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  2. tru wave 24

    Yeah my TRU missed Covenant and all I’ve got are Wolverine, Ghostbusters, Pirates, and Guardians vol 2. And I think maybe like... x files or something. Nothing new in a while come to think of it. Might have to try Mall of Georgia at some point. Maybe they’ve got something.
  3. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    Sssssoooooo X-cited for this boX set!!! 😁
  4. tru wave 24

    Just as a tip: I've noticed pretty much all my local toys r us stores have moved all the minimates from their misc. locations to the "collectible" aisle/section, for lack of a better term. Marvel Mates used to be with the marvel toys, TMNT with the TMNT, Pirates of the Caribbean w/ Pirates, etc. No longer. They're now all together with all the other specialty toys. Other items in this section are things like NECA toys, Living Dead Dolls, Heroes of the Storm, Blind Bag Toys, Funko & Other Vinyl toys. Things that don't typically fit in other sections, and are targeted more at adult collectors than kids. For some reason they're often over near the video games & skylander figures, completely removed from the rest of the action figures/action toys. Before SOME of the minimates were in this section, but mainly just the ones that didn't fit in any other section. Lately ALL of the minimates have been here, including the new waves (which is where I found them). Leftover Wolverine & Dr. Strange also got moved here.
  5. tru wave 24

    How in the hell does Menagerie have more than 10 available of each 2-pack and multiples of each individual figure available? I seriously can't stand this guy. If anyone could help me out with these for cost and shipping, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I can't get these, it might be the final nail in the coffin for my Minimates collecting.
  6. Fantastic Four: Informal Character Poll

    The Avengers and X-Men are my favourites, but Hulk-related characters have been underrepresented in the line, so there'd be a lot of interesting choices.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    This makes me very, very happy.
  9. tru wave 24

    I've seen the writing on the wall at my local TRU for a few months now. New Minimates just are not coming in anymore and I used to be able to get EVERYTHING which how I was able to help out so many on here over the years. It would be much easier if TRU.com had these listed when they hit stores. I normally don't order stuff online but I would definitely order new Minimates online versus consistently being let down every trip to my local TRU.
  10. tru wave 24

    I’m in Harrisburg. My Dad and my brother search Scranton for me too. Also a Giants fan. But I’ll be glad to help out any PA Collectors I can.
  11. Fantastic Four: Informal Character Poll

    I reckon I will, in a little while. I'm wary of giving everyone poll fatigue. Is there a particular corner you'd want to see next BD?
  12. Unnamed X-Men boxset

  13. Walking Dead Minimates!

    I always jump when I see new posts on The Walking Dead hoping for new life! This line is what hooked me on Minimates and is still one of my favorites! Maybe someday.....
  14. Fantastic Four: Informal Character Poll

    Thanks for making the poll! Are you planning on covering any other areas of the Marvel Universe? It'd be nice to see more of these.
  15. tru wave 24

    Well, shit. My TRU never got POTC5 or Alien: Covenant. We have Marvel 23, Homecoming, the last Predator wave, and some lingering TMNT and GhostbustHers. I also saw a single 2-pack from Doctor Strange. I share your concerns, Mr. Fett. TRU.com needs to step up their game. Hopefully store inventory went there and not Ross or some other regional discount retailer.
  16. Fantastic Four: Informal Character Poll

    Time to call it. Well played, Uatu. Well. Played. And by a primate hair, the Alphas. The runners-up: Thanks to all who voted!
  17. tru wave 24

    Well my TRU no longer has a section for minimates. Some PotC on an endcap, discounted GB and some Marvel up front. Everything else that was there is gone(some Aliens, Predator, P vs Z). All gone. An employee couldn't tell me if they were sent back or shipped to another store. The Thor Ragnarok and wave 24 never hit. And now I'm super worried about wave 25 and Black Panther.
  18. Walking Dead Minimates!

    Yeah, look what Minimates did for Borders and Hastings! Maybe things would be different if DST had the rights to the TV show. I guess we'll never know since Todd beat them to the punch and forced them to settle for the comic. A noticeable lack of tigers certainly didn't help.
  19. Walking Dead Minimates!

    so i came back to this topic after a really long time just to see if there was maybe any news and accidently read the first page thinking it was the most recent and got super excited. still have hope that this line is not dead. hey, maybe since TRU is bankrupt they'll have to call up minimates for help.
  20. Sideshow Spooktacular

    Damn, beat me to it!
  21. Sideshow Spooktacular

    SNIVEL is another code.
  22. DC Vinimates

    November 1: Justice LEague Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman
  23. Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    November 1: Beetlejuice Adam, BArbara, Cowboy BJ Justice LEague Batman, Flash, Wonder WOman NBX Pumpkin King Predator Cloaked Pred + Muddy Dutch
  24. Unnamed X-Men boxset

    I THINK this is the thread for the X-Men vs. Brotherhood box set, but I believe it hits next week.
  25. Elf

    Elf set hits next week!
  26. Series 5 hits next week, I believe. We have it now.
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