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  2. Thanks! I have no idea how to reorient them. I tried a bunch of times.
  3. Target works since they carried the Big Bang. Also agree though that the Max line is a rough sell.
  4. I cannot Jodi Foster that behaviour! From first contact to contact I’ll be here allll week. Don’t forget to tip your server and ask for the dessert menu.
  5. I'm down for a "get Minimates into X retailer campaign"... I don't think MAX (nothing against MAX but I think you gotta hook em with something else first) is the way to go, but I'll participate in said email campaign.
  6. Target works for me. Does anyone want to second the motion?
  7. Radical customs. But they sideways bro!
  8. Target perhaps? I haven't seen minimates at either of the stores in my town, but minimates seem to show up on their website.
  9. spidermatt

    wave 79

    Yay! Im pretty excited for this wave.
  10. I have not checked my walgreens in a while. Pretty much a homebody even before this sickness hit. Anyways is there any updated news on the next waves to hit walgreens? Have any new waves been spotted?
  11. Yesterday
  12. Gotta get a retailer interested. Let's pick one and spam their inbox.
  13. Darkseid was part of the C3 line, which was a DC license under the purview of Chuck at DST, who notoriously objects to using multiple body sizes. Ares, Bane, Brainiac 13, et al were manufactured by DST as a third party for DC Direct. Technically there was no license agreement between the companies so DC Direct got what they asked for. I'm pretty certain that if the DCD line had continued to include Darkseid, we'd have gotten him on a 2.5" body.
  14. Dusting my shelves and I came across my old Max plane, Enterprise, DeLorean, KIT and the Pirate ship... we really didn't know how good we had it then. Those Vehicles were/are stellar even still. I wish we could resurrect this line somehow and got those waves that got shelved completed.
  15. I don't know who created the Recipe but I did love the look of the Darkseid head and cap on a Blastarr body.
  16. I knocked my Enterprise off the shelf and now I am even more irrationally mad that I don't have more TNG, Voyager, DS9, Discovery (meh I'm not that mad about that).
  17. Being cooped up has given me time to work on some QC's in order to keep my mind on other things. (I don't know why my pics upload sideways- any suggestions would be appreciated) Column 1 Doctor Voodoo She-Ra (final form from the Netflix series) A re-imagined Binary (since it is clear we are never getting an official one) Kingdom Come Wonder Woman (from the WW 1984 promo pics) Column 2 Moondragon Yennefer Scarlet Witch (from her recent solo series) Magik graduation costume (someone did a much better version using Emma Frost's cape but I didn't have one available)
  18. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    Ironically my birthday is that week and I just realized that I hadn't actually preordered these-- grateful Luke's store still had some.
  19. Oh snap! By this time next week I could be holding a Darkhawk minimate! Color me excited
  20. I’ve been meaning to ask, is that the bunker that they sell?
  21. Last week
  22. Accepted your friend request and sent you a gift, thank you.
  23. I just sent you an invite from my primary and secondary (formerly daughters') account. Good luck getting those guys. I never got a Chingling in my primary account.
  24. Can someone please send me a gift. I am trying to hatch Munchlax and Chingling before the Pokemon GO Sinnoh Throwback Challenge 2020 ends in 2 days. My friend code is 8398 2543 9879.
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