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  2. Sounding off this time. I do really want this little buddy.
  3. I'm back here after a very interesting year to find a very interesting thread I forgot about, one which was very different from the purpose for which it was originally created. The new webstore is still a work in progress, as not EVERYTHING is up for pre-order yet (TF and Joe MM, for example), and while there is now a Minimates product category, Series 80 is still not listed there, although it IS in the new warehouse. I will poke them to see if we can list the TF and Joe MM, as well as Series 80. But on another note, I found two more MMMV Minimate blanks! Since there were only a couple of non-winners last time, I am opening it up to all, so if you do not have one (scout's honor), and you want one, sound off below!
  4. Since this giveaway was so popular, I went back into my archives and I found another Guillotine! And since so many people had already entered and gotten passed over, I RE-entered everybody in this giveaway (except the two winners) and chose a NEW winner! And it's 717cris717! Send me your address!
  5. It's a grape day to be Minimike! Congrats! 🤓👍
  6. The Randomizer says MiniMike is the winner! Send me your info!
  7. Last week
  8. The Dinobot question I have is will they release as bot or Dino? Obviously for most of these guys there’s really no question about it. They release as the robot who was once in disguise but does anyone really care what Grimlock actually looks like? He’s a T-Rex. That being said, I’d like a four pack of Dinobots with Grimlock as one of them and put someone else in the waves. Grimlock can be the Big Anchor Character of that set. Or make the pterodactyl an accessory. … speaking of accessories, I wonder how Soundwave’s tape buddies will be handled.
  9. So when they inevitably release the Dinobots do you think they will release them all together (minus one) or will they be spread out through numerous waves? I wouldn't mind seeing 2 Dinobots and 2 Constructicons per package in a few waves. Maybe release Grimlock in a wave and then the other four in another wave. I'm pretty sure there were five Dinobots. I had a bit too much whiskey to be bothered to use good ol google to look it up tonite though.
  10. Eternals feels like a weak apology for screwing up The Inhumans. I still haven't made it through that... whatever the hell it was. I noticed some Shang-Chi toys on clearance at Target. Not everything.
  11. I'm going with either Cliffjumper and Hound from when they tried to take out Soundwave. Or based on Zach's clue Sideswipe and Sunstreaker.
  12. I don't think even Warner bros thought the fourth world movie would happen
  13. I was thinking Megatron and Soundwave for sure; then Jazz and Grimlock for the Autobots... As noted though, Blaster probably does make sense based on Zach's comment...
  14. We need Omega Supreme and Devastator as Vinimates.
  15. Hrmm I was thinking Megatron and Soundwave for the Decepticons. Autobots I would assume the "popular" pick would be either Jazz, Prowl or Ironhide...lets just say Ironhide though for giggles. I might then assume maybe Blaster for the Autobots as a wildcard pick but making sense as a foil to Soundwave maybe?
  16. So Soundwave and Megatron for the Cons Im gonna say Ratchet and someone we’ll never see coming for the autobbots.
  17. I just generally find it amazing that Marvel decided to do Eternals in the first place. They own all of Jack Kirby's best IP's and they chose to make a movie out of his worst comic book. Part of me thinks it was in an effort to compete with Warner Bros. Fourth World movie, which ultimately fell through.
  18. Maybe! The new GOTG was pretty popular in comics, coming off of that big Annihilation crossover like they did. Granted, few of the characters were big stars before that. I read about Drax and Nebula in the 1990s Surfer comics, and about Gamora in the Infinity War, and about Rocket in the original Rocket series (big Mignola fan), so I knew most of them save Star-Lord and Groot (who I kinda knew of as a Marvel monster in passing). But I have literally never read any Eternals comics, and could not name any beyond Ikaris and Sersi. My only exposure is probably the Official Handbook.
  19. There will not be Transformers MM at Walgreens. If you like the way these look, get them from your local shop or your favorite online retailer. Yes. If you think of the most popular Autobots and Decepticons, you will probably guess three out of four. The fourth is a little bit of a wildcard, but makes sense for the set.
  20. Well I guess it's nice to here there was a possibility for them and not an afterthought. Just hope the next outing for this character warrants some minimates.
  21. Maybe if Shang-Chi had a lead named "Chris" the retailer would have been more supportive. I'm having trouble recalling how many Guardians of the Galaxy fans I knew of before that flick hit. Not that I found the first trailer for Eternals impressive by any stretch. It may be a property worth revisiting.
  22. If the differences between what's being offered through specialty and at Walgreens is strictly packaging, we're running into the same old cannibalizing of sales that occurred with TRU. Given that my Walgreens is offering Minimates at $8 a 2-pack, I might take my chances with their haphazard distribution than pay almost twice as much for the same product.
  23. It had nothing to do with Bruce Lee. Unfortunately, a potential retail partner for Shang Chi dropped out. To be fair, the Eternals are not a proven sales giant. Even their comic history is spotty and you don't meet a lot of "Eternals fans". I am curious how the Legends do.
  24. Unfortunately no. But we may be soliciting Series 2 as soon as next month! Fun lineup.
  25. I'm guessing Walgreens might have that basic yellow Bumblebee.
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