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  2. Crossing my fingers. I can't believe it is taking so long for them to be shipped to retailers yet we have had numerous Transformers sets shipped out even though both lines were announced the same day.
  3. Zach, any updates on when we can see or at least know what that mysterious 6 pack of rangers that was never revealed at NYCC? Is this line doing good enough to possibly keep getting more teams and villains? Theres just a lot of versions of Tommy I hope we get in minimate form.
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  5. How about a sure fire set: The Great Lakes Avengers: Mister Immortal Big Bertha Doorman Good Boy Flatman
  6. This may not be your cup of tea but who knows. LOL I use a tool called It's a great tool if you're a programmer. There is no mouse or tablet action here. You write code that describes how to create your model using primitive solid shapes. People have done some amazing stuff. It's a great tool for 3d printing because it starts with solid shapes. I write code for a living so this is quite intuitive to me. Below is an example of how I started this. Basically there is a module to create the basic saucer shape. The next module cuts off the wings and makes another notch to create the main body shape. I'm at 482 lines to get to where I'm at in the last photo. That's including the amount of whitespace and comments you see below. I've designed all kinds of stuff with it but it's also kind of a "when all you have is a hammer" kind of things. In the code below, difference is a subtraction / cutting function. It cuts object 2 out of object 1. Translate means move. I keep meaning to learn Blender but anyway ... module basic_ship_shape() { scale([1.2,1.4,1.4]) difference() { // main body is a sphere sphere(r=45); translate([0,0,-20]) cube([100,100,60], center=true); // cut to sort of bevel - edge would be sharp without scale([.85,1,1]) difference() { cylinder(r=50,h=70,center=true); cylinder(r=42,h=72,center=true); } // cut rounded underside of main body scale([1,1,1]) { translate([0,0,-60]) rotate([0,90,0]) cylinder(r=85,h=90,center=true); } } } //basic_ship_shape(); module main_body_shape() { difference() { basic_ship_shape(); // cut off wing translate([0,79,40]) cube([100,100,60], center=true); // cut off other wing translate([0,-79,40]) cube([100,100,60], center=true); // cut notch in front translate([45,0,40]) cube([10,20,60], center=true); } }
  7. What program are you using to design these? I would love to give it a shot with making parts for minimates, and then down the line maybe vehicles.
  8. HI All, Just thought I'd share what I've been working on lately. I posted a really cool Viper for Minimates in the 3d files thread. I really want a Cylon raider to go with it so I started working on one. It still needs a lot of work but I thought posting some photos might help keep me motivated. So here is my work in progress first 3d vehicle design. The Classic Cylon Raider for Minimates. In the pictures, there is a classic raider, then the classic raider scaled up in the Z axis for reference, and then my raider. I'm hoping to fit 3 in the cockpit but have not carved it out yet so we'll see. At least one pilot anyway.
  9. Frankly - if we got Fang, I'd want a whole set of Imperial Guard figures. LOL
  10. Last week
  11. Meanstreak! Bloodhawk! Metalhead! Skullfire! Uh, Stretchy arm girl! I forget the full line up, TBH. The toy line had some non-members and bad guys, I think -- La Lunatica, Brimstone Love, Junkpile, Breakdown... I'd pay money for a Halloween Jack Minimate.
  12. Just over a year ago a guy I have known for over 20 odd years took his own life . In those 20 odd years we definitely had our ups & downs & TBQH we had been estranged for quite some while ,still polite to one another but definitely frosty whenever we met which was irregularly . Quite out of the blue he & I bumped into each other , I live on a small farm , I see very few people but there he was walking the public path that runs through the farm . There was little that either of us could do but to have a chat. I recall our conversation vividly .Later I also recall conveying to my gf that I'd just seen 'J' & that I had 'seen' for the first time in several years the bloke that had shared many a fine moment together with me. We had had a lengthy conversation & we both parted with a smile & a laugh , genuine smiles & genuine laughter. A fortnight later I rang him for the first time in years , I needed a contact number for his business partner . He was surprised to hear from me, understandably. Once more we chatted & chuckled about 'shit' , I got the number , I recall putting the phone down with us both laughing. 2 weeks on, I heard that he had killed himself . I wrote the above to amplify one thing'll never see it coming.
