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  2. It never hurts to dream, eh? For what it's worth, I'd totally buy Maggott and Dr Reyes, but i feel like Marrow may actually have a chance one day. even if it's only a tiny little one.
  3. Ah - yeah, I've just read this over n the wave 74 thread. Red King sounds like a solid guess.
  4. The alien is specifically an enemy of the Hulk, so the Black Order wouldn't really fit. I'm pretty sure it's the Red King from Planet Hulk.
  5. If DST made a two-pack of the Green Scar (Gladiator Hulk) and the Red King it would be awfully close to my favorite pack ever. Seems unlikely though.
  6. I'd think of him more as a 'costume' variant than a new character.
  7. Could the Alien be a member of the Black Order? They're recent, but not current, and Avengers villains.
  8. Yah kinda sounds like Red King and Surtur now.
  9. I don't give a shit about AU spidey's so Anya would be awesome.
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  11. PM sent!
  12. So it's a non-current, but still recent Thor. Allfather, maybe? Thanks for clearing that up. I'm still not sure who it could be, but Anya Corazon, Ashley Barton, or Spider-Punk seem like strong contenders. Alien villains and Hulk makes me think Planet Hulk, which is a fairly recent story arc. The main villain of Planet Hulk, the Red King, wore a suit of power armour... Plus, Planet Hulk Hulk is an unmade modern Avenger variant. Either Hydra!Cap or Ironheart could be the TRU 24 figure, but Unworthy Thor or Spider-UK would make sense too, so I'll stick to Steve and Riri as my guesses for the right answers. Thor and Planet Hulk packs tie into Ragnarok, and there are versions of the four most recognisable Avengers.
  13. One of them is! You will get a Thor, just not one you mentioned. The spider-character has never been made. We've made a Brian Braddock. Hulk.
  14. Does Asgard have tigers?
  15. Ymir or Mangog ?? I would so love it to be ...but it'ssurely not .....The Wrecker .
  16. Maybe Titus?
  17. I don't think he would, but that's just me.
  18. Are any of them in TRU 24? We know we're getting Ironheart, and Hydra!Cap seems pretty certain to me, but they might not be here. Earlier in the thread, it was said that some of the guesses were in TRU 24. If Ironheart and Hydra!Cap are correct, though, then that means the other six on my list wouldn't be. it's easy enough to fill the spots of the other two modern Avenger variants, but it seems weird to be getting an Asgardian villain without a Thor. Still, I can't think of any that would be relevant besides unworthy Odinson. If the X-Man/Avenger isn't Rogue, there are others who have been both. Maybe modern Beast? The Spider-Verser is hard in the same way as the Avenger variants, there are just so many options. Could the Spider-Verser be an AU version of a character we already have (besides Peter Parker/Spider-Man), or do they have to be completely unmade? Ulik doesn't wear much, but Surtur wears even less, so I guess I'm changing my Asgardian guess again. No idea who the fairly specific but unknown alien could be. It's definitely not Gorr, since he's just a guy in a big cape. It would help if we knew which Avenger this character is best known as an enemy of.
  19. Does Banner count as a separate character from Hulk in this case?
  20. Just popped into my local Walgreens to get some sweets for my wife. I decided to peek into the toy aisle, and found the whole wave....but wait, there's more! Instead of just 1 set, they had 2. I was able to buy 1 each of the Proxima Midnight and Kang set. If anyone is interested. So, first person to send me a PM can buy them at cost, plus shipping. I paid $8.88. I can also go back to pick up the other two sets if you'd like. Just let me know. These have been claimed. Thanks, Heinous!
  21. Zach, can you say if the classic Asgardian is larger than the average sized minimate?
  22. I hope surtur is the classic asgardian then since it sounds like ulik is out
  23. Same here. The Shodo figures are a wonderful alternative, however. And yes, that would be an AWESOME toy line. Get on it, Bandai!
  24. this count as armored?
  25. 2 out of 8, Buffalo. THe classic Asgardian does not wear a helmet, or much of anything. The relatively new alien wears a helmet, and armor.
  26. Gor would be killer
  27. Me too. Will definitely be picking up a second Quicksilver for an Avengers display though.
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