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  1. Yesterday
  2. I still find it so strange that I found the animated wave 11 at the one store months ago now but never again since. My favorite of the wave is Dr Strange.
  3. ah man, i'd love a 80's ninja turtle vs bruce lee set. yeah, i'm shocked the 80's turtle line didn't get preorders needed.......... minimates are perfect for martial arts!! the street fighter ones are still my favorites (capcom vs marvel included).
  4. That’s the one, although the movie slip over chests have a similar look. Wave 32 Extremis Iron Man. Thank you. I knew I wanted to make this guy the second I saw the bearded Odin from the BC wave.
  5. It looks like the first Extremis Iron Man to me, from the pack with Titanium Man.
  6. The 80's TMNT line had me super excited about Minimates again. The Bruce Lee set had me excited about Minimates again. I didn't really buy a whole lot of Minimates for myself in 2018. I've bought 0 so far in 2019 and it's looking like that might not change.
  7. Looks like an Ironman armor from the first movie
  8. I am in total agreement. Been wanting more Warriors for a while. i just recently put together a Namorita but would love some official Warriors.
  9. That is awesome! What did you use for the chest piece?
  10. If you mean resolicit them, that is unlikely.
  11. We have naturally had conversations with those places.
  12. Modern Thor with some Dr. Doom, Iron Man, and Odin parts.
  13. Last week
  14. ha! i have that saved as a favorite and i check it to see random things. great time waster.
  15. What you talking about? They've made loads of Random before.
  16. It was announced that it was no new characters.
  17. Maybe "ask DST", but would likely be speculation. If the reason they were not made is lack of interest, I am not sure why they would try another route.
  18. Doc Samson could also broadly fit the theme - what with their iconic issue with him...
  19. No one mentioned Random yet?
  20. I dunno that it's confirmed yet, but rumor is Zemo and Sharon Carter are returning for Falcon and Winter Soldier. And now I really hope we get a 4 pack. Falcon with his new post-Endgame look, Winter Soldier in whatever new look he'll be sporting a better Sharon Carter, and a Zemo. Likelihood is probably slim. But since these shows will be tied directly to the movies and feature actual costumes, I'm optimistic!
  21. I know this is probably a no, but is there any way these Bruce Lee minimates could get made. Maybe later down the line? Maybe reissue them?
  22. Any chance to get more comic Minimates is alright in my book. Multiple Jamies seems like a no-brainer for repeat buys.
  23. Maybe Val Cooper or powered down Bobby?
  24. I doubt it's gonna be the yellow and blue costume. I'd think theyd want to complete a set/team rather than start a new one. I guess Archangel, Beast and Iceman look the same... but we're still missing Iceman. I'd just be surprised to get something completely unrelated (other than characters/team) to this waves theme. Im excited to see if it's Quicksilver/Iceman or Multiple Men, either way I'll be ordering them. If it were to come with a sticker set, what would you want to see? My first thought is human face Rhane. Maybe just alternate expressions for the others?
  25. If this did end up being the yellow and blue Jean and Scott costumes from Endgame, I could definitely see baby Cable included. Which would makefor a good minimate recreation of the cover for X-Factor 66
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