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  1. Yesterday
  2. svu two packs w benson & stabler + tutuola & munch
  3. How about some Law & Order minimates? That has been going for awhile.
  4. I have not seen them come into the warehouse inventory, which means they are not coming out in the next two weeks.
  5. Not unless there’s currently a running show of Gargoyles. Mystery License is still on the air.
  6. Were Silver Hawks or Tiger Sharks guessed as the mystery license?
  7. Last week
  8. Did we already guess Sesame Street for the Mystery License? I think we did. I guess I am just trying to squint to see how it could be something other than pro wrestling.
  9. If it’s TV show related no idea who it could be. If it’s a comic character I’m hoping for Kwinn or Dr Venom.
  10. Hmmm. the two civilians that pop into my head would be The Viper (fingers crossed) or Hector Ramirez (who has ties to other shows like Transformers and Jem) unless its something like a Larry Hama minimate, which would be pretty cool too!
  11. The fourth character has been replaced, and is a civilian. Waiting to hear if it will make the show.
  12. Earlier
  13. That would be awesome... I'd love themed packs like this, or from different episodes, could be cool for the fourth character in each boxset to be some wacky offbeat person who would never be made otherwise. What a joke, if this is the reason... Yes!!! would love the Viper! me and my brother loved this episode and would pretend to be him on the phone all the time, and leave messages as the The Viper, lol!!! an example of a great character from an episode I'd like to see make a 4-pack!
  14. My guess would be a member of the Oktober Guard. Considering the time it takes to get things approved and into production and the state of current affairs it makes sense such a character would need to be pulled.
  15. in all seriousness though it would have to be someone mainstream enough for Dst to use up 1 of only four spots in the set, but if not joe or cobra, Dreadnoks? they arent technically cobra and there was some flack about Zartans Bio? but who else? Headhunter? not cobra but not mainstream, cobra-la? Billy? dammit i must know!
  16. My guess is it is based on the first GI Joe Animated Mini-Series from 1983. Dr. Vandermeer? Gladiator Ramar? Salina? Not from the first mini-series, but other contenders: The old blind hermit that found radioactive Snake Eyes? (He recently got a Reaction figure) Fatal Fluffy? The Viper?
  17. oh damn! now i'm even more curious.........but awesome! i wonder if it was one of the 'and knowing is half the battle!' kids.......
  18. It wasn't a Cobra And it not being a Joe OR a Cobra led to them asking (ultimately, belatedly) us not to include it. A shame, but I'm sure the replacement will be equally cool, whatever it is. And the lost character will be released in another format, I believe.
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