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  2. DC Vinimates

    No, not yet. Searching for a new home doesn’t mean done. I hope. But, never say never!
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  4. C2E2 2018

    This! A million times! This was my favorite show growing up.
  5. MMC Reviews Discussion

    To kick off a week-long special of MCU reviews, let's roll back the clock with Mark IV Iron Man and Battle-Damaged Whiplash!
  6. C2E2 2018

    Well, yeah, not that they have that Vulture and Falcon head tooling from the Marvel Animated assortments. (Hail Ivan!)
  7. C2E2 2018

    Um...these were made by DST, but they never made Minimates....
  8. DC Vinimates

    Thanks for the info, its odd, not all Walgreens around me even carry Vinimates. I would actually say the majority of them don't, as I've had to go out of my way to track down the previous exclusives. So should we add the Black Lantern Batman to the cancelled list with Slimed Egon and Winston?
  9. Antman and the Wasp

    It's possible someone was worried the Wasp's suit would look too much like Yellowjacket's and they subdued the colors to avoid confusion.
  10. WAVE 76

    I'd take a Deathlok. He seems pretty likely, all things considered.
  11. Predator Minimates

    Maybe we could also squeeze in a dropship, one that has a flaming motorcycle that shoots out the back and is piloted by a tiger. Seriously, good lists, YB.
  12. C2E2 2018

    I thought they were returning licenses. You mean "new to Minimates"?
  13. DC Vinimates

    I believe Chuck said the Walgreens sales were not as strong as hoped. Black Lanterns may be looking for a new home.
  14. Just saw this. They are a wee bit short for Minimates. I moved a flat piece up to the top of the machine and plan to add a regular brick to the bottom and I think they will be perfect.
  15. Vinimates – 4" Vinyl Minimates

    Yes, the third version.
  16. TRU Series 26

    Oh what might have been.
  17. TRU Series 26

    And here are Ever and Hemingway. Sack was going to be an unarticulated bonus pack-in with one of them, if memory serves.
  18. WAVE 76

    I'm ok with just one Deathlok.
  19. WAVE 76

    I would ABSOLUTELY be down for a Deathlok wave, but you have to include Jack Truman/Larry Young M-Tech era Deathlok, too
  20. Predator Minimates

    Wave 5 Wishlist Predator 2 - Danny / Boar Predator Predator 2 - Leona / Borg (Lost) Predator Predators - Mombasa / Tracker Predator (Masked) Predators - Stans / Berserker Predator (Masked) Wave 6 Wishlist - The Last Hurrah Predator - Billy (w/Hat, long sleeves & alt laughing face) / Blain (Long sleeve, camo outfit) Predator - Jungle Hunter Predator (w/ firing Plasma Caster and spinal column accessory) / Skinned Corpse Predator - Mac (alt yelling face w/ hat, M60, razor) / Hawkins (long sleeve camo outfit, alt face, comic book) Predator - Poncho (with Grenade Launcher) / GITD Stealth Jungle Hunter
  21. Antman and the Wasp

    It looks like an (albeit dull) gold in the trailer to me. I think the grey looks pretty drab, so I hope the minimate is closer to the ML figure than the Pop.
  22. Antman and the Wasp

    I think parts of the suit actually look golden when reflecting light, hence the color differences.
  23. Antman and the Wasp

    I know promo art at sdcc last year had her in the yellow and black (ML) outfit. But all the set photos I've seen look like the pop figure. Don't remember what's in the trailer Edit:Just rewatched the trailer, I think I saw both in the trailer
  24. Antman and the Wasp

    I'm curious as to how the Wasp will turn out as a minimate. There are a couple of distinctly different options coming out in other toys.
  25. Yesterday
  26. WAVE 76

    Thirded! Honestly, why not just make a big wave out of him. Between the OG Luther, the Timelost Sewer Luther, Michael Collins, Siege, the X-Force Serial Killer, Deathlockette, and that Agents of Shield TrashLok, you would have quite a wave of dangerous cyborg killers. And I would buy every single one of them.
  27. Minimate Reviews at the Figure in Question

    Admiral Kirk & Duty Uniform Scotty
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