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  2. Is this set still confirmed for this week, the 19th? Someone tell us if it’s on the ship lists!
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  4. MINIMATES LOT – COMPLETE - SERIES 1 - 42!!! WHAT YOU GET – All of the Marvel Minimates listed below. Series 1 through 40 are new, never played with, include all accessories, and are placed in individual polybags (1 per Minimate), each of which have the official name of the Minimate and Series #. For convenience, all 7 Minimates from each Series are placed in an additional bag containing the Minimates from that Series. Series 41 and 42 are still in original packaging. Please note Series 15 was cancelled, so there are no Series 15 Minimates. All of these Minimates are the ORIGINALS and are NOT reissues. A total of 287 Minimates! These Minimates are from my personal collection, taken from the packages and placed in labeled polybags. Smoke Free Home. SERIES MINIMATES 1 Daredevil & Kingpin Hulk & Bruce Banner Daredevil Yellow & Elektra CHASE: Elektra (Black) 2 Peter Parker/Spider-Man & Classic Green Goblin Battle Damaged Spider-Man & Venom Carnage & Spider-Man CHASE: Spider-Man (Symbiote) 3 Ultimate Wolverine & Sabretooth Logan & Ultimate Storm Ultimate Jean Grey & Cyclops CHASE: Ultimate Cyclops No Visor 4 Unmasked Spider-Man & Dr. Octopus Masked Spider-Man & Gwen Stacy Bullseye & Battle Damaged Daredevil CHASE: Unmasked Daredevil 5 Captain America & Absorbing Man Civilian Logan & Juggernaut Thing & Doctor Doom CHASE: Unmasked Doctor Doom 6 New X-Men Wolverine & Phoenix Gamma Hulk & The Leader Ghost Rider& Iron Man CHASE: Stealth Iron Man 7 Grey Hulk & Rhino Spider-Man 2099 & Silver Surfer Ultimate Spider-Man& Chameleon CHASE: Chameleon as J. Jonah Jameson 8 Mr. Fantastic & Human Torch Gaijin Wolverine II & Battle-Scarred Thing Powerhouse Thing & Sue Richards CHASE: Invisible Woman 9 Blade & Assault Punisher Patch & Lady Deathstrike New X-Men Cyclops & White Queen CHASE: Emma Frost(Diamond Form) 10 Sandman& Silver Sable Black Cat& Ben Reilly Spider-Carnage & Spider-Woman I CHASE: Spider-Woman II 11 Bishop & Cable Rogue & Mystique Firestar & Iceman(Clear) CHASE: Iceman(Frosted) 12 Riot-Attack Spider-Man & Ronin Captain America & Nick Fury Sentry & Luke Cage CHASE: Imprisoned Sentry 13 Cyclops & Emma Frost Wolverine & Colossus Kitty Pride & Beast CHASE: Days of Future PastWolverine 14 Storm & Colossus Beast & Juggernaut Wolverine & Jean Grey CHASE: Phoenix 16 Thor & Loki Scarlet Witch& Quicksilver She-Hulk & Wonder Man CHASE: Bearded Thor 17 Spider-Man (Red Suit) & New Goblin Black Suited Spider-Man & Sandman Peter Parker & Eddie Brock CHASE: Transformation Venom 18 Transformation Spider-Man & Venom Battle Damage Spider-Man & Sandman Unmasked Black-Suited Spider-Man & Gwen Stacy CHASE: Mary-Jane 19 Apocalypse & Spidey, Ms. Marvel & Ultron, Death Archangel & Mysterio CHASE: Archangel 20 Vision & Hawkeye Havok & Polaris Smart Hulk & Abomination CHASE: Vision 2.0 21 Pepper Potts & Mark III Iron Man Tony Stark & Iron Monger Jim Rhodes & Mark I Iron Man CHASE: Mark II Iron Man 22 Hulk & Bruce Banner Emil Blonsky & Abomination Battle Damaged Hulk & Betty Ross CHASE: General Ross 23 Cloak & Dagger Nova & Gamora Mark I War Machine & Spymaster CHASE: Mark II War Machine (Jim Rhodes) 24 Classic Spiderman & Shocker Cosmic Spiderman & Transformation Venom Back In Black Spiderman & Kraven CHASE: Tarantula 25 Red Hulk & Ska’ar Captain America & Red Skull Classic Iron Man & AIM Soldier CHASE: Bolt Face Iron Man 26 Wolverine & Blob Special Ops Wolverine & Deadpool Logan & Sabertooth CHASE: Special Ops Sabertooth 27 Thor & Nick Fury Iron Man & Hulk Captain America & S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent CHASE: WW II Captain America 28 Wolverine & Deadpool Gambit & Psylocke Sabertooth & Skrull CHASE: First Appearance Sabertooth 29 Armored Daredevil & Moon Knight Black Panther & 90’s Storm X-Force Wolverine & Hydra Agent CHASE: WWII Wolverine 30 Insulated Spiderman & Electro House of M Spiderman & Scorpion Vault Guard & Spider-Girl CHASE: Ultimate Spider-Woman 31 Captain Britain & Shadowcat Captain Marvel & Black Bolt Angel & Multiple Man CHASE: Silver Age Angel 32 Extremis Iron Man & Titanium Man Retro X-Force Cable & Modern X-Force X-23 Yellow Jacket & Kree Soldier CHASE: Goliath 33 Thor Reborn & Lady Loki Menace & Anti-Venom Sentinel & Rachel Grey CHASE: Rachel Summers 34 90’s Beast & 90’s Rogue 90”s Cyclops & 90’s Jean Grey Black Queen Jean Grey & Hellfire Club Guard CHASE: Black Queen Selene 35 Mark IV Iron Man & Whiplash Mark V Iron Man & War Machine Hammer Drone & Pepper Potts CHASE: Happy Hogan 36 Silver Centurion Iron Man & Crimson Dynamo Neo Classic Iron Man & Stilt Man Modern Mandarin & Dreadnought CHASE: Mandarin 37 Six-Armed Spiderman & Silver Age Lizard X-Force Warpath & Professor X Thing & Doombot CHASE: Trench Coat Thing 38 Daredevil*, Elektra*, Spider-Man*, Iron Fist*, White Tiger*, Hand Ninja* CHASE: Classic White Tiger* 39 Loki & Odin Thor & Destroyer Odin & Jane Foster Jane Foster & Frost Giant #1 CHASE: Agent Coulson 40 Frontline Captain America & Bucky Captain America & Red Skull Howard Stark & Hydra Soldier CHASE: Peggy Carter 41 Green Goblin w/Glider & Spidey Unmasked First Appearance Iron Man & Mega-Rage Hulk Mr. Sinister (Age of Apocalypse) & Nimrod CHASE: Mr. Sinister (classic) 42 World War II Captain America & Arnim Zola Armored Thor & Beta Ray Bill Eric Masterson as Thunderstrike & Kronan Warrior CHASE: Eric Masterson as Thor
  5. Lawler is the last custom in the first subscription. Next I will have 2-3 months without a subscription, as these customs might not fit into a subscription model.
  6. I LOVE Battle Cat, and have since I was a kid. I have, to my knowledge, every toy of his (I'm missing the uncolored M.U.S.C.L.E. one, but I think that's it), and every time I've seen a T-shirt (I even have one of Garfield colored in Cringer's colors, lol). I just sold a Transformer, and turned around and used the money to pay for the Four Horseman's anthro homage: I'm even making a character in one of my comic books a green & orange-furred feline, haha.
  7. I had 5 MU Madroxes - loved them. They went for a design that worked both for classic and 90s X-Factor.
  8. AFMcGill

