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  2. NerdyTrev

    DC Vinimates

    Did they not have the rights to say Green Arrow and Speedy or something?
  3. MisterPL

    DC Vinimates

    The Prez poster caught my eye, too. I meant to go back and check the others. 🤓 I'm not a huge fan of the show but, come on, the Seven Soldiers of Victory? That was awesome. "Robin Hood." Gotta love that multiverse!
  4. My fave hidden in plain sight bits where the film posters for Prez, GI Robot, Unknown Soldier and Haunted Tank at the start of the final episode. Oh wait I'm in The UK and can't actually watch Stargirl till it lands on Amazon Prime next week. I blame the ISA and Brainwave for somehow implanting this information in my noggin.
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  6. MisterPL

    DC Vinimates

    Watching Stargirl (RIP DCU) I noticed a clock with a giant "S" on its face on the wall of Pat's garage. It reminded me of The Iron Giant's borrowed "Superman" crest. But I'm sure Pat's "S" is for STRIPE. 😉 It's all one big, happy WB family, right?
  7. Well, I guess the Iron Giant will permanently sit with the JSA.
  8. The statue looked a little different in real life and was actually a good looking piece.
  9. I wonder if John Moschitta Jr. can still talk fast enough to do new MicroMachines commercials.
  10. DST has never held the DC license for Minimates. As a division of TimeWarner, DC Direct never needed a license to make any of its DC collectibles. They tried making it happen but the 2-packs were too expensive ($2 more than Marvel's MSRP) and the release schedule was very tight due to the factory scheduling. (The first three assortments were released a month apart.) DC Direct wasn't the problem. DC's licensing has been handled by Warner Bros. Consumer Products for over a decade, maybe more, as I recall. It's up to someone there to recognize the value of a toy line that could last as long as Marvel's line of Minimates has, especially without the same restrictions. Imagine a DC Minimates line that allows for vehicles and playsets that incorporate the same mix & match play pattern as the figures. Picture MAX but with a Batwing and Blue Beetle's Bug and Superman's Kryptonian ship and Luthor's battle suit. Get Todd and Mezco out of the way and give retailers something to get excited about. Hasbro's bringing back MicroMachines. Maybe wee is back.
  11. Empathy is an admirable character trait, Mr. PL. Selfishness, less so. My first thought was maybe DST can go after a minimate license again.
  12. Such a gut punch, especially after personally experiencing something similar last year. My thoughts go out to the folks who are suddenly out of work in a year that's already challenging in so many ways.
  13. Well those could be considered mini & could be used during mating.....
  14. Massive layoffs at DC, and they are shutting down DC Direct.
  15. Not getting Fish is a real travesty. And a definite yes on Minimates from the Harley show. The style is great and we need more DC mates!
  16. My wife is part of the same cottage industry. Stay healthy, folks.
  17. This is an awesome idea. Stay safe and healthy. Also to anyone who won't, wear a damn mask already.👍🏼
  18. Then again, after how Gotham was handled, I have little faith we'd ever see most of the characters we'd like to. (Still bitter about a lack of Riddler, Penguin, Firefly, Fish, Joker, Grundy, Zsasz, Ivy, Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, Bane, Ra's, BATMAN...)
  19. @Mattallica, those are really cool, thank you for posting these. My wife also made a few masks for us so we had several we could rotate, wash and wear whenever we have to leave the house. I hope you and your wife are staying safe.
  20. Hello all, My wife is a Nurse working with Covid 19/Corona virus patients she has a website to share her sewing hobby/ items with her friends coworkers etc , However she now is making in her "free time" PPE surgical hats and masks and supplying them (at no cost) to her nurses/doctors heatlh care workers. She has on her site instructional videos, using patterns we have developed, on how you can make your own, she is not selling these and i am only posting this here to share these videos to anyone who can benefit from them. be safe everyone, we can get through this together -M
  21. Star Trek: Prodigy has a director/co-executive producer/creative lead. After seeing his work on Codehunters (which predates Borderlands, by the way), I'm really looking forward to the look of this new series.
  22. I saw the animated statue. If that's any indication, it's going to be hit or miss on blending in.
  23. If they're anything like the other animated offerings, this assortment will essentially be a "Best of/Greatest Hits" wave for X-Men in terms of style. No metallic colors. (IE - yellow, not gold)
  24. MisterPL

    wave 79

    I'll admit to getting repeated use out of the amount of lube that came out of Quill's helmet and leave it at that. DST may need to change its marketing strategy. I know a search for "minimates" in the search engine once lead to personal massagers.
  25. Here you go. I've never been a fan of Harley but, yeah, anything that gets us more DC Minimates is welcome in my collection.
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