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  2. The Dark Knight by Miller, Janson, and Varley Batman / The Joker Robin / Mutant Leader Superman / Armored Batman But that isn't happening anytime soon... A more realistic wish would be the Inhumans Saga Karnak / Gorgon Crystal / Medusa Black Bolt / Maximus the Mad ...and the Kree/Skull war Captain Marvel / Super-Skrull Vision / Scarlet Witch Goliath / Triton On second thought, maybe none of these are very realistic...
  3. Probably because you're lonely in owning it!
  4. That whole boxset is a fave of mine. I don't collect non X-Men mates anymore, but I can't quite convince myself to let go of the Invaders set.
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  6. Ahhhh so there’s more six packs coming along are there?
  7. The bad news about an Omicrom variant genuinely made me think that it sounded ( potentially ) like a name for a Transformer ! Sadly it is a name for a transformer. 'Omicron' has been a DC comic villain & also a base for Hydra in the Marvel comicverse. Keep safe people.
  8. Not sure we're going to revisit this packaging design. It was originally concepted for Walgreens, I believe, but we're working on a new six-pack design that's more collector-friendly that would make this obsolete. So you may have to enjoy it as a one-off! Or two-off, counting NBX -- sorry I have no images of that one.
  9. Hey, Nervous Rex, I really like the custom Zartan and the custom Firestorm. Great Job. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us.
  10. Looks good! Now do this for WandaVision, Loki, Shang-Chi, Eternals, Hawkeye…
  11. Prowlar, I do like the 'Last Avengers' and these latest customs are nice. I always enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing with us. I do hope to see more in the future. Take care and thanks again.
  12. This is a sad thing to loose the local locations to purchase Minimates. While I have found a few on clearance at the local Walgreens, on store was still charging full price on them. I don't mind buying them online and if I do purchase online, it is mainly from Luke's Toy Store. However, I don't always have the means to order when they are in the prime and sometimes miss out on them unless they were available locally. I do hope that DST is able to find other brick and mortar locations to distribute Minimates through so I have a chance to find them in the wild. The hunt is sometimes how I get out of the office for fresh air and blow off steam.
  13. I’ll understand if they never happen but should they die like the Ghost Rider movie you owe us a new Juggernaut.
  14. Nice! That's a fun way to release a set. Thanks Zach!
  15. Hoping we can make them work at a new outlet. They will not be at Walgreens.
  16. Last week
  17. Really excited for these 90s X-Men Mates. I just did a big re-watch of the entire series motivated by the very exciting announcement of the revival! Also those 90s X-Men minimates go steep on the after market so getting a chance to get a few of those looks at market place would be great!
  18. Seems like final packaging shots would be available.
  19. Minimates produced in numbers as low as 1000 ? Who knew ?
  20. shipping to stores this week apparently!
  21. Man, I'd love for them to start doing minimates for the show, I love the updates to the designs that Cory has done, I still think he's one of the best costume designers in the biz. I'd buy any character they'd give us.
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  23. He is now sold out - thanks everyone! Next I will turn my attention back to Marvel and WWE.
  24. If there's anyone still looking for the first box set, or looking for extras for customizing, the set is part of Dorkside Toys Black Friday sale for a great price: I picked up an extra set to do the Prime/Bumblebee head swap and will probably turn Starscream into either Thundercracker or Skywarp. Now I'm wishing I bought another set! Ah well.
  25. No, we will not be there. I mean next July.
  26. well, i think that would help build buzz for people to preorder the regular sets so it makes sense. freaking awesome though!!!
  27. Wait, they are doing a special sdcc this weekend. You're not talking about that are you Zach?
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