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  2. But on a positive note, one could probably custom paint an Aliens APC, which was pretty impressive in its own right.
  3. AoA Rogue would also be a pretty good choice. While not as detailed as the Frankie Raye Nova torso, it is still a good plain yellow female torso. But, yes, Firestar has increased in price over the last few years on the secondary market.
  4. Yeah, I made mine from a Nova with Balder Boots and Beast hands (he has claws) with a cut Batgirl mask and Jewel belt. Surprised we didn’t get a Patsy at some point.
  5. I'm intrigued by this Deluxe set. Fingers crossed for some kind of turnstile/ring set up
  6. Last week
  7. This was the planned MAX "police" variant of the APC vehicle that did not, I believe, even receive a release in its primary colors. Edit: Here's a snap of the originally-planned vehicle:
  8. New info: Second two-pack will be revealed early April as part of Fan Expo. Deluxe set will be revealed early April and offered late April.
  9. Well I found him to be quite transparent.
  10. I don't see how that fits.
  11. I got my set from the warehouse and promptly misplaced it, so I have yet to take them out and shoot them, but I am irrationally excited about the translucency!
  12. Series 1 should arrive any day now. Series 2 will be offered this summer. First two-pack (Young Bucks) will arrive this summer. Second two-pack will be revealed end of month. Deluxe set will be revealed end of month and offered end of next month. Lots of cool stuff coming.
  13. any word on when we can expect Series one or the announcement of series two?
  14. Clever stuff I was going to suggest Firestar as a 'yellow donor' , I thought it would be a cheap,plentiful eBay item, not so now it seems
  15. Your Hellcat is looking great! A Corsair belt will be an easy update for mine, but Nova may cost a bit to track down (and I can't unsee its perfection now). I used Secret Invasion Beast hands for the claws, which is a nice finishing touch.
  16. just picked up the young avengers from the post office wiccan’s arms/legs/torso* are translucent and they look really cool. liking kid loki a lot. glad i got it, thanks Luke!
  17. These are amazing! I also have no expectations of the Defenders being made. However, a small part of me is hoping that if DST can repurpose Hulking's wings for Gargoyle, then...
  18. Don't have the Batgirl head (and the spare Sentry parts I had are the other Sentry Minimate), but Frankie Raye torso works better for Hellcat and possibly matches well with the older Sentry arms you're using: Might have to track down that Batgirl head. And other Sentry. And Deathstroke parts so that spare Hobgoblin cape can get used for something besides Hellcat's accessory.
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