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  2. I hope that we get new mates but thinking about it we still don’t have Picard ones and that show has been doing great.
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  4. Hello, Minimike: I found the parts and was able to finally make a Black Adam similar to yours. Thank you for sharing. I am just looking for the hair to match what you used.
  5. I was not a lover of the original show but the reboot was stunning & IMHO took Sci-Fi to a different level . I had all the 'mates before I had seen an episode of the show & ,TBQH, I wasn't over enthusiastic about them . Once I'd seen the show that all changed & they ( the 'mates) became much-loved ....until the TRU BSG 'mates came along. The 'trouble' with the TRU mates is that they are superb in nigh on every respect , they are vastly superior to the previous LCS waves . Compare (just for example) the 3 Galen Tyrol minimates , the TRU version is not 'just better' it almost lo
  6. I'm actually quite interested to see a new take on Cylons. The classic "Razor" style Cylons from the new series were awesome. I wish they had been the current model. One thing that show did right was to show respect for the original. I loved how the historical tech was styled as an homage to classic BSG and their current tech was clearly evolved from it. I didn't really like the new centurion design but at least they appeared to be an evolution of the older models. Now that I think about it, I hope this new reboot insanely popular and results in minimate vehicles being made so classic S
  7. That's good to know. I'll keep an eye out. My nearest Walgreens is pretty barren with four 2-packs on two pegs. The one 20 miles away had two full pegs of 'mates from Black Panther, Endgame, 1,000,000 BC, and Black Widow. It's so frustrating.
  8. I remember the premiere of the original Battlestar Galactica vividly because it was interrupted by President Carter getting Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin to sign the Camp David Accords. (Congrats on the impending Nobel Peace Prize, fellas, but I really need to watch this new space show!) I had a tape recorder next to my 13" Sony ready to go! I loved that series. The reboot was outstanding. I went in with a bit of skepticism but ended up being pleasantly surprised. They left a hell of a legacy. So while I'm equally apprehensive about the new series, I'll give it the same shot as the
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  10. Well from what I’ve seen/heard so far it is being done by people that love the franchise. I personally loved the reboot but agree the ending was a little off.
  11. An unneeded reboot of an unneeded reboot. LOL I did actually enjoy the first unneeded reboot though I was disappointed in the ending. I have ALL the mates and will probably buy ones from the new series if we get them. I hope it's good. Also, this made me laugh. Interesting perspective from Tricia Helfer: “When this one came along with Sam (Esmail), who’s brilliant, right? It did feel a little like a punch to the gut.”
  12. Thanks Captain! I just used movie punisher hair Northstar head the recent wave 79 Adam warlock chest iron fist wrist cuffs with belt random part black arms and legs with Shazam boots. I think he fits in well
  13. Well BSG Reboot seems to be on track for a release this year on Peacock. It’ll be interesting to see if we get mates from it.
  14. they're a lot more on ebay than there were a few weeks ago. makes me think they're still rolling out.
  15. I'm still on the hunt for the Falcon and Winter Soldier sets but I get the impression they're being held back for the series debut.
  16. I have a follow up next month. What are you looking for? They only had black widow though... and I mean literally 4 of the Natasha pack.
  17. Again, do worry about copying my work. I consider it a way to say you like what I have done. That is why I share my work on here. I look forward to seeing your work if you would share. I am always looking to grow my DC collection. I just need to find a way to display them without the wife complaining and to keep them from needing to be dusted.
  18. Thank you very much Captain I’m going to give it a try I hate to copy your work but I have most of these mates and I can’t resist growing my dc collection
  19. Yes but I didn't see this in time. Hope all went well with the doctor though!
  20. To answer your question, I used Nissa from the Grimm Fairy Tales Box Set #1. Then I merely removed the wings and colored the leaves that were already printed on her with a green Sharpie. I used a fine tip red Sharpie for her lips. The red hair piece I had in my parts fodder and then I took green wire (from the packaging of the Plants vs Zombies minimates) and twisted around as vines. The wrist roses, are from Dawn in the Femme Fatales Box Set #1, but I had two of her so used both. I hope this helps, I am try not to use paint or decals as I am not the most crafty person nor do I have a
  21. Did you use decals or paint to get that shade of green on poison ivy? Sorry I’m just trying to make my own from the pictures for my dc collection
  22. I have a dr’s appointment in the am and there is a Walgreens next door. I’m planning on making a trip in since I’m already out. Anyone need anything in case they have mates?
  23. Oh right, my bad. Thanks Trekker.
  24. Those aren’t from the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. Those are Black Widow. What our buddy is looking for is Falcon, Zemo, Winter Soldier, and John Walker Captain America
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