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  2. Wave 80 with a tie in with Marvel 80th then yea I can see that 80 by itself not so much. I'm not thumbing the idea down just 80 seems like a weird number. 50, 75, 100 I can understand. As for if the wave number and back catalogue would stop somebody start collecting I would say no if someone sees a figure they like they will buy it no matter what comes before. Minimates of the core marvel figures are available or being cycled back into production in new ways (Last Hunt Spidey.) In my eyes there is only small percentage of early exclusives that are hard to get and maybe they now could be revisited seeing as even the stores they where exclusive to no longer exist. In the end promote the hell out of wave 80 as there is no thing as bad publicity or so they say.
  3. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Okay I know what you meant but I now need Gamera in Guardians 3
  4. Angela, no. Gamera just came back but I don't remember her costume. The rest of them are accurate though! I'm all for this Gamora, but I would've much rather gotten current Groot or Beta Ray Bill.
  5. We are going to need another tag team for them to wrestle though...
  6. Yesterday
  7. Any chance we could get a tray shot to hold us over? 🤓
  8. Has Angela shown up, or Gamora in this costume? I can understand the rest of them, but those two seem out of place, especially since there's no Groot, Beta Ray Bill, or Phyla-Vell.
  9. Awesome. They are so colorful and superhero-like, that I've thought they would make great Minimates for many years.
  10. It makes sense if you're reading the current Guardians run!
  11. Putting the Greatest Hits waves on the insert would make sense to me, instead of a handful of recent waves that make it outdated fairly quickly.
  12. Supernatural Marvel's not really my thing, but I would like another chance to get a classic Doctor Strange. Modern Doctor Voodoo would be great too. This wave's lineup still doesn't make sense, but I'm excited for Star-Lord and especially Moondragon. I just wish she wasn't the BaF.
  13. They make for good custom fodder. The Green Lantern chestblock is very useful for non-muscularly figures (G'Nort, Ch'p, someone else with an apostrophe), and the Penny hairpiece is one of my favorites.
  14. Maybe if they did a wave 80 celebration it might be good to note on or in the packaging about the best of waves and make sure they are about if new people happen along and want a Loki and a Wolverine they are easy pleased.
  15. Big Bang Theory Minimates have been available for quite some while on US ebay for less than $20 shipped....for both sets.....multiple sellers. Just saying ! It's good news that any minimates are available at Target .
  16. It's funny, it's one of those things that illustrates how collecting has changed. It used to be that having a long-running series was a sign of stability, but now it's seen more as an impediment. Anyway, in this case I think 80 for 80 would be a good hook, and a great way for Marvel Minimates to say "hey, we're still out here!" to the wider collecting community.
  17. I think while it depends, as a newer minimate enthusiast (as in, if I look at it and it has a character I want/need, I'm going to buy it) I'd say make a big deal out of it. Wasn't the old adage with comic books that any issue will be someone's first? Same thing goes with these - people who fall in love at Wave 80 will love to be part of the fun.
  18. kidcage

    wave 79

    I'd love to get some more of the supernatural kind of things. I got lucky at a convention one year and picked up that Strange Tales Boxset for $20, right around the time I started diving more into Minimates (about 3 years ago) and found the animated Man-Thing when it hit. Nightmare, Sleepwalker, a nice Tomb of Dracula version of Drac… heck I'll take some 90s Midnight Sons stuff too. But more at hand with 79, I'll be glad to pick up Angela as well as I did thoroughly enjoy "Asgardians of the Galaxy" and wish we'd have a chance at both a Kevin-as-Thunderstrike and Throg minimate someday.
  19. Thank you everyone for the welcome! As for my name, the fun story to it is I've been a wrestling fan as long as a comic fan and at 35 years I was able to grow up at the height of WWF Hulkamania, Ultimate Warrior, etc. years. Kid Cage became my wrestling persona for old e-mail based wrestling promotions, video games, and such. So it's stuck every since
  20. 80 at 80 would be a catchy gimmick. 80 on it's own not so much. 100 is a celebration. I don't think it would cause people to shy away. It's a round number and it's so many that no one would worry about having to catch up. I have a friend that got into Magic rather than a new card game precisely because he wouldn't feel the need to get them all.
  21. I’m probably going to toe this line solo but I would make a bigger deal out of 80 years of Marvel and not 80 waves since that number could be argued and isn’t too friendly for new people. I do think character selection is more crucial and personally I would pull a Disney and celebrate 80 years for a year.
  22. Last week
  23. Welcome, Kid Cage! i love hearing new names and trying to figure out what they mean. I picture you as a young Nicolas Cage, or maybe Luke Cage, or Johnny Cage, or a cage to put your nephews in. Anyway, good to have you.
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