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  2. TRU 25

    I like the slip cover because anyone can be Chameleon. Put a anybody's head under there, put him shelf for six months, and now you have a mystery in the waiting. Could you imagine a MJ slip cover...hideous. Two heads is an option but a small Chameleon head is still an option. The character isn't going anywhere.
  3. TRU 25

    I agree 100% with all this
  4. TRU 25

    ... To say nothing at all of aesthetics of slipcover vs. no slip-cover... I agree with the notion that Chameleon's play-pattern is backward and it doesn't make sense. When your entire gimmick is putting a mask on over your real "face" the real face shouldn't be the mask... for a toy. (Must we quibble about whether his real-face is his real-face or just another mask... it's his "natural" look for all intents and purposes). There's a disconnect that doesn't make sense about it. It's like a Wolverine toy with a spring-loaded mechanism that only makes his claws retract. There's a... play disconnect. Or even more correctly... it would be like an Iron Man toy that had exterior snap-on "Armor" pieces that converted him into Tony Stark. Iron Man doesn't go UNDER Tony Stark Armor. Mary Jane doesn't go UNDER Chameleon. And as an anal retentive weirdo it kind-of irks me that this Minimate's natural state is, for all intents and purposes, actually a Mary-Jane Minimate. It irks me that this minimate makes it seem as though Mary-Jane is Chameleon's true identity. It doesn't feel like this Minimate is truly a Chameleon Minimate somehow, just as the original one didn't ever feel like it was truly a Jonah Jameson minimate. THAT said, I agree that the original Jameson mask was hideous, and natural human faces don't work well as slipcovers, so I'm NOT saying MJ should have been one. I think the best solution would have just been swappable heads. Worked on larger Chameleon and Morph action figures in the past, no reason it wouldn't here, in a toy line built around parts swapping. Or they could have given more care to the parts Chameleon came with to create logical headswaps like Marvel Legends did. They did Chameleon in a suit, w/ heads for JJJ and Hammerhead (both of whom also look natural in a suit)... plus then we'd have snuck in a free Hammerhead Minimate, which I'm sure none of us would sneeze at. Probably wouldn't hurt to throw a Spidey slipcover mask in just for giggles. A spidey-villain who impersonates people could always stand to come with a Spidey mask. But ANYWAY, will I buy it anyway? Sure. Heck, I'll buy two, because I want a Chameleon and an MJ. I may even buy 3 and make a suit Chameleon, because I agree with the earlier sentinemt that the Bathrobe feels dated. Ultimately it's all just splitting hairs and quibbling, which is what nerdy internet forums about nerdy things like comics and toys are made for... and like most opinions, it's a matter of personal taste. But yes. I agree with the sentiment that this toy wasn't done properly. Per say. For the above reasons. In my opinion. Which ultimately means nothing because the toy still exists and never won't exist.
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  6. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    The last time I contacted them I got the same reply. Fortunately I just exchanged the set at the retailer, which really should have been my first recourse.
  7. The Alien™ Franchise

    It started off like one of the Dark Horse Comics stories but gradually went downhill. God help me, I'd still buy that ugly-ass hybrid.
  8. The Alien™ Franchise

    Imagine ^ haha watched that movie recently and boy it’s a rough watch. Not hating. The swimming aliens were cool though.
  9. Kingdom Hearts

    I don’t plan on doing much action with these so for a shelf pose I’m happy. But I can see what you mean, Deff he best deal for the price point compared to other KH figures though. Diamond usually wins in the price point department
  10. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Just opened my boxed set and also had 2xT'Challa hair. Last time I contacted customer service, I emailed them in August and they didn't reply until December. And they didn't have the part in stock.
  11. TRU 25

    Which characters ar ggoing to be problems?
  12. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Yeah seems likely that will happen. They haven't responded.
  13. Kingdom Hearts

    The Dusk and Heartless look really good, wish there was a way to buy them with out getting the other figures that aren't as well done
  14. DC Vinimates

    So, I got all 3 of the Flash TV Vinimates from Luke yesterday, and I am a little confused. Maybe not confused per se, but curious about 2 things. First, Reverse Flash’s head is really turned to the side. Like almost 90 degrees. All the promo pics have him looking the way he is going, but I found a single pic (from @DSTZach, I think) that has him looking to this side, over his shoulder at the Flash. Was the decision to turn his head made after art approval? Or did the factory glue the heads on wrong? Second, is Flash’s stand. Since he is posed to be standing on one tiptoed foot, the stand is essential. Unfortunately, mine came with a stand that doesn’t even reach into the foot hole. I briefly have been able to get the peg to hold enough to keep him up, but any movement of any sort causes him to fall over. Again, is this a fluke? Or is the Flash sent with a stand that is too short? Captain Cold is cool, I am really happy that Luke ordered him special for me. I really like all 3 Vinimates, I would just like to be able to display them in a cool fashion.
  15. TRU 25

    If that's the standard we're going to apply then we're going to run into problems with a LOT of characters. One easy solution? DST needs to make a new Kraven and throw in a Chameleon head as an accessory. I'm surprised this place is being criticized for not being positive enough, I rarely see any serious criticism and even most of that is quickly dismissed.
  16. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    dont hold your breath, the last couple times i emailed them i got the "sorry, we dont have that set in stock, so i cant send you the correct part" reply
  17. Black Panther Movie Minimates

    Found a full set of these today at the TRU in Rochester, MN and picked them up. Let two more sets on the pegs if anyone in the area is looking for them. They weren't with the rest of the mates but in the front by their videogames section for some reason.
  18. Last week
  19. TRU 25

    Yeah, I don't think it's happened much with Minimates, but you see it all the time on Marvel Legends.
  20. TRU 25

    We're all Skrulls. We just don't want to tell each other because we don't know we all are. A constant loop of trying to take over your own empire.
  21. TRU 25

  22. TRU 25

    One of us on this this very thread even.... Is mtd20.
  23. TRU 25

    Or did He? Dum Dum Dum
  24. TRU 25

    shudder what about mtd20? He never came back after the whole Valiant debacle...
  25. TRU 25

    oh he'll be back, they can never truly escape the plastic crack or this place, remember when Gmonkey said he was gone? or youbastards stormed out never to return? and the countless others? they always come sneaking back in like it never happened. the grip is too strong. We can never escape HaHahahHahahahahah um er....sorry
  26. You need more friends... to drag to the pub.
  27. TRU 25

    I think they did Chameleon perfectly! He looks like he stepped right outta his classic 1960’s appearances and that’s how I like it! (It’s Beetle I don’t like... gimme first appearance! 😫) i just wish I could find these to enjoy in-Hand rather than online. One day... !
  28. CaptainPaco's Customs (Star Trek and more)

    I can see them, but only on mobile. I'm not familiar with them, but the Orion Slavers look really inventive.
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