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  2. People on the twitters are talking Juneteeth. I am starting to believe that Jessica Lange meme is a prophecy.
  3. Never underestimate the power of a dog... Hell I only preordered because of it.
  4. That mankind is awesome, but his attire was totally different in the new generation era that's more of his attitude era attire.
  5. Last week
  6. The film ending was an absolute train wreck 😆
  7. YAASSSS! Love the totem/shrine accessory! Beautiful work Luke. Aaaand... ordered! Can't wait to get my little stash of customs from you at the end of the year!
  8. It was Garokk! This X-Men villain can rearrange the very fabric of the Savage Land. He includes a backdrop of his death cult shrine. He is a limited run of 40 and you can preorder him here: On the production side of things, I just finished Quasimodo, and next I will return to my WWE line to finish Diesel.
  9. If they had shown the dog with no tail they would have had more interest from retailers. -muttbedsmate
  10. I'm not entirely sure whether you're addressing that comment to me ? If you are then I am very grateful but I am actually covered . Thanks anyway & you are a star .
  11. The only DC Vinimates I want is a translucent Green Hal.
  12. Once I’m able to leave lockdown I’ll keep an eye out for you. They were pretty plentiful in NYC and have shipped them abroad for a few friends/nephews.
  13. I think it depends on taste tbh. I saw someone use Giant-Man, a Galactus, and the Echo-1 and they looked great I just know myself enough to know that I would get mad seeing them. Maybe it would be tempered if we got Marvel Vinimates. I also considered the hall of justice but I’m happy with my pin mates one. Although I would get one from Jada Toys if they ever made one.
  14. So if i'm to believe your commander and chief that will be Easter.
  15. Wave 79 will I assume not ship until things return to some semblance of normal. BUT I do not know where they are in production, as the virus first affected factories in China.
  16. Do you think we can report that for price gouging during the pandemic? 🤔😂
  17. I'm kind of in the same boat as you. I just can't figure out why these things are so much more popular than minimates. But when I saw someone using molten man, it looked really good in their display. I just wanted to see if others were using them and see how good or bad they looked in a display
  18. Garokk and Living Monolith would both be amazing. Excited to learn who it'll end up being.
  19. I appreciate the sentiment but dang I guessed Wither and was excited for him! The only character I can think of top my head is Living Pharaoh
  20. I am changing things up again - the next custom was going to be Wither, along with extra stickers and one of his victims. However, with the current pandemic, I can't release a character whose power is to spread death through touch, leaving withered up corpses. So here is a hint for the next release (taken from next year's line-up): this X-Men villain is worshiped as a god by his followers.
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