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  2. I'd want a Minimate horse. It wouldn't even have to be a flaming horse.
  3. By God a revival of Lord of the Rings minimates with modern Minimate techniques would be so nice.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I think I remember Zach saying that DST was planning on dropping C2E2 in favor of ECCC.
  6. Seeing Avatar the Last Airbender and Lord of the Rings figures makes you salivate for minimate interpretations. Especially The Last Airbender, one of my favorite shows, never thought we'd be this close to potentially getting them. But those figures look great.
  7. Yes. It seems to be catering to the existing consumer base here, one we've been told is a small fraction of the overall base. It feels more like a break-up note than a love letter. I'm happy to be wrong. Glad to hear Walgreens still considers Minimates a viable brand. In the absence of TRU, they should be enjoying decent sell-through. Hopefully meetings at Toy Fair confirm that.
  8. No mention of Marvel Minimates hitting a milestone 80th assortment. Really looking forward to that Maximilian Select figure. So many properties I'd prefer to see as Minimates.
  9. DST walkthrou with Pixel Dan and the one and only Captain Sideburns himself DSTZach
  10. Well it's in three days. Is DST gonna be there? Is anyone else planning on going?
  11. I was referring to Minimates. I'm sure plenty goes on behind the curtain but when DST shows John Wick statues and action figures but not the long-delayed Minimates box set, the whole brand starts to feel like it's sliding into Star Trek territory. I'm also wondering if DST still has the Star Trek license and if so why?
  12. If it's LEGO bitching about BAFs, they need to be aiming their legal team at Hasbro. They stand to make a much larger settlement from that company than DST. Then again, DST should be defending their territory, too.
  13. I've had trouble getting the Animated assortments locally. Usually patience wins the day. It took about six months for Series 9 to hit here as I recall. The Movie waves have been much better. It's almost as if someone understands there's a narrower window of opportunity to take advantage of the marketing generated by the studio between the film release and home video debut. TRU was a similar nightmare in that the exclusives should have been offered online, maybe even available for preorder. Walgreens can at least offer them online and have them shipped to stores. Last I checked, Minimates weren't available at
  14. Goddammit. These are more of a pain in the ass to get than the TRU exclusives were.
  15. If it isn't because of cost or sell-through, stepping on another licensors toes seems possible. Maybe a licensor who already makes BaFs, or one whose whole product is building-based. The only problem I've ever had with minimate packaging is when I can't check the whole figure for the best paint.
  16. Regards the blister packaging......I had an inkling but I appreciate your reiteration . BTW ,DC Minimates showed off the 'mates entirely & 13 years on I honestly don't think that packaging has been surpassed. BAFs & MIPs ......acronyms, where would be without them? I know a MIP collector who actually buys up fully built loose BAF figures when they appear on eBay , he feels that it completes his MIP collection also completes his loose collection ,he claims that you can always become an 'opener' but it's not so quite easy to go back. Guy's fucking weird ,he's got that weird guy's stuff .....ambivalence. .....& Zach.... "we aren't allowed to do BAFs anymore" invites the question ...........why?
  17. I think they'll hit mid-March, and I'll be promoting around then. Might try to get them in the case at ECCC.
  18. Just because all we had on public (press) display was Marvel doesn't mean that other non-Marvel lines weren't' shown and discussed in private, with licensors and retailers. Because they were. No. There is a specific reason we aren't allowed to do BAFs anymore. As to why we do three packs and not four, I think that has to do with tooling amortization, but I could be wrong.
  19. Are you saying that because Series 80 and 81 are relatively successful in the number of desired characters delivered they must indicate a wrapping-up of sorts? And not just a greater attention to making each wave a must-have for collectors? Just making sure I understand. Walgreens currently has three more assortments of Marvel Minimates, Animated and movie, in the works. They are not the last three that I am aware of.
  20. Well that and the fact that Alien Covenant was... just kinda miserable.
  21. I'm an opener so I put them together but I can understand why MIP collectors wouldn't care. At some point after the line launched, someone at Toy Biz said, "Hey! They can't show action figures on blister cards! That's our schtick!" And Marvel said, "Hey, you're gonna have to not use a blister card. It's gotta be a box." Fortunately, some time later, someone said, "Okay, you can put a window in the box but it can't show more than 30% of the actual product." Keep in mind this was all while Toy Biz was pulling the strings, the same folks who said, "Professor X's wheelchair can't have rolling wheels anymore because that makes it a vehicle and they don't have the vehicle category!" I sincerely doubt anyone at DST has bothered to revisit the terms of the original agreement for fear of upsetting someone who probably isn't even there anymore and losing the license entirely. Personally, I like the closed boxes because they show how dynamically the figures can be posed. The trays just hold them in place like little plastic corpses. At first glance they look like LEGO figures but are SO much more fun. Packaging has never been AA or DST's strong suit. Packaging was part of the reason this hot mess was among the last assortment of Alien Minimates.
  22. So Black Widow is a Walgreens exclusive. Terrific.
  23. Zach has said in the past that they don't always display retailer exclusives at Toy Fair but will show them to press. I dug up the 2018 Toy Fair thread and no Walgreens were on display then either.
  24. Last week
  25. I was going to ask the same thing Freaqualizer... I do think it's pretty amazing that Luke was ready & willing to pivot on the MOE custom based on the aforementioned bird singing.
  26. They usually have a sign that says pending license approval if it hasn't yet
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