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  2. I really wanted a Far From Home movie set but if we’re not going to get that at least the comic wave we got is maybe one of the best minimate waves of all time.
  3. It might not be the most exciting design, but the Moira's-dead-ex-husband look is what I always think of as Proteus.
  4. I wonder (if it's Proteus) if that means it will be the animated version, or the glowing pink version? Or even the possessed-dead-human version?
  5. Yesterday
  6. I'm still happy we got a comic wave over movie wave
  7. Shadow King may make more sense. He was more prominent in the books by time Luke may have gotten into them than Proteus and had a number of appearances on the animated series. EDIT: Never mind, Shadow King hasn't been classified as an Omega Level mutant.
  8. I made mine out of foam board and poster board. Thanks to Zach for the pics.
  9. Heinous

    wave 79

    Over on the fwoosh board, Zach said later this month
  10. Another hint would be nice, maybe the specific corner of the Marvel universe each character is from?
  11. I thought Proteus, too... but then thought, maybe Shadow King? Would be fairly easy to make him out of Kingpin, and we could get another large character cutout of his astral form.
  12. Ah - I didn't get Quicksand. That's where I missed it. Yeah - As soon as you said the Animated series, my mind went straight to Proteus. That was the first place I saw him too!
  13. Dave

    wave 79

    @DSTZach any update on solicitations for wave 79?
  14. The clue that I sent with Quicksand is that the next custom is an omega-level X-Men villain, although possibly not in the form you expect. I first saw this character in X-Men The Animated Series as a kid, and after that I really got into X-Men comics and eventually read this character's other appearances.
  15. Where are you getting Omega level as a hint? Omega plus 70s equals Proteus.
  16. I think I missed a clue - where'd we find out it would be an Omega level mutant?
  17. Last week
  18. Did you ever hear anything back? I still haven't heard anything.
  19. Yep it's Razor! I'm guessing he will go up for preorder on the 24th.
  20. Who's everyone thinking the x-men villain omega level mutant is??
  21. It has been huge. As someone who's been thinking about getting back in - it's, frankly, overwhelming. AoA is my childhood though - so this wave is hitting all the nostalgia notes for me. I'm a bit surprised by the character choices. X-Man & Dark beast make sense since they crossed to the 616 and have a bit more value in terms of display. We don't really end up with any one particular team/book from AoA with this wave tho.
  22. It's a relief to see a wave I'm not interested in, the volume of Marvel Legends this year has been ridiculous.
  23. Yup, it's just plastic from a minimate package that I cut and painted
  24. They already do it, it’s just having a different release schedule. So instead of announcing the wave all at once it’s more of a ramp up. They have 9 to 7 figures in a wave and with two comic waves alone that gives them a year of chatter.
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