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  2. Oh, that is a search I absolutely do NOT want in my browser history. Might run for president someday now that I'm old enough LOL
  3. I find it unlikely that anybody here hasn't used eBay at some time or another & quite likely that DST doesn't base its character choice on what is on eBay. Maybe I shouldn't put so much credence in what I have seen over the last 12 years of scanning for Minimates on eBay on a daily basis ? WTF would I know? An example.....below.....a Wolverine Minimate wouldn't be a good example.....sorry! I've said it so many times (so have others) that an AIM guy Minimate would sell very well.......I know because each & every one that appears on eBay sells.....quickly...& expensively . I have many other examples that I could suggest & it's not rocket science just observation . OK I'd eventually be proved wrong but I'm totally confident that it would take some while.Ol' yell beehive man appears in the animated series and I can't see anyone complaining about his 'look'. So there's another avenue . I couldn't however find a picture of the animated Man-Thing ? Anybody ?
  4. Absolutely.
  5. Toys R Us item#127520 for those wondering...
  6. Thanks guys. If you keep liking them, I'll keep posting them.
  7. Yesterday
  8. It was a mistake. Regular Igor.
  9. We ended the Nick line because the cartoon was ending, and because TRU was scaling back on Turtles. This will do better at specialty. These are prototypes. Hand painted. Even if these are the final, approved colors, they will likely look slightly different in production.
  10. Happy belated!
  11. I love minimate recreations of classic covers. Great job!
  12. He was bald at this point, wasn't he?
  13. That packaging is really nice and stands out really well. Hope to see more like it. Hopefully it Might make more casual buys from non minimate fans.
  14. Thats a very crisp photo, Kris! I love it! Now, is there any chance that you could plaster a "Win a Toys 'R' Us Shopping Spree!" banner at the top?
  15. Does magneto come with hair?
  16. I'd be hoping for a Gladiator and more Daredevil villains in general, Typhoid Mary, the Owl, new Bullseye, etc.
  17. nice paintwork, you must have a very steady hand
  18. that snowbird hair piece actually works pretty good for she ra good call
  19. That is nice packaging, I appreciate it being specific to the them of the wave. I know this was visible before, but seeing the figure in packaging it's obvious that the way the Hand Ninja's robe detailing on the chest and skirt piece don't line up is going to annoy me every time I look at it.
  20. Medusa and moon dragon
  21. I'm hoping for Hellcat, Purple Man, and/or Nuke.
  22. That packaging really stands out. Looks great. Kind of assumed you were like the rest of us and not permanently plugged in and on the job. Just thought your response was kinda funny.
  23. This!
  24. Yeah, seems we're gonna get the Street-Level wave. Bullseye semi-confirmed, Chuck alluding to it in response to one of my AskDST question's a couple months back, Alonso saying Marvel wants to push them. It all checks out. Question is, what's the line-up gonna be?
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