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  2. Polarboy

    DC Vinimates

    So What is everything DC we have coming up vinimate wise?
  3. That's a perfectly reasonable question but it is sad that it still has to be asked ! "Life Minimates are like a box of chocolates.............." -buttgumpsmate
  4. Is Hulk’s head a decent colour match for the infinity war figure?
  5. Yesterday
  6. The legs and arms are very animal specific.
  7. Nope, two different characters. Both have been in the films.
  8. With that new Marvel Legends figure, which is fantastic, I'd like to see Hercules get an update.
  9. I reshuffled our loose and packaged inventory, so packaged ones are available again.
  10. So these went from being listed in the press release about the license being obtained, @DSTZachsaid they were scheduled, to “if there is interest”. Another minimate-related disappointment. I sure hope these actually happen I really wanted to get a few boxsets from the show.
  11. Hey @luke314pi will you be getting more packaged versions in stock? Your site is saying that they're out of stock. If not, i'm totally fine with ordering two of the loose versions.
  12. Zach had confirmed that we only needed two sets to build the whole team (assuming you purchase 2 of the cap/thor sets). if captain marvel ends up wearing a suit then you'll be covered while we all scramble to get another one! that or i can use the extra rocket suit as one.............she is short, no?
  13. thanks for confirming and posting, Luke!!! i don't think those had been posted and they look great!! maybe the name change is a movie 'hint'.
  14. GREAT, It looks like you can take Hulk apart to make a regular body to go with one of the extra heads, as there are hands and feet packed with the set. Also, War Machine looks like his chest block would not match the regular chest block due to the chest piece only covering the upper half of chest block. I ordered three box sets, because one will never be opened, but I wanted to be able to have enough to make everyone in the Quantum Realm suits and even maybe make Captain Marvel in the suit as well. So then I ordered a fourth set just to play it safe. Can't wait to see the movie and I only hope that any of the six local Walgreens in my area gets Endgame mates as they still have never gotten Captain Marvel mates.
  15. And put him on a suit body and you've got DX Rick Rude, if that's your kind of thing.
  16. And just a heads-up, War Machine and Hulk are in the wrong labelled spots in the package on all sets.
  17. Not sure if Zach posted a tray shot before, but these just arrived:
  18. I found three of the sets at at Walgreens in New Hampshire this morning. Black Widow and Ronin are great, but definitely did not need another War Machine. Would of been nice to get a different character. Infinity War War Machine is so much better!
  19. Here is a hint for my next custom: Before becoming a professional wrestler, this person was a boxer, an amateur wrestler, a judo black belt, and a stuntman. During his time as a wrestler he spent time as both a "face" and a "heel", and would later serve as an announcer, referee, and commissioner.
  20. So I did a bit of the circuit and nothing to report except that when I asked my local store csr about them she laughed... I’m not sure if it’s a we are never getting them laugh or a we sold out laugh. Both are disturbing.
  21. Last week
  22. "IF there is interest"?!?!?!?! how do we make ourselves heard that YES we are interested?!?!?! i know he probably means retailers but i just wanted to raise awareness that YES I AM BY GOD VERY MUCH INTERESTED!!!!!
  23. but idk, I haven't seen the movie. I see no reason why he wouldn't
  24. She's one of T'Challa's Dora Milaje. She's very noticable in various scenes. I personally think we didn't need another Hulk but its a tough call. I also have a weird feeling that Thor won't wear that quantum suit, like it was something drawn up in concept art then dropped later, hope I'm wrong.
  25. This is a very good post, and a very good outlook. Kudos.
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