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  2. If it makes you feel "better" a lot of Americans didn't know about it either as it wasn't taught as a part of the "normal" history curriculum.
  3. THIS! Also My favourite.. oh xyz franchise isn't interested in minimates... and yet they then announce they license in question announces they are part of Super7. Archie just announced they are having them even,
  4. Yesterday
  5. nice! although i meant African American legs, this still is better than what i had. I think it works well for America Chavez. I've done a couple others for the game I play Marvel Strike Force on my phone. Next to America is the Elsa Bloodstone I'm messing with. New Hobgoblin for chest and Pepper Potts hair. Robe is from Pulp Fiction guy but I'd rather have regular sleeves but nothing matches that color really. Previously I was using Capcom Dante's alt White coat which I may go back to. I also will probably change those boots back to smaller shoes not sure how that's looking.
  6. Seems like another missed opportunity. Can't blame manufacturers entirely, though. If they're showing stuff to retailers but they're not biting, collectors need to target the stores with their wish lists.
  7. Yes, their track record isn't exactly flawless when it comes to ship dates.
  8. Unfortunately bbts has updated the month of arrival every month since like July, they definitely ain’t coming out this month
  9. Nope. They haven't made anything for Black Lightning or Batwoman, either.
  10. Last week
  11. According to their site, John Wick Minimates are due to arrive this month.
  12. Maybe someone can ask bbts about john wick. They might be willing to confirm what i think we all know.
  13. Is Funko all over this Crisis crossover event?
  14. DST seems inconsistent when it comes to licenses. We'll ask for more Star Trek from anything but TOS. So they offer a SKU of TNG, a SKU of DS9, and a SKU of ENT with the requisite SKU of TOS. When we give up and say, "Fine, you really want to push TOS for some reason. Give us variants from popular episodes like 'City on the Edge of Forever'" we're told Kirk and Spock won't sell in civilian attire. Then DST goes after licenses like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill and John Wick where most characters are "civilian." They get a license like Gotham, offering SKU after SKU of some of DC's most popular characters in civilian attire. When they finally have the opportunity to offer characters like Joker and Riddler and Firefly and even BATMAN, they quit. I'd argue it's time to revisit Watchmen given how well received the HBO series has become but it would probably interfere with DST's plans to offer Minimates based on The Irishman. (Full disclosure: I know of no such plans.) They offer a truly robust assortment of characters from the first two Alien flicks but neglect to offer a vanilla version of a key character (Bishop) from what's arguably the most popular film of the entire franchise. And don't get me started on the David/Chestburster 2-pack that represents everything wrong with planning a SKU. I have to wonder how hard they're trying with Minimates. If you can't get comic book shops to buy Batman-related products when your parent company is Diamond Distributors, something seems off. I know The Powers That Be aren't known for rocking the boat but could we at least get some control art into Previews to see if we can get enough pre-orders for a set of Pacific Rim jaeger pilots?
  15. You have yet to meet me If you are a vinimate completist then you can consider yourself one of a very small group of idiots people is possible that there are less than 249 of these people.
  16. I have yet to meet anyone that actually collects the vinimates line. I know people pick up one here or there ( hell I think I have 5) but no one that actively seeks them out so this wouldn’t surprise me.
  17. I love the comic ones (well the classic comic ones) But the arrowverse shows are still going strong and are basically free advertising if they still have the licence for these they are mad not to do more. Maybe do a re-release of the main three and three new costume heroes maybe Mon-El, Killer Frost and White Canary.
  18. I have to say I’m really annoyed that there aren’t Arrowmates or any DC ones. I know it’s been a decade and I should get over it but the lack of new licenses and lack of product is driving me mental.
  19. Yeah I did a run and for some reason they weren’t a bogo in NYC. I did pick up a bunch of the venom ones and peg warmers for toys for tots.
  20. April O'Neil Jean shorts with black legs
  21. Not sure if anyone will see this but I was not sure where else to post this? I would like to see a Minimates Holiday Set. Baby New Year that could be transformed into Cupid for Valentine's day. A Leprechaun that could maybe become and elf for Christmas. We have Santa from the Elf box set (and the one from A Nightmare Before Christmas) and there are elves in the NBX series, but I more traditional look to each would be nice. Maybe a twist on a Scarecrow for Halloween and a Pilgrim & Native American for Thanksgiving would be neat. I have made my own version of the Pilgrim and Native American, and have a Leprechaun I have started but never finished. I just don't have the right parts for a Baby New Year/Cupid. I would need the top hat (like the one from John in the Peter Pan set) and bare body parts with a white hip piece and a child like face. Also would need a sash like the Easter Bunny has in the NBX. Then to transform him to Cupid you need a hairpiece, wings with harness, and a bow and arrow. Most of these parts exist just need to get them all in one place. I like to decorate my office with MInimates year round and would really like a holiday theme set of Minimates. Just a chance.
  22. Or DST could simply offer Kirk & Spock in the SS uniforms. There seems to be a contingent of "fans" these days who would enjoy adding something like that to their collection and it has nothing to do with authenticity. But yeah, Indiana Jones Minimates would be sweet. Hopefully DST's relationship with Disney stays strong.
  23. i used the mercenary from Civil War because it looked more like a chest plate. I thought xavier might be too much. I may swap it out for the DOFP magneto
  24. Pretty good! I think Professor X from DoFP had a pretty good chest block that has straps on it though
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