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  2. Sounds like Supreme Intelligence / Supremor maybe?
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  4. Yes, Red Sparrow was a great Black Widow movie.
  5. Maybe I'm missing something here but I have 3 Taskmasters that was released nearly 12 years ago with the solitary US Agent (comic?) that was released 7+ years ago, possibly described as the video version .....& one that was released 3+ years ago that is an animated version . I am fairly happy with one of them or all of them . I was also quite happy with the first Black Widow * that was released (10+years ago) & whilst I accept that her status ,as a character, has bigged up in the years since I still don't understand why we have had so many versions from the MCU that IMHO were completely unwarranted & shamefully indifferent. She' like a.... Black-suited Widow ? *She wears a black suit. Don't get me wrong however because everything that we see today in the MCU was almost defined by one comic run....Brubaker's Winter Soldier .......remembered for many great things not least for Natasha's character finally blossoming . She's a great character ,woefully underused in the movies ....but I have enough plain black Minimates to last me a lifetime & then some. Watch the 'Red Sparrow' movie & you'll see a pretty convincing pre-Avengers Black Widow prequel.
  6. Old things are bad? It's a pretty good Minimate.
  7. After reading the hint that came with Stingray I think the next custom after Paladin and Shadow king is .
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  9. I count one good comic Taskmaster and one old one.
  10. It's just weird that the president of DST – a self-described Spider-Man fan – passes on Into the Spider-Verse and Far From Home in favor of a comic-based series (featuring characters that had already been offered) but is going to jump at an MCU wave of Black Widow 'mates. Not that there's been much logic to DST's Magic 8-ball. The last comic Taskmaster was almost eight years ago and I'm sure there's a current comic variant that's more interesting and relevant to the film. If someone feels compelled to add a new, improved yellow Daredevil, so be it.
  11. There was a lot of kvetching. Plus, we've made two great comic Taskmasters.
  12. I would prefer this too, but I remember a lot of kvetching when DST did that this summer for the Spider-Man movie. And I can't imagine that a wave or box set with the two Black Widows, Red Guardian, and Taskmaster would do all that well. You'd have to throw in Captain America and Daredevil to make it work, I think.
  13. Here are the winners of our 4th Luke's Custom Squad Contest! First place is Darth Vader, second place is Hush, third place is Sindel, fourth place is Catwoman, and our random winner is Namor. Congratulations to all of the winners! I will be contacting you about your gift certificates soon. I will be announcing our next customizing contest in the Spring.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if we're offered a comic-styled series inspired by the movie. Saves DST the cost of another license and all the headaches associated with meeting launch dates. And at this point, I'm all in favor of more characters and obscure costume variants.
  15. comic styled Red Guardian and I'm happy
  16. Voted! There was some great stuff in here, and an amazing mix of characters and eras. It was a lot of fun seeing what people had come up with.
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  18. [flash forward to May 2020] Damn. This could have been TWO series! WTF, DST!?
  19. That seems like it would be a pretty solid boxset. But add black suit Natasha and Iron Maiden and two generic bad guy soldiers, and you've got a wave.
  20. Precisely what I was thinking; I don't think there's enough outside of those 4 characters to have a full wave
  21. I'm sure it'll just be a four pack with white suit Widow, yelena, taskmaster and red guardian
  22. I see at least three Black Widow costumes in that trailer that would make solid variants. This could be much more than another 4-pack. A full series with a build-a-motorcycle is the best approach.
  23. Happy for the minimates we're getting?????😉
  24. @DSTZach are we getting minimates from the movie?
  25. Great trailer, I think people will be happy.
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