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  3. That's nice of you to say. If I remember it was a pain to do, because I had to cut the neck pin off a Minimate torso and glued it on. Someone more talented than me could probably drill a little hole in it. Those little Brave and the Bold figures were a great compliment to Minimates. They made a Plastic Man hang glider that's perfectly proportioned for 'mates.
  4. Luke's heart has always been with Marvel, unfortunately. He's made a lot of great DC customs over the years though. Now Boyd...Boyd's the DC guy....🤔
  5. Shameless plug of a few of those that I’ve made: Damian Wayne Black Manta, Captain Cold and Marvel’s Crystal, and Simon Baz
  6. Yeah, I think if you’re willing to paint Abomination headcap would be a good choice. If you REALLY wanna be creative I’d probably modify the Ultimate Green Goblin headcap and shave down the extra horns and then cut the ears off of Abomination’s headcap and glue them onto the Goblin piece. Or, @hellpop used the Etrigan head from the Brave and bold mini fig and that also looks very cool!
  7. Or even the toys, like this set. Hell, gimme fly Baxter, OG April, Splinter, Beebop, Rocksteady, Krang and Ray Fillet and Mondo Gecko.
  8. Just off the top of my head Rebirth Harley Quinn Poison Ivy Zatanna Kaldurahm/Aqualad Black Manta Two-Face Talon and Court of Owls Fire and Ice Nekron Modern Star Sapphire Jessica Cruz Huntress/Matron Red Hood Danian Wayne Red Robin Batgirl of Burnside Trigon Blockbuster Blue Beetle (Jamie) Nubia Yara Flor Donna Troy Cassie Spoiler Black Canary Martian Manhunter Naomi And I could happily go on.
  9. That is some creative parts usage! What about a headcap? Repaint Abomination?
  10. FWIW, while not cheap, you can make a REALLY good Demon QC with: New Hobgoblin face Mephisto torso and arms and crotch piece Black belt Blue Batman cape Moloid hands Chun-Li wrist spikes Moloid legs Deadman booties It’s not a cheap QC by any means, but, aside from not having pointy ears and horns, it’s a damn good QC.
  11. As someone who could never pull the trigger on the previous sets of TMNT, this is a must have for me. If there’s any chance at all that we can get Casey Jones with his look from this cartoon, I’d be so very thankful.
  12. That would be awesome! A classic Zatanna and modern Zatanna would be awesome!!!!
  13. Luke should do a custom series of DC minimates! I’d love to see what he could do with firestorm demon zatanna and classic JSA characters!
  14. There are so many characters I would want. Id go broke for this line.
  15. Oh, totally agree about MiniMates. I was referring to contemporary toy lines.
  16. The DC line had great potential. I wish it could be resurrected in some way!
  17. I don’t know. I thought they did a good job of mixing it up. I mean, we got Ma Hurkel before a whole bunch of modern characters. A bunch of JSA characters were represented. That aside, I would have loved a hawk & dove, black canary, and firestorm. At least they dug deeper into more obscure characters than Marvel mates have in a while.
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  19. Everyone who touches the DC license is always cranking on new editorial or modern stuff. I would love to see some vintage bronze age love. A sub-series devoted to e.g. Silver Age Batman, or Flash & Rogues, or old school JSA would be right up my alley. But DC fans, at least toy buying ones, don't seem to share the same nostalgia that Marvel fans have. Even McFarlane's Super Powers revival has gone modern.
  20. I'd take some sandman ones even if they are from the show and not the comics -- the show is fantastic!
  21. Tom Hardy Bane and Heath Ledger Joker 2 Pack
  22. The New Super Trek or Star Friends: The New Justice Trek or Star League: Thanks to Minimates Database for the images. Thanks to Cylonchaney for the ideas from a different point of view. I took your comments and made variations of the mash-ups and they are not bad, Thank you once again.
  23. Out of curiosity, are the bandannas removable or glued in place?
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