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  2. Yeah mine are in Australia so odds of seeing them again at this point are slim to none. Just came across the motorcycle in a toy group that they are selling and I am tempted.
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  4. Wooooooooooh! That is a CRAZY looking creature. Can't wait to see how you're going to customise a minimate to fit this! Will you be using a more animalistic base like Big Chap or something from the Godzilla line?
  5. Zach, can you please re-announce wave 12 in 14-16 months so I can start looking for them? Thanks!
  6. Ususually I post a story and send it to press the minute a new set has been spotted. I promoted Series 12 a little late, but I have not seen them in stores yet. Walgreens does not promote that I know of, which is why I do. I announce all Walgreens sets once they have been found, but usually not before, because I do not want people running around looking for them. Some people seem to not like this plan, I may change it. Falcon and WS sets hit early, so I will not be promoting them for a while (embargoes). I am not sure, sorry. I can think of a few possible reasons, but I have no
  7. if you happen across any/all of these Cap/Agent Carter black panther/shuri Ghost/Ironman Miles/Prowler spidergirl/doc ock i am in need of them
  8. my memories of MASK vehicles, although mine are all in storage, is that they would be too small to accommodate minimates, i recently had some mask figures out and they are much smaller and i remember most of the vehicles being tight even for them.
  9. Yeah, I wouldn't be too quick to pin the total blame on Walgreens. I spent three years working with them and this minimates phenomena is not something I have ever encountered-- even when launching a new product, product line or a store opening. Maybe things have changed since I know there have been a couple changes in how corporate is run (especially with the Duane Reade/Rite Aid acquisition). I do find it frustrating for fans that they can't access the products that they want so I am always willing to help out. Currently on the hunt for a Peggy for a friend and always looking for a few of my
  10. Did we ever solve the mystery of M.A.S.K. Vehicles were compatible with Minimates?
  11. What walgreens were these found at? Is this the movie set that was being talked about? @DSTZach
  12. Zach- any reason behind the new shield mold for the Cap 'mates? I didn't really mind it for the Black Widow sets but I'm more just curious as to the change.
  13. Any information about Walgreen Minimates is totally welcome IMHO. The article has its flaws but its mere existence alerts the likes of me that there is something new 'minimate' that I can collect else would I know ? I appreciate that there are announcements on the DST website but they are rarely 'news' . I have come to accept the mentality of DST that it is considered pointless announcing new Walgreens minimates when it would seem (from what I read) that almost nofucker can find them in many (most) Walgreen stores until maybe months after their existence is actually acknowle
  14. You’re right about the assumption but it does have the photo which does show the word “minimates” So there is that.
  15. No, but there are bad articles. Not once does that article mention the name of the toy line (maybe it's on purpose, so as not to promote said toy line for free?). And they assume the character is an antagonist because its in a two-pack with a hero. Poorly written.
  16. no such thing as bad press
  17. Well i suppose this article and a few other videos i've seen showing these mates, should get the minimate name out there to a wider audience.
  18. They did hit a bit early, but set photos revealed the new character back in January. Surprised they don't mention it.
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  21. Just ordered mine on Amazon for $33.06 shipped, before the price gouging begins. It would look legit for the mates, I think, based on this picture giving us a good scale:
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