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  2. Almost ancient history now ...sorry......but has anybody got spares of this set or have access to purchasing them ? I have the re-run set but I am particularly interested in obtaining the packaged example above ( Hulk & War Machine in 'that' tray position). As I'm solely after a packaged example I'm only interested in near mint examples . Thank you.
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  4. DSTZach

    wave 79

    At first I was afraid -- I was petrolfied -- that people might think I was changing the oil subject. But everyone seems to have come along for the road trip. Tanks!
  5. Guh - every time i try to give up on Pops, they do something like this. The new X-Men and MOTU pops all look bloody cool too!
  6. A series of minimate assortments based off of those movies would be a dream.
  7. While I'm happy for Pop! collectors, as a Minimates fan, this just continues to make me sad.
  8. This exhausting list has fuelled my imagination & I'm eternally tankfull. Deadfuel & Doc Octane .
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  10. It ain't vehicles and playsets, that's for sure.
  11. Still pretty much prefer the official comics than comic-compatible! Box sets are good to get not-so popular characters out there, kinda like the BAF characters we get now, those that needs to be made vs popularity
  12. Yes, I meant the latest Spidey cartoon, we have done them from previous cartoons.
  13. From the Spider-Man cartoon, I'm assuming? Unless there's a new marvel 'toon I'm unaware of?
  14. Hi sorry for the late reply. But my friend is not selling the files. Sorry.
  15. Hi Zach, thats awesome news for the maximum venom line! If the packaging for the second set of the maximum venom set is bein designed, do you know when these might be hitting stores?
  16. Trekker 42

    wave 79

    Captain British Petroleum?
  17. I don't think that's anything new. It might be a shorter window than six months, I'd have to check the last few waves. I think recent box set sales have made us doubt their sellable nature. But we also have Walgreens putting out 3-4 Animated and movie waves per year, and many of those are comic-compatible.
  18. DSTZach

    wave 79

    The Incredible Gulf. The Uncany X-On. ... I think we may have different gas stations.
  19. So we are looking at 2 waves a year at specialty accounting for a 6 month +/- window between solicitation and release. What happened to the boxsets that used to help fill in the gaps between releases? I thought retailers preferred those because they don't have to order by the case? The last comic themed boxset we got was the X-Men Brotherhood set in 2017. We still need those Warriors Three and Wrecking Crew boxsets.
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