detail. Either way, it looks like either would work well!
  17. This is cool. i gave a minimate of ms marvel to a guy i met who loved the character. That was years ago. He was an extra on this week’s episode and he sent me that the director of the episode had posted this. What a coincidence. Cool folks working on the show have the minimate Now we need an official mcu version
  18. If it was Jem i’d want some light up feature. And misfits. They were cool
  19. maybe but when asked about Jem Chuck had this to say " Hello ! Is Jem still happening at DST ? I cannot wait to see the offer if it is...Thanks ! DSTChuck: Yes, we are still hard at work on a Jem item!" maybe it was just a sly answer but it the way he states item as in a singular item, im thinking Jem might not be minimates
  20. Looking at the post by Zach on the Diamond Select website on March 8, 2021 when the Diamond/Hasbro license was announced by Zach it was said "The new range will include products based on Transformers, G.I. Joe, Power Rangers, classic animated Dungeons & Dragons, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering and Jem and the Holograms." We have already gotten Transformers, MMPR and GI Joe this new Hasbro license line will be either D&D (animated or advanced), Magic or Jem. Zach has said "They are 180 degrees from the mystery license." and if we want to be literal he said "It's the last Hasbro license.". Assuming the original Mystery License is Wrestling...nothing would be more 180 degrees than the "LAST" Hasbro license mentioned in the announcement... I think it will be Jem.
  21. Very cool! Great custom! Show's not my cup of tea, but I used to love the comic.
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