    wave 79

    Yes yes please yes. He recently got a Marvel Legends figure so even though the character has been utterly buried by Marvel, him getting a Minimate isn't wholy out of question at least. In fact, most the guys you listed recently got Marvel Legends figures... We definitely need a comic-based Cosmic wave - I am flabbergasted we have never had a comic-based Star-Lord - but sadly I can see us just getting the current versions of the movie characters which themselves are uninspired riffs on their movie versions which we've already got figures for. Maybe something like the upcoming X-Factor wave where we have a modern Guardian with an old Guardian - like Star-Lord and Major Victory or Drax and Yondu or Mantis and Starhawk, etc.
  9. I've always hoped on an Operation: Zero Tolerance wave (which would just be an excuse to fill in some 90s gaps). Nate Grey, Chamber, Husk, M, Marrow, Bastion/Prime Sentinel army builder...
  10. Eh, semantics, lol. Could've been extra/alternate arms & legs, and the rest hidden under the white.
  11. I’m growing impatient for my translucent Green Lantern!
  12. I believe I've read previous comments indicating that was the case with Marvel Select, pretty sure it would be the same for minimates.
  13. thereasonsy

    wave 79

    After flipping through some back issues, I would love a cosmic wave! Vance Astro, DarkHawk, Gladiator, Lilandra (BAF), Starlord, Yondo, Nebula, Genis Marvel.
  14. Yeah with the outfits being black and white, it'd be hard to throw him under nimrods parts
  15. I can tell you for a fact that DST has been told by the Star Wars people in the past that they won't do Minimates because of Legos. Whether that's because of a licensing restriction or them deciding that they don't want to dilute their (very profitable) LSW line is not for me to say. But DST has tried, and was rebuffed, and that's why.
  16. But...Hasbro makes Marvel figures too and we have Marvel Minimates. Or was Toy Biz still in charge of Marvel back when Marvel Minimates started and they were grandfathered in?
  17. LEGO isn’t the issue. Hasbro has the action figure category cornered.
  18. It better be. I ordered one a couple weeks back.
  19. Would Best Buy have helped? DST has a presence there.
  20. I had really hoped that there would've been a Bastion underneath Nimrod, but there wasn't.
  21. Nope! At first I couldn't remember, but I checked my order history on Luke's and it showed I got it from there, but I always preorder everything on BBTS (because I can't afford to pay for everything I want up front), so I must have cancelled it there and picked it up from him because I got impatient. I can see that being more likely than them cancelling it on me, and me having to go elsewhere.
  22. I never found any, and right around the time he was supposed to come out, I'd given up on trying to do that scale, so I kept a few & sold the remainder of what I'd gotten by then. And now I hear people lament that too many teams were left unfinished, so I'm fine with ML & MM only (we get unfinished teams, but not to the extent of MU apparently). And while I have 11 green shirt Jamie 'Mates, I wouldn't have gotten as many ML had they gone that route. But since they went 90's, I went a little crazy.
  23. Those were cancelled. They're only doing the Bruce Lee Vinimates now.
  24. Far more worrying is that BBTS site shows that they've sold out of Bruce Lee Minimate box sets.
  25. Your skills are really top notch. Painting is my least favorite part of the process, so I never do it unless I have to, and certainly not detailing unless there's no way around it.
  26. That is very odd on wave 75, I ended up canceling my pre-order with BBTS and getting it from Luke when he restocked. I wonder why they didn't completly fulfill pre-orders. IT still shows pre-order today if you look at the listing.
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