  13. Oh man - I'm so, so sorry Zach. I can't imagine what that's like. I'm sure you have friends IRL to talk this through with, but you have a community here who are here to support you too. @PadrinoThanks for sharing those links. That list is an invaluable resource.
  14. We've compensated him in other ways, but I'll reach out and see if his address on file is still good, and if he needs anything. I will say that everything he's ever asked for I have sent him. But you're right, he should get it all. As far as PRESS goes, I really only send to sites that ask for the product, and like it. That includes review sites and toy photographers. I had a list, but I lost it when I left the page accidentally. If I ever send it to a site that DIDN'T task for it, it was all to reach a new audience and spread awareness. But happy to review any site you feel doesn't deserve or respect the product.
  15. with SDCC avengers recently and now wave 84, i’ve been thinking about going back to the beginnings how about two sets from X-Men (2000) first box: Wolverine Storm Cyclops Jean Grey Professor X second box: Rogue Sabertooth Mystique Toad Magneto since it would be five figures per box there could be extra pieces for their civilian clothes, cerebro helmet, hair for magneto, and then a different sculpt with a white streak for rogue’s hair from the end of the movie. and if the boxes could be ‘mate versions of the posters/promo art i would buy them up real quick.
  16. Other Shi'ar/X-Men characters like Fang Wolverine, Polaris, Eric the Red, or Deathbird could take those last two spots, too.
  17. Well we did just get Lilandra and Corsair, so likely: Cho'd w Cr'eeee Hepzibah Raza Longknife Binary Korvus Marvel Girl/Rachel Summers? (needs an updated figure) Another suggestion entirely: If we can't get the original Hellions... could we get the New Mutants in their Hellion outfits? Maybe just include some alternate heads and parts for the Hellions? Rahne - head and tail for Catseye Karma - head for Tarot Magma/Magik - head for Roulette Thunderbird - head and jetpack for Jetstream Cypher - head for Empath Cannonball - head for Empath throw in an alternate head Bevatron, and a head and buffed up chestpiece for Beef. and you've got 14 characters in one box set and I'm buying two sets at minumum.
  18. I'm not getting involved with comic-characters whose names totally rely on spoofs , parodies & puns . buttheadsmate - aka The Pun-issuer
  19. You, sir, know the way to this old collectors heart. Assuming Sikorsky & Cr'eee are 'accessories' rather than actual figures, who do you propose for the ramining two slots outside the core 4? I know I'd love to see a translucent Binary!
  20. The fact that DST isn't just auto shipping one of everything to Ivan directly is still a huge WTF to me. The guy has been an invaluable source of information and free promotional marketing to the brand for years. But they have no problem providing merchandise to "SMASH THAT LIKE, CLICK THAT BELL" YouTube channels that aren't passionate about the actual product.
  21. You’re making that, right? please tell me that was an announcement
  22. What The...?! Box Set! Milk and Cookies Wolverina Forbush Man Spider-Ham Spider-Ham 2099 ...Probably not Superb-Man
  23. I confess that DP was initially, completely of my radar , I came up to speed very quickly though. Wave 28/H & A version = unsurpassed. Nice later versions but please refer to previous= pattern. So now I'm thinking "Champions' .......First Black Widow = brilliant ,next 14 not so much = pattern . Angel = anything with wings= collectable/desirable Ghost Rider....don't bother unless we get a bike or a tiger. Hercules .....he took on Thor , let's have a minimate that could take on Thor.....any one of 34 of them & win. Not brand echh would be a rubbish idea for a box set
  24. I especially like the MVC She-Hulk. And yeah like… the idea of a Hulk but a woman? Kinda lame. But the execution… By God they did wonderful things in the execution. Deadpool before it was cool to do Deadpool.
  25. And a new version of a WWII Red Skull to cap it off? I’d love to see a Torch that has parts to not have him burning. My QC Hammond ain’t much to talk about
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