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  2. So it looks like it will hold 2 and be around the size of the Viper which is basically the same size as the DST factory Viper Mark V. I'm hoping I can squeeze it down a tiny bit more. Either way, it looks to me like it should be possible to build a drop ship to carry it. It might not even be bigger than the 3 man Raider. I'm so psyched for that idea! Boxy things are much easier to model. I'm already to the point where the hubcaps are a separate piece and the wheels will hopefully pop on with a bit of a click, stay on, and spin. I'm not sure about a roof hinge. My laziness at this point is pushing me towards a friction fit. the gun mount rails should give enough grip to pull it out. Lots of detailing to go yet but I'm feeling good.
  3. Not sure what those photos linked to. Are these some of them?
  4. Getting much more proactive about cockpit sizing during the design phase.
  5. I wish we still had these photos.
  6. Thanks guys! It's looking like in order for it to be tall enough to sit in and somewhat proportionally represent the APC, it will end up being a two-seater. Once I've got a prototype, maybe I'll find a way to squish it a little further. I've already made the wheels a bit smaller which allows it to be shorter in length. Will probably mess around with it more as I go. One cool thing about a functional language based cad tool is I can use variables. So I made functions to cut the wheel wells and place the wheels. They have settable x,y,z, and wheel diameter inputs so if I want to see what it looks like with the wheels a mm farther apart, I just change the wheel_offset distance and re-render.
  7. Ha! I'm no BHM with the puns, sadly. And N was a good guess! __ __ m __ a n __ M e n Hangmate: _/\_
  8. Yesterday
  9. I've got it! The potboiler reference gave it away. It's going to be the cast of Hell's Kitchen. "Ramsays Men"
  10. Ah, getting closer... __ __ m __ a __ __ M e __ Hangmate: _/\_
  11. No R! Two legs! __ __ __ __ a __ __ __ e __ Hangmate: _/\_
  12. At this point, it needs to become the standard. The packaging is as unhinged and chaotic as the characters inside.
  13. These are Marvel Comics characters, yes? How about an 'R' ?
  14. Wait, who is in this set? Is this different from the Balloon box set?
  15. That's the trouble with -------- Congratulations !
  16. Hey, we went alphabetical -- it's their fault they posed wrong.
  17. Dope... BUT THE AEW MINIMATES CURSE OF PACKAGING FAILS CONTINUE. Matt minimate is above Nick's pic; Nick minimate is above Matt's pic. My OCD hates this line. /s
  18. Starting to see ads for the new blimp cartoon set... I'm giddy!